Top 10 Anime Bullies Of All Time (Character Ranking) –

It seems to me that high school cartoons are always either love stories or bullying or a combination of both.

And since you can’t really intimidate without self-centered little bullies, I thought it would be fun to make a list of the worst (but still memorable) bullies in the entire anime.

Maybe you should put your underwear on first.

10. 1А9 хулиганы Кейдэ Кейдэ 1Б9

Anime: The rascal does not dream of a Sanpai rabbit.

This first group of undead doesn’t have a name, but their actions had a major impact on the plot of the anime.

At one point in high school, Kaede was bullied online and received death threats, which made her too afraid to go to school.

Not only did she not go, but she was forced to leave social media. And to top it off, a spoiler alert…. She suffered from Adolescent Syndrome, which left her with cuts all over her body. In fact, she was so devastated by it that she had complete amnesia.

So think twice before writing something objectionable on the internet. You could ruin the life of someone as valuable as Cade.

9. Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime: Haruhi Suzumiya’s melancholy

It may be an unpopular opinion, but to me, Haruhi was a real bully.

Her relationship with Mikuru alone should lead to her banishment and possible prosecution for sexual harassment, not to mention the way she treats others.

Their convoluted plan to get a computer from the computer club is nothing more than blackmail. And she really doesn’t seem to care about anyone who isn’t a close friend of hers.

I can’t say he’s the worst bully. But I will certainly remember their crimes.

8. Chosuke Takada and Nobuta Tanaka

Anime: Study

Stupid, stupid, huh? A classic animated duo who just ride through the school on his high horse and humiliate anyone who crosses his path.

This is especially true for Class 3-E, because they think a low average makes you a less important person or thing.

Fortunately, class 3-E vibration controls them very quickly and puts them back in place.

Although I doubt they ever stopped being assholes about everything.

7. Yumiko Miura

Anime: My romantic teen comedy SNAFU

Yumiko is the typical popular girl who thinks she’s so big and powerful that you feel like spitting in her coffee or something.

She always listens to the hierarchy she has created in her head and treats everyone below her like disposable trash.

She never interferes when something needs to be done as a team. And God forbid you say no when she was waiting for a yes, you’ll definitely get a yes.

6. Takamiya

Anime: The little crusts

Takamiya is the stereotype of a bullied character who wants to ruin our hero’s day.

What she and her team do is tame compared to some of the leaders on this list. But still despicable.

They tend to intimidate everyone in the Little Busters club by daubing their belongings, spreading rumors, manipulating other students so they hate them, and constantly hurling insults at them. Fortunately, they get what they deserve when Yukio gets involved.

You can’t mess with someone who can kick in the frame door.

5. Shuya Ishida

Anime: Calm voice

I think we can all agree that kids are idiots.

As young people, they know little about empathy and usually say whatever comes to mind.

Shoya was a horrible little boy who bullied the man just because he was different, and even made her change schools to stay away from him.

I love Shoko so much that I would have nominated him if he hadn’t realized his mistake and set his feelings straight.

4. Katsuki Bakugo

Anime: My heroic academy

Bakugo is by far the most popular bully. But he’s far from the worst.

Usually he laughed at Deku, as he seemed to really enjoy trampling on those he thought were unworthy of him.

He belittled him, destroyed his stuff, sometimes used his quirkiness to threaten or hurt him …. but frankly, he never went too far.

I don’t condone his behavior. But compared to some of the psychopaths on that list, Bakugo is an angel.

Speaking of psychopaths…

3. Tomu

Anime: Elf lie.

I’ve already said that children can be fools. But this little devil spawn is really taking the next step.

He did the usual bullying, like scolding, pushing and shoving a bit, taking your stuff and stuff, but what made him really terrible was that he killed a dog.

He not only killed him, but he did it slowly. And he’s got Cady watching the whole thing.

Since she was taking care of this helpless thing, it was no surprise that Kaede had lost all compassion for humans.

2. Aya Kuroda

Anime: The girl from hell

This character literally stayed on screen for 5 minutes. And yet I hated her with such burning passion.

He’s the kind of bully who wants to ruin your whole life.

First it was theft, then extortion, then physical assault, then the destruction of someone’s entire future in a number of ways.

No wonder she could make the innocent girl decide it was worth burning in hell if it meant Aya was gone forever.

Talk about black, huh?

1. Sarina Shizukume

Anime: Website of the magical girl

Sarina and her gang were indeed the scum of the earth.

The extent to which they only stroked their own ego was truly disturbing, as their relentless harassment of Aya made them suicidal.

They destroyed her office, worked on her with sharp objects, physically abused her, and even gave her to men who were as cruel as the criminals themselves. How can you do this?

Sarina’s main distinguishing feature is that even after the harassment incident, she was still an absolute scum and would stop at nothing to get revenge.

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