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Old School RuneScape is one of the most popular and highest-grossing games in the world, and part of that success is because it has a vast array of bosses that players can only earn experience from. But which are the easiest bosses in Old School RuneScape? The battleofbanners team has put together a list of the top 10 bosses by difficulty, all ranked from easiest to hardest.

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated you on the easiest bosses in RuneScape, but in that time things have changed considerably. For starters, we’ve had an event that increased the level requirement of most bosses, and we’ve even had the introduction of a new boss. With all that in mind, it’s time to run down the top ten best bosses in RuneScape, to see who has the easiest time of it.

Fighting bosses in OSRS is the best way to promote your account. Gradually you’ll get better equipment and get used to the mechanics used by the bosses. A wide variety of these must be taken into account. Some are a real challenge and some are a breeze. We all have to learn to walk before we can run. And any old-school RuneScape player would start by exploring the easy bosses before moving on to the difficult ones. Let’s take a look at some of the easier bosses in the game to prepare you for what’s to come.

10. Black Dragon King

He used to be the king, but now he’s one of the easiest bosses in OSRS. He’s still the toughest boss on this list. The Black Dragon King is level 276 and has 255 hit points. It attacks with various forces that can poison, freeze or burn you. To avoid serious damage, take the dragon’s flame shield. I suggest you take the Dragon Hunter’s Spear or the Dragon Hunter’s Crossbow in KBD – you will completely destroy them. He’s an older boss from an earlier era. So the new weapon makes it really exciting! Where to find : He lives in his shelter in the desert. His actual arena is not in the desert, but you have to go through the desert to get there.

9. Chaos Fanatic

word-image-11756 Located at the Altar of Chaos in the desert. A level 202 Chaos Fanatic with 225 hit points. Any damage can be avoided by praying the mage’s prayer and dodging his green attack. With this method, you actually get zero damage, quite easily. Chaos Fanatic drops a shard for Curse and Odium guards, and this boss is usually hunted down for it. Take a toxic wind tunnel with simple equipment and you’ll just destroy it! Where to find : Located in the Wildlands near the Altar of Chaos. West of the lava labyrinth.

8. Mad Archeologist

word-image-11757 Another boss that populates the wilderness is a level 204 mad archaeologist with 225 hit points. He is of the same class as his brother Chaos Fanatic, who is a star performer for Malediction and Odium Wards. But unlike the Chaos Fanatic, it’s easier to take him down with magic – the Trident of the Seas or the Staff of Iban are more than enough for this guy! Don’t forget to say a prayer of protection and dodge his special attacks, and you won’t be harmed. Where to find : You can find it in the ruins south of the forgotten cemetery.

7. Octopus

word-image-11758 Technically, the Kraken is a high-level boss that requires at least level 87 to fight. However, it is ridiculously easy and has almost no knockout potential. You get a lot of hits with 1 to 4 damage, but nothing significant. So, if you’re careful, you’ll never get knocked out. The Kraken is level 291 and has 255 hit points. He is weakest against magic attacks, and he also attacks with magic. The usual way to deal with it is to wear a lot of magical protective equipment, such as. B. Armadyl, and take the Trident of the Sea/Swamps. The Kraken also has low magic protection – meaning you’ll always get hit and don’t need a high magic bonus. Where to find : Found in Kraken’s Cove. To stop them, you need 87 fighters and a Kraken mission.

6. Barrows

word-image-11759 The Kurgan brothers find themselves in the depths of the swampy lands of Moritania and are 6 bosses to fight consecutively, the last of which is in the crypt. If you kill them all, you get a Barrows armor chance with a success rate of about 1/15, assuming you kill all 6 brothers. There are four mêlée brothers, a long distance brother and a mage brother. Their names are Guthan, Darok, Ahrim, Karil, Torag and Verak. Most average players should have no problems here, as the bosses are fairly easy with their combat levels ranging between 98 and 115. Barrows’ items still work pretty well, which means you get a pretty big payoff in this fight too. Where to find : Not far from the town of Mort’ton, south of Canifis and the Mort-Myr swamp.

5. Hespory

word-image-11760 Hespori is a very unusual boss in this list, as you have to grow it from seed to hit it. It takes 24-36 hours to grow, and can only be made in its cave in the Farmers Guild. He is level 284 with 300 hit points and is weak against odd attacks. If you kill Hespori, you get about 12.6k farming experience and a chance to get his rare item: A bottomless compost bin that greatly improves agriculture. It’s very easy to take him down with a few basic mechanics, and a very experienced player can kill him in less than 60 seconds! Message: You must have a minimum breeding level of 65 to fight Hespori. Where to find : You can find Hespori’s lair at the Farmer’s Guild in Zee.

4. Duggannot Rex

word-image-11761 Dagannoth Rex is the lightest of the Dagannoth kings. It uses a melee style to attack you. Rex is level 303 with 255 health – he is very easy to kill with magic. The reason Rex is so easy is that he can be found if you bait him right! This means that you will suffer no damage at all. You just have to be careful not to attract the attention of the other DKS, namely Prime and Supreme. Because if they piss you off, they won’t let go until you leave the room. Prime can also easily kill you if you’re not careful. But Rex is actually the most lucrative of all the Dagannot kings, as he drops a very expensive Berserker ring at 1/128. Most mid-level players with the Staff of Iban or the Zeetrident will be able to use Rex just fine. I highly recommend getting the Dagannot Assassin mission before watching. Where to find : In the dungeon of the water island, the Duggannoth kings live at the very end.

3. Bryophyta

word-image-11762 We have a giant foam boss in front of us, and a F2P boss as well! Bryophyta is only level 128 with 115 health, and most players can kill him easily. It has very basic mechanics that teaches low-level players what to expect in mid-level PvP. In battle he uses both magic and combat styles, so I recommend bringing your weapons and praying for protection from magic. To take on this boss, you need to collect the foam keys dropped by the regular foam giants. A key is equivalent to trying to get Bryophyta, so farming this boss can be tricky. Where to find : Located at the end of the Warrock Sewer where all the moss giants are located.

2. Overview

word-image-11763 The easiest boss in F2P (and the last F2P boss on our list), Obor is a huge hill boss. His combat level is 106 and his life points are 120. Obor is designed to be very easy for high level players and an end boss for lower level players. He attacks in two styles: From a distance and in combat. For low level players, my advice is to mix it up, pray from a distance and hit from a distance. This will prevent you from hurting yourself. Obor also drops the best weapon in F2P, the giant’s mace, which costs a good amount of coins. Ultimately, this fight is not difficult – and it’s a good introduction to PvM and PvM mechanics. To meet Obor, you need the key to the Hill Giant. You can shoot a boss with a single button. Where to find : Located in the Edgeville Keep, where all the hill giants are located.

1. Giant mole

word-image-11764 In the depths of Falador Park hides a giant mole and its lair. His combat level is 230 and his life points are 200. Fighting a mole is very easy, since you only need a melee defense. Then you’ll never get hit. The mole occasionally digs itself into its hole, so you’ll have to track it down during the fight. It will be much easier if you keep a Falador log, because then you can always see where they are. Overall, this is a very simple boss that is nothing special. It is also very cost effective and can yield 900k gp per hour at maximum efficiency! So the giant mole is perhaps the best moneymaker on this list, and also the easiest final boss in the game. Where to find : In Falador Park, take a shovel and dig into one of the molehills to gain access. Don’t forget to bring a light source!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the easiest bosses in Osrs?

This is the top 10 easiest bosses in Old School RuneScape (Ranked) for each combat level. The level is the level the monsters can be killed by players in that particular combat level range. The combat level range for each boss is: 1-10 (1), 11-20 (10), 21-30 (20), 31-40 (30), 41-50 (40), 51-60 (50), 61-70 (60), 71-80 (70), 81-90 (80), 91-100 (90). The title of this list should give you a clue as to what is written here. This blog is a ranking of Old School RuneScape bosses. There are no “best” bosses, or “favourite” bosses, simply the most difficult bosses in your opinion. The ranking is based on how tough the boss is to kill, how much time it takes you to kill it, and how much damage it does to you.

What Bosses should I start with Osrs?

The Boss of Osrs is a dangerous, powerful being. In his own world, he is an unstoppable force, always on the attack. The only way to defeat him is to defend against his powerful attacks, and cut down his health with your own weaponry. If you are standing in front of him, the Boss of Osrs will continuously attack you. If you stand somewhere else, he will target that location. If you are behind him, he will attack you from behind. If he is on the left side of the room, he attacks with his left hand, and if he is on the right side, he attacks with his right hand. The boss also does a special attack that comes once every few seconds. He will swing his axe far It’s a common problem: players want to start their own businesses, but they don’t know how to start. Many ideas are available online, but the ones that work with you personally may not be the ones that work best for others.

What is the hardest boss in Osrs?

Today, I’ve been thinking about bosses in RuneScape. As I’ve said before, there are the so-called ‘hard’ bosses that are out there in the game, such as a dragon, wyrm, or some other big beast. But there are also easy bosses, such as an Al-Kharid assassin, the Dentist, the Grand Exchange clerk, the Wizard of Oz, and others. This is what I have come up with: Old school RuneScape is a popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, which can be played on many different platforms, including (but not limited to) both Steam and Windows. Even though the game was released in 2001, it still receives regular updates, which are known as “Jobs”. The game was left behind many years ago, but still receives a lot of attention from players and enthusiasts all over the world, and now, in 2018, it is one of the most played games on Steam.

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