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It’s a common question among Pokémon hunters: Which gym leader has the hardest gym puzzle? There are way too many to name, so instead we’ll stick to the most iconic ones.

Gym puzzles are the crux of the Pokémon series. They’re not just some pick-up-and-play mini-games; in fact, they’re the crux of the Pokémon games as a whole, and they’re iconic in their own right. And since each game has a different assortment of puzzles to solve, there’s a lot of variety to choose from, and this list aims to highlight the best of the best.

I’ve been asked before about the “8th gym puzzle” in my favorite game franchise of all time, Pokémon. I spent a good amount of time thinking on a few different answers to this puzzle before I decided on the answer I’m about to give you. First off, these are the top 10 most iconic gym puzzles in Pokémon (all games, even those not released in the US).

When you think about Pokémon, you probably think of gorgeous animals, complex route patterns, and difficult fights to overcome.

You probably don’t recall the smart and thought-provoking riddles you had to solve to get to the majority of those difficult fights: the gym problems.

However, there may be a few that spring to mind. Whether it’s because of their rage-inducing difficulties or the feeling of wonder they inspire.

In this list, we’ll go through some of the most memorable gym problems.


Wela Volcano Park Trial is number ten.

Alola is a region in the United States.

While Alola doesn’t have any gyms, it does have Island Trials, which essentially replace them.

That’s why I decided to put them in my list as well.

And in this problem, you’ll have to figure out the distinctions between Alolan Marowak’s fiery dances (and a random Hiker as well).

It isn’t tough in the least. However, it is aesthetically attractive and intriguing enough to earn a place on our list.


Blackthorn City Gym is number nine on the list.

Blackthorn City Gym Puzzle from Pokemon HGSS

Johto is a region in Japan.

Strength puzzles were a common feature in previous Pokémon games, and the Blackthorn City Gym is an excellent illustration of how they should be done.

To get to Claire, who is alone on her perch at the rear of the Gym, you must throw stones into rivers of lava and utilize them as bridges.

However, I doubt this Gym will pass a Fire Safety Inspection anytime soon.


Cinnabar Island Gym is number eight on the list.

Cinnabar Island Gym Question Puzzle in FRLG

Kanto is a region in Japan.

“Is this a tough gym puzzle?”


“Did you like your time at the gym?”


“Did you bring a burn heal?” says the narrator.



Fuchsia City Gym is a gym in Fuchsia, California.

Fuchsia City Gym Puzzle Maze in Pokemon FRLG

Kanto is a region in Japan.

This gym is similar to a Mirror Maze in Pokémon.

That kind of problem was more challenging than I was searching for as a child.

To make things worse, you’ll almost certainly have to return to the exit several times before even confronting Koga, since your whole party will have been poisoned unless you have Antidotes.

Maybe it was the scent of Muk and Koffing, but the Fuchsia Gym labyrinth made me ill.


Snowpoint City Gym is number six on the list.

Snowpoint City Gym DPPt Screenshot

Sinnoh is a region in Japan.

As a 22-year-old adult, I just tried this exercise and struggled to move the massive snowballs out of my way.

I really despise the final one!

It was also a chore to trudge through Snowpoint City’s heavy snow. And I’d like to think that’s part of the gym’s challenge.

Ice puzzles are notoriously tough, and this one in particular is a mountain of a challenge.


Dewford Town Gym is number five on the list.

Dewford Town Gym Exterior in Pokemon RSE

Hoenn is a region in Germany.

This gym is a hide-and-seek game, which seems like a lot of fun!

That is, until you realize you’re both looking for and being looked for.

Gym trainers will approach you from every angle as you make your way to Brawley, hiding away in their own little corridor.

The lights become brighter as you defeat each trainer in combat, giving you a feeling of achievement and development in a beautifully constructed gym puzzle.


Saffron City Gym is number four on the list.

Saffron City Gym Teleport Puzzle

Kanto is a region in Japan.

The Saffron City Gym is a Double Slap to the face for any Pokémon Trainer attempting to pass it.

Sabrina and her Alakazam are always in the back of your mind as you navigate this gym’s tough warp-tile puzzle.

The familiarity of each area, as well as the sheer amount of warp-tile orientations from which to select, make this gym problem even more challenging.

Also, after getting wiped out in the leader fight, you’ll probably have to do it many times.

As a result, I wish you the best of success in remembering the route.


Sootopolis City Gym is number three on the list.

Sootopolis Gym Ice Floor Puzzle

Hoenn is a region in Germany.

Sigh, another ice conundrum.

You must snake your way through the tiles, walking over each one once.

If you walk on a tile twice, you will fall to the level below, where you will find a swarm of powerful trainers.

In fact, this one is more enjoyable than the majority of Pokémon’s ice-based puzzles. It requires strategy and preparation, which pays well when it is ultimately defeated.

The fact that it is the 8th gym in the Hoenn region and is situated in Sootopolis City, undoubtedly one of the most memorable and fascinating places in all of Pokémon, adds to its iconic status.


2. City Gym Opelucid

Opelucid City Gym Screenshot

Unova is the name of the region.

Unova finally makes a debut on the list, bringing with it the region’s dragon-type gym.

This is a reference to the gym from Black 2/White 2, which is significantly different from the previous game’s gym.

As soon as you enter through the doors, you’ll be able to see the gym’s full splendor.

A massive mechanical dragon (not a Pokémon) awaits your arrival to assist you in meeting Drayden, the gym’s leader.

To guide the dragon to the proper place, you must walk on the “arrows.” You’ll encounter extremely difficult trainers and their powerful dragon-type Pokémon along the way up the tower.

The Opelucid City Gym is big, gorgeous, and innovative, yet it’s still relatively new to us. It’s also not nearly as tough as the first option.


Vermilion City Gym is number one.

Vermilion City Lt. Surge Gym Trash Can Puzzle in Pokemon Lets Go

Kanto is a region in Japan.

This is most certainly the first puzzle that springs to mind when you think of a Pokémon Gym Puzzle.

It’s so easy, yet it’s so aggravating.

This Gym Puzzle is just by chance. And the unluckiest of individuals may waste a significant amount of time attempting to locate Lt. Surge.

Because this puzzle resets every time you leave, you’ll want to bring lots of potions and Paralyze Heals with you.

The issue of how Lt. Surge was able to put up an electric barrier in a facility intended for 10-year-olds, as well as why garbage cans take up half of the structure, remains unsolved.

Regardless, the Vermilion Gym remains at the top of the list.

We can only hope that after one Magnitude 10 strike from a Diglett, it collapses to the ground.

One of the most common trends in Pokémon games is to throw in a gym puzzle when you think your player can’t possible win the game. These puzzles are usually designed to be extremely difficult, and they’re usually found in the 2nd or 3rd Gym Leader’s spot. Here, I’ll be listing my 10 favorite gym puzzles in all the Pokémon games.. Read more about puzzles in pokémon games and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pokemon game has the best gyms?

The best Pokemon game to play is Pokemon X and Y.

Who is the best Pokemon gym leader?

The best gym leader is the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Who is the hardest gym leader in Pokemon?

The gym leader in Pokemon Sun and Moon is called Kahili.

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