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You haven’t played World of Warships yet? Why not?

I don’t know if this only happened in my part of the world, but there was a time when this ad was shown at the beginning of every YouTube video I clicked on.

I never paid any attention to it. But many years have passed and World of Warships has become one of the most popular free games.

And the game also has an active mod community, so lots of replay value. However, because this is a competitive online game, the developers are pretty strict about what is allowed – so keep that in mind when installing these mods.

12. Mini-transparent card

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In essence, World of Warships is really a positioning strategy.

Navigating these massive ships is no easy task. And when there are so many ships on the map at once, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

The Clear Minimap mod makes it a little easier by adding adjustable transparency options for the minimum mark on your HUD.

The vanilla mini-map is less transparent and generally obstructs the view of the immediate surroundings.

11. New tracer balls

New screenshot of the WoWS mode of Tracer Shells

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Positioning is of course only a small part of the equation, as shooting requires some skill in this game as well.

Firing cannons at distant enemy ships isn’t really the solution, as you have to consider bullet impact and speed.

Shots usually take a few seconds to hit their target. In other words, you are unlikely to touch anything unless you can anticipate these factors.

The new stylus drawers make it easier to keep track of images by assigning a unique colour to each type of stylus.

It’s not necessarily helpful to hit your target on the first try. But it will be much easier to make changes for the next step.

10. Turn signal damage

Damage indicator mod.

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With projectiles from 12 different ships, it’s not always easy to know where you’re being shot at.

This becomes even more difficult when your opponents can fire their shots from a great distance, making them much harder to find.

The game has a built-in damage indicator, but with everything that can happen at any given time, it’s not always the first thing you notice on the screen.

This mod from John Der33 corrects this by creating a much brighter shade of red.

You can instantly know when you are being shot at and from which direction the shots are coming, allowing you to react much more strategically.

9. No glare

Anti-glare mod for World of Warships

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Then we have another mod that will help you improve your goal. Because we all know it’s hard enough to aim in Warship World.

This anti-glare method is quite simple and eliminates water glare and reflections to create a less cluttered appearance.

This is especially useful when firing torpedoes, as it is much easier to see what you are aiming at.

Of course it works both ways, as it makes it easier to detect enemy torpedoes.

Note that the modifications simplify the look a bit. So don’t be surprised if the graphics aren’t so slick.

8. Contour symbols

Overview of Fashion Symbols from the World of Warships

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The game contains several menus and control panels to help you understand how things work. And you’ll probably spend a lot of time there.

Leveling symbols make it much easier to identify different ships in the game by giving you different symbol options depending on the information you want to display.

There are simpler options that display only the name, class and level of the ship, while others, more detailed, also display additional information such as B. Show the time to reload the weapons.

7. Control panels with HP

Control panels HP models for WoWS

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With so many different players in each of your games, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the moment and lose the big picture.

You may be involved in an intense back-and-forth with a particular enemy ship, only to find that the rest of your team is destroyed on the other side of the map.

Control panels with HP provide a more convenient overview, allowing you to track the HP values of all ships during the game.

A quick glance tells you how your team is doing as a whole and the health of each ship.

6. Camouflage kit

Warship World Camouflage Modification Kit.

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While cosmetics aren’t as important as gameplay, it’s always nice in games to be able to customize things – whether it’s your character or, in this case, your ships.

The base game doesn’t have many options when it comes to customizing ships.

Therefore, players are looking for mods to spice up their look.

The John Der33 camouflage kit is one of the most popular cosmetic mods, offering a range of different skins to change the look of your ships.

5. Historic Wyvern Leather Works

Historic Wyvern WoWS Fashion Workshop

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While the John Der33 package offers skins across various themes, zFireWyvern has taken a more historical approach to modeling ship designs.

The Historical Skins Workshop gives you access to many different skins, each based on historical photos of the real ships they are modeled on.

The color palette may not be as attractive as most other skins. But they are almost as accurate as we can be historically.

4. High resolution flags

High resolution flags mod World of Warships

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If you’re looking for immersion, the High Resolution Flags mod is ideal for working with the historic Wyvern School.

Unfortunately, the flags in the base game are not fleshed out to make room for better achievements. The Natsuki_Yagi mud has therefore taken it upon itself to provide more powerful systems as the best alternative.

Remember that installing a mod will take up more space in the game, even if it’s just a small modification.

3. Photographs and names of unique rulers replaced with historical‘s.

Replacement of photos and names of individual commanders with a historical mod of the same name.

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The Prince121 mud brings realism to the world of warships in its own unique way.

Some of the game’s commanders were not creative.

Take the American John Doe, for example. I mean, you could call his filler.

You may not pay much attention to it in game, but if you want to take your immersion to a whole new level, this mod may be worth a look.

2. Flag of Japanese Navy at sunrise for ships IJN

Japanese Navy Sunrise Flag for IJN WoWS Ships

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Apparently many players didn’t like the vanilla Japanese flag in particular and decided to replace it with this version of the rising sun created by the fugetsu mud.

This mod does nothing else. It’s just incredibly popular in the community.

So if you like playing with IJN ships, you might also need this replacement flag.

1. Aslan Modpack

World of Warships from Aslan Modpack.

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Aslan is one of the biggest names in warship modeling, and his pack is one of the most recommended ever.

Like most other mods in the game, Aslain’s Modpack offers a huge compilation of mods that include everything from new visors to user interface modifications to enhance your gaming experience.

The interesting thing about Aslan Modpack is that many of his mods were so good that they were eventually officially added to the game by the developers themselves.

You don’t mean that.

All mods are also compatible, so you should have no problem installing this package.


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