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There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned hero and villain story, but there are some manga characters who have proven just how dark the world can be. From broken pasts to controversial morals, these sinister protagonists will likely leave you questioning your own moral compass in the process.

The “isekai manga with anti hero mc” is a genre of manga that features an anti-hero protagonist. The genre has many examples and is one of the most popular in recent years.

While it’s indisputable that do-good protagonists are the norm, anti-hero protagonists are finally gaining traction.

We see them more often in films, literature, anime, and, of course, manga.

On the other hand, with so many new releases, it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

Well, I’ve compiled a list of some of the finest manga series with interesting anti-heroes as major characters, so there’s enough to choose from.


13. The Saga of Vinland

Vinland Saga Vol. 6 Manga Cover

The Vinland Saga is first on our list, as one of the finest action series set in the Middle Ages.

And, guess what? This one is based on a genuine story (although roughly).

This wonderfully designed and organized manga tells the story of Thorfinn Karlsefni, a little child who tragically saw his own father’s death.

And that horrible incident transforms him into a vengeful and angry warrior who will murder anybody who stands in his path.

Kind of like a sterner version of Batman!


Antihero of the Year

Ultimate Antihero Manga Vol. 4 Cover

I’m not sure what more to say if this title doesn’t already make it clear…

Ultimate Antihero is a short manga series featuring Kamishiro Homura, a young guy and former hero.

If you’re wondering why the term “former” is capitalized, it’s because Kamishiro was despised and abandoned by the same people he fought to defend.

As one can assume, this did not go down well with Homura.

He kept his seclusion from the world until the manga’s start, when he resurfaced.

While this book is short in comparison to other mangas, it compensates by providing one of the most OP and badass MCs you’ll ever see.


Ubel Blatt (#11)

Ubel Blatt Vol. 23 Manga Cover

Ubel Blatt is noted for its skillful and sometimes graphic representations of violence and other adult subjects, in addition to being one of the finest revenge plotlines available.

This comic is about Koinzell, an elf-human hybrid (not the sort with wheels) who wants vengeance on everyone who has harmed him in the past.

The only problem is that the individuals he wishes to avenge are all well-known heroes who, unknown to the general public, betrayed him some years ago.

To be honest, the way this scenario plays out, he comes out as a genuine anti-hero, someone who puts his drive for revenge ahead of all else.

This series features a unique graphical style that grows in quality as the chapters pile up, in addition to fascinating plotlines.


10. The Shield Hero’s Ascension

The Rising of the Shield Hero Vol. 16 Manga Cover

Hell hath no fury like a deceived isekai MC.

Any isekai adversary must live by these words, since they will all be smacked in the face by the main character at some point.

The Hero of the Rising Shield is no exception.

It’s about Naofumi, a once-naive character who is deceived, then grows up and transforms into an entirely new person.

More precisely, he developed into a tough and obstinate individual who would go to any length to improve his strength – albeit he still adheres to a moral code.

In terms of the quality of the artwork and the general enjoyment value of the narrative, I would say this manga is one of the stronger titles on the list.


Ghoul from Tokyo is number nine.

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 Manga Cover

Here’s a manga series with possibly the most recognized piano opening of all time in its anime adaptation.

But, of course, Tokyo Ghoul is renowned for more than just that.

Set in a world where man-eating creatures known as “ghouls” coexist with humans, Tokyo Ghoul tells the narrative of Kaneki Ken, our main character, whose life is turned upside down by one disastrous date.

Like the anime, the manga is chock-full of well-drawn & high quality action scenes, that are accompanied by excellent dialogue between its characters

Although, given Kaneki’s status as one of the most intriguing anti-hero MCs out there, I’d argue the “primary attraction” here is Kaneki himself.


8. A Blacker Shade of Black

Darker than Black Vol. 1 Manga Cover

Let’s go on to Darker than Black, which features a classic quiet and badass assassin character MC.

This is based on the narrative of Hei, a strange guy whose primary objective is to recover his lost sister by whatever means necessary.

To that goal, he isn’t afraid to adopt more harsh ways to eliminate any characters who try to stand in his way.

Darker than Black features one of the most timeless mangas out today, in addition to having a wonderful anime adaptation.


Kakegurui (No. 7)

Kakegurui Vol. 2 Manga Cover

We’ve got a manga that revolves on gambling.

What do you think of it for a distinct primary concept?

Yumeko Jabami, everyone’s favorite gambler waifu, adores nothing more than humiliating and witnessing her opponents suffer in Kakegurui.

Despite her cruel tendencies, she has a rigorous moral code that she follows. She also lends a hand to other characters on occasion (mainly the good ones).

Are you seeking for a well-written, well-drawn, and extremely exciting school-life manga with an anti-heroic main character who really likes what she’s excellent at, even if it’s not exactly moral?

Well, kudos to you, because this one is particularly for you!


6. Titanic Assault

Attack on Titan Vol. 29 Manga Cover

We may as well get Attack on Titan out of the way because we’re talking about mangas with anti-heroes as the primary characters.

It’s without a doubt one of the best-crafted subversive masterpieces of all time.

I’m referring to both anime and manga here!

While I’m sure many of you already know, it’s headed by Eren Yeager, a once-optimistic young man whose world is turned upside down when he is assaulted by buck-naked, man-eating monsters known as “titans.”

From then, we observe Eren’s slow transformation into a cold and calculated figure willing to go to any length to rid the planet of giants.


Death Note No. 5

Death Note Vol. 5 Manga Cover

I’m sure a lot of you were aware that this manga was on the way, right?

At the very least, I hope so!

Death Note is one of the most divisive and well-received manga series in history. Most manga aficionados regard this as a true masterpiece.

As a result, the protagonist (Light Yagami) is one of the most well-known anti-hero anime characters of all time.

While I feel he is more of a villain than an anti-hero, it’s simple to understand why the majority of manga fans believe differently.

After all, his reasons and character are so complicated that arguments and character studies concerning him continue to this day.


Code Geass is the fourth game in the Code Geass series.

Code Geass Vol. 2 Manga Cover

Yes, another iconic title that will undoubtedly go down in pop cultural history.

The manga for Code Geass, like the anime adaptation, is a masterpiece with one of the most “human” and honorable anti-hero characters ever created.

Of course, I’m referring about Lelouch vi Britannia, our beloved “the aims justify the means” MC who did all in his ability to ensure the world’s “happy ending.”

Trust me when I say it’ll most likely be one of the finest anti-hero MC comics you’ve ever read.

And, although I feel the anime adaptation is greater in every aspect, I believe the manga needs to be recognized and praised as well.


Three. Hellsing

Hellsing Vol. 1 Manga Cover

Has the mainstream media shattered your trust in any piece of fiction that has a vampire as a central character?

Well, with Hellsing, a particular favorite of mine that you’ll most likely appreciate as well, I’m here to restore your trust.

We have Gigachad Alucard, the first of his kind and the most powerful vampire in all of literature, instead of a cliché pretty-boy vampire that shines in the sunshine.

As if that wasn’t enough of a character introduction, consider that Alucard is also a fascinating anti-hero.

He’s a severe sadist who likes shaming his opponents, yet not harming innocent people.

This is another instance where I feel the anime adaptation is superior than the manga. However, the comic is still miles ahead of most comparable manga available today.


2. Lord Overlord

Overlord Manga Original Cover

Speaking about major characters that are overpowering anti-heroes…

Overlord is a new isekai manga that focuses heavily on the OP aspect.

Ainz (a.k.a. Momonga) is an isekai’d human-turned-undead skeleton who heads one of the most powerful guilds in the game he was isekai’d into.

Ainz does various actions that he acknowledges are “unheroic” and “unbecoming of a human” throughout the manga, although remaining mainly “decent.”

It’s one of my favorite isekai to date, thanks to its artistically pleasing artwork and engaging tale.

This is one that I strongly suggest.

10 out of 10 skeletons dancing


1. Berserk mode

Berserk Vol. 14 Manga Cover

I have a lot of good things to say about Kentaro Miura and what he’s done as a fan of his work (rest his soul).

However, such words have been written many times by other fans, so let’s focus on the manga.

Instead, I’m going to tell you more about Berserk, which is about a guy called Guts who, while being a rather dark character, quickly earns your pity and admiration.

Guts isn’t just any anti-hero MC; he’s the embodiment of the genre.

Most of the time, the acts he does (both in the anime and manga) are not motivated by his desire to be good or evil, but rather by need and instinct.

This, in my perspective, is what makes Guts’ character so compelling.

It’s also why this manga is one of the greatest representations of a real anti-hero main character ever created.

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The “best hero manga” is a type of story that has an anti-hero protagonist. These stories often focus on the struggles and hardships of being a hero, as well as how they affect the people around them. They can be serious or comedic depending on the writer.

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Who is the strongest anti-hero in anime?

A: I am not able to answer your question. Please clarify what sort of anti-hero you are looking for by answering with an anime name, character name or show title.

Is kaneki an anti-hero?

A: Kaneki is an anti-hero.

Is Alucard an anti-hero?

A: No, Alucard is not an anti-hero because he has a good sense of morals.

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