Top 15 Best Anime Clown Characters (Ranked) –

Remember when clowns were running around the worst thing to fear? What a year it’s been!

But the fact that they don’t spread on the streets doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes appear in cartoons. However, these red noses are usually small print. But they’re still people, for God’s sake, in funny shoes.

For this list we’ve put together an entire circus to present the best clowns from all the anime genres.

15. boring clown

Anime: The man with only one punch.

This walking nightmare has not yet been animated on the big screen and is currently a webcomic exclusive.

Yet it gives us a very good basis for a typical clown character in the anime.

He hangs around in amusement parks, carries balloons and kills those who oppose him, the usual clown stuff. It also has a lot of OP power because it draws energy from attention and can use it to transform and increase its basic statistics.

Thank God there is no Instagram in this world, otherwise Saitama would have a strong opponent.

14. Kunihisa

Screenshot of the anime Kunihisa Naruto

Anime: Naruto

I want to take this guy in here because he’s more into the modern definition of a clown: being a jerk.

He wanted to be a ninja, but he didn’t want to handle the whole training thing. So he waved his hand and threw money for his bodyguards to come and help him.

I mean he was on the right track. But unfortunately for him, blowing up mountains and dropping meteors from the sky is the way to defeat capitalism in Naruto’s universe.

At least Batman had muscles, you know? It’s still hilarious when he shows his fingerprint.

13. Harlequin Moderate Alliance

A moderate Harlequin Alliance from the time I was turned into slime.

Anime: This time I was reincarnated in drool.

I’m gonna tape those four, because frankly, they’re still surrounded by a lot of mystery.

They appear out of nowhere and manipulate anyone desperate enough to listen to them.

I have the impression that this behaviour fits very well with their clown aesthetics, because they are like master puppeteers pulling the strings behind the curtain and looking at the chaos that comes from it.

12. Charlotte

Charlotte from the anime Magi Madoka

Anime: The magicians of Madoka

At first I thought this heroine and I got along because her thirst for good cheese is really great. But now I’m not so sure.

Of course, she was a little off with her scary little doll look. But I can live with that.

But why, oh why, did she have to turn into a hungry, wormlike, human clown demon from hell?

Also, a choir that sings about cheese is much less charming and much more boring when people are suddenly categorized as cheese. This show is really something else.

11. Vanier

Vanir in the anime KonoSuba

Anime: KonoSuba
Well, with Vanir, I have a very vague idea of what a clown is. But his behaviour is somehow in line with the theme.

He sends out small versions of himself that are both cute and boring while laughing like crazy.

Plus, his ability to own someone’s body is just perfect for clowning.

In the beginning he is the antagonist, but soon this funny guy joins the good guys and even shows Kazuma the beauty of commercial intellectual property!

10. Donato Porpora

Donato Porpora from the anime Ghoul of Tokyo.

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Here at least most clowns try to look happy and cheerful before they eat your face.

But Donato seems to be the most depressed and hurt clown.

At least if he wears a mask.

Speaking of masks, the whole presence of this man is a reflection of how he supposedly cares for the children…. but in reality, he’s just taking care of his lunch. That’s the classic ogre-killing clown: He eats children.

But he’s doing what he has to do, and he’s doing it right: By arousing fear and a little hatred.

9. Death 13

Stardust Cruise

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Star Cruisers

If you ever wondered if you wanted a baby, hope it doesn’t turn out like this.

This satanic kid has a shinigami clown for a coaster.

Not only does this attitude attack you in your sleep (which in many ways is just wrong), it also causes the most terrible death.

That’s because the world of dreams is like a giant acid trip, with the added advantage that your life is at stake.

The fact that Shinigami the Clown also has a catchphrase and a ridiculous voice doesn’t really help.

8. Talisman

The mascot of the anime Psycho Pass

Anime: Psychopassport

Spoiler alert.

It’s weird to talk about Talisman because he’s just an avatar, and he’s really bad at it.

Even more disturbing is that the Avatar is not even controlled by the original creator, but by an Avatar-obsessed assassin.

His presence in the virtual world was disturbing. And when the owner’s past was explained, it got even scarier.

So if you’re in a VR chat room, watch out for clowns: They could be serial killers.

7. Chudelkin

Chudelkin from the anime Sword Art Online

Anime: The art of the sword online

That little clown weasel turned out to be a lot harder than I originally thought.

I mean, I knew he wasn’t one of the good guys. He even froze one of his subordinates.

But I didn’t really see it coming when he stood on his head and called out a giant fire demon.

Are you confused? So am I. But with clown figures, you never really know what you’re gonna get. Being an anime freak.

6. Joker

Screenshot of the anime Joker Black Butler

Anime: The Black Butler

This character got me thinking.

First of all, he had a tragic past. And the baron saved his life while he was in debt and wanted to make his will.

On the other hand, he abducts children and then sacrifices them.

On the other hand, he has the same voice as the Light and has a bit of that crazy look that I like in anime characters.

Sure, there’s a lot to think about, but in the end it’s there.

5. Crazy Slots

The crazy cracks of the anime Hunter x Hunter

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Crazy Slots is Kite’s ability. And it works like Russian roulette, except the gun is pointed at the enemy.

You see, every time he calls Crazy Slots, with an amazing remark about how he’s in trouble, Crazy Slots drops a number between 1 and 9 and then gives Kite the corresponding weapon.

The fact that this is the second time I talk about the power of the clown (in two different anime!) really shows how far away clowns are from their primary goal. But it’s Japan’s fault, not mine.

4. Roswaal L Fathers

Zero anime

Anime: Re : Zero

I didn’t have much to say about Roswaal in the first season.

He was a strange but interesting guy, who had an evil look, but nothing special.

But the second season has come, and it has become much more interesting.

I always knew he was smart and crazy.

But I didn’t expect him to understand what’s going on with Subaru and manipulate everything for his own purposes. And once this is discovered, it becomes even more metallic and violent. I certainly didn’t see it coming… but he became one of my favorite characters in season two.

3. Millennium Account

The millennium count in the anime D.Gray-Man.

Anime: D. Grey man.

That man scares the shit out of me.

I think that’s what the makers wanted. But the fact that he always smiles and behaves so lovingly and kindly gives me goose bumps.

Because he is also the main opponent of the show. And turns people into ants and wants to plunge a literal god into darkness.

I swear he’s like Babadook’s weird brother or something.

2. Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl of the anime Beelzebub

Anime: Beelzebub

I find the Saw movies pretty scary. But of course the anime had to introduce a clown character who pulls all the strings.

And while we’re at it, let’s give him demonic powers, too. Why not, right now?

Man, Quetzalcoatl just scares me.

The only good thing is that he loves games so much that you can easily distract him by throwing a switch.

1. Hisoka

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter Anime

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Was there ever any doubt that this person would come first?

Of course, he can be an easy coach. But the anime manages to make it work.

Hishoka is a great character because he brings so much chaos into the show.

Is he going to kill someone, get angry, help the heroes, build a tower of cards, cut off his hand for bait, or something even more absurd? You never know what he’s gonna do!

Moreover, his Nen Bungee Gum ability (which has the properties of gum and chewing gum) is so fundamentally simple that he always finds a new way to use it. So he does all his clowning duties and scares off any HxH character who comes near him while he brings a little luck to the show.

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