Top 15 Best Armor Sets in Dark Souls 3 –

Souls models are an important aspect of every entry in Souls, and Dark Souls 3 is no different.

Fortunately, FromSoftware has adopted the Bloodborne approach to shielding this time, and unlike 1 and 2, the shielding in DS3 cannot be upgraded.

This is a good thing, because it allows players to have more equipment to upgrade their weapons and armor to make a more aesthetic choice.

Of course every room has statistics, but in the end it’s all about looks.

So, come with me to sum up the coolest armor sets of Dark Souls 3!

15. Myrrh Chain set

The armor of the Knights of Myrrh in action, this set is for real fighters.

Without showing any weakness, Mirra’s necklace creates a mysterious and terrifying feeling.

Associated with his deep and emotionless eyes, engraved in a steel mask, this ensemble gives the wearer the impression of being an impeccable fighter.

Where’d you get that? At Iritilus Bridge, after defeating Creighton’s advance at the Jorski Church.

14. Dragon ladder set

The Dragon's ladder of the Dark Souls 3

The robe of the nameless king himself, a set of dragon scales, is made of heavy layers of fabric and scales with an almost sacred aura.

The worn-out appearance of this ensemble reminds one of an ancient breed that has long fallen into disgrace and must adapt to the end of time or perish.

Especially the coffin is an impressive and voluminous figure that corresponds to a large part of the heavy armor of the game, with graceful gold details and a thick scarf that covers the lower part of the face.

Where’d you get that? Buy from the holy virgin of Firelink after killing an unnamed king.

13. Drake Blood Set

Drakeblood Set Dark Souls 3 Armor

This set is a fantastic ebony armor engraved in silver, worn by a dragon knight possessed by a dragon.

The details of this decor are beautiful and go well with many different dark armor.

It’s surprisingly slim in character, especially the helmet, so preferably a smaller weapon if you don’t want to look like a dwarf.

Where’d you get that? Found behind the campfire of Ocheiros after killing the dragon knight on the archer.

12. Wolf Knight Set

The Wolf Knight has been working twice as long 3

An iconic set of the famous Artoria’s from Dark Souls’ first installation. That armor was cool in DS1, and now it’s cool!

But when it comes to the weight loss armor, this outfit makes you skinny. Like a thin twig – especially the legs and head.

We can still ignore it – for how can Artorius’ armor be anything but brilliant?

You may have lost a few pounds, but we still love you!

Where’d you get that? Bought from a brilliant girl in the Firelink version of Raw Graves – after killing the Walkers of the Abyss.

11. Wilhelm Kit

Screenshot of Dark Souls Set William 3

Did somebody say idiot?

I don’t know what the diet of these DS3s is, but I have to get their prescriptions. This armor makes you, like the two previous ones, super thin and probably has the smallest helmet in the game.

Yet he looks fantastic with his legs crossed and his chain poncho.

It combines beautifully with a range of other dark suits of armour and is a welcome addition to the wardrobe of fashionable souls!

Where’d you get that? Found in a crypt full of bugs in the colorful world of DLC.

10. Oriental shielding

Eastern armor set dark souls 3

Another DS1 classic, the Oriental Armor Set, is a big favourite with returning fans!

And little has changed in the design, it still has an incredibly graceful red and gold box with a lion armor.

Personally I have never liked the helmet or the gloves and I even prefer this armor for mixed sets.

Where’d you get that? Bought from a young girl from the Firelink Sanctuary after giving her Easter bait from Iritilus.

9. Alv kit

Set Alva of Dark Souls 3

Alva’s was my favorite set in DS2, and it still looks great here.

With its voluminous steel plates partially wrapped in outdated crimson cloths, this ensemble seems to belong to a knight who has been around several times.

Belts and pockets reinforce this aspect – and give the appearance of a trained warrior with answers to every scenario.

Every piece of this armor is beautiful and fits in many mixed sets!

Where’d you get that? In a cell near Carla, in the dungeon of Iritilus, after the victory over the invader Alva.

8. Gandhir set

The Dark Souls of Gandhirov - Series 3

Gundyrs is a cheeky set, forged from solid cast iron.

This set shows signs of aging and wear, giving the impression of a fighting gladiator who knows his way around in a fight.

The size and presence of the armor of the Gundyr is perfect to combine with heavy weapons such as hammers and axes, giving you the appearance of a real executioner.

Plus, it’s a nice reference to old King Doran of the Evil Souls!

Where’d you get that? Buy it from Firelink’s hideaway wife after beating the champion Gandir.

7. Leonhardt Ensemble

Leonhardt's set in Dark Souls 3.

For people like me who love Bloodborne, this is the perfect environment.

With his silver mask and dark hat straight from the streets of Yharnam, Leonhard’s set is perfect for dex building with an emphasis on skill and tactics.

The black dress with hood fits perfectly with the decorations, which also have a hidden aesthetic!

There is also a little tradition for Leonhardt himself, in the form of a description of the subject, a brilliant piece of his tragic story.

Where’d you get that? Buy it after Leonhardt’s murder from the Firelink Shrine girl.

6. Twilight shield

Sunset Armor of Dark Souls 3

Ever since I first saw Hodrick, I’ve been in love with his armor.

The old copper-coloured armor, wrapped in soaked rags, looks incredible and gives the impression of a war-torn trade word wandering through the violent world of the Dark Souls.

Many players prefer to mix the helmet with their sweater, even though I always noticed!

Whichever parts you choose, this set captures the essence of DS3 perfectly – briefly, ruthlessly and full of memories of the battle.

Where’d you get that? Complete Siris’ search and kill Hodrick – the kit will be lying on his corpse in the cave pit.

5. Witch set

Screenshot of Fire Witch Set Dark Souls 3

It’s rather surprising that some people see him so high up on the list.

The Fire Witch has always been my basis for creating spells and melee miracles.

The shiny plaque, methodically draped in a beautiful fabric in a white gold frame, is so well suited to fight, conveying the elegance that comes with intelligence and faith, while it seems fit for battle.

The mittens with their long claw shaped fingers are also great and fit perfectly with the Dex kits!

Where’d you get that? Leaving the witches from the fire in Irithill.

4. Dance set

A set for the dancers of Dark Souls 3.

Speaking of perfect armor for miniatures, I think everyone wanted to develop intelligence after seeing this set.

The ethereal, flowing veil is so different from anything else in DS3. It is mysterious and secret and perfect for characters who use magic.

He also has excellent stamina for his weight, which is very effective in PvP!

Where’d you get that? Bought it from a girl from the Firelink Shrine after beating a dancer.

3. Cases Knight’s set

A fallen knight puts dark souls to the test 3

At the beginning of Dark Souls 3 everyone used this set.

Aesthetically, it is the perfect mix of Dark Souls and Blood-Borne Themes, which probably explains why I like it so much.

The simple black armor betrays a touch of elegant gold engraving, and the whole is wrapped in a filthy cloth that envelops the wearer.

Although it can be considered a noob kit, there is a nice irony in PvP, namely wearing it while destroying enemies.

Where’d you get that? Found in the water just outside Farron, further down the road of sacrifice.

2. Legion of the Undead Kit

The Legion of the Undead has installed Dark Souls 3.

A number of legions of undead are the crew of the Guardians of the Abyss, presumably the Apostles of Artorius.

That’s probably why the armor looks so cool.

It is light and covered with sparkling steel plates, with a beautiful red mantle that fades, covered with tendrils from the abyss.

When I do the Dex Building, you can be sure I’m wearing this outfit.

But this pointy helmet doesn’t scare me – Leonhard’s silver mask fits perfectly with this harness and really completes the look!

Where’d you get that? Buy from the Blessed Virgin of Firelink after defeating the Guardians of the Abyss.

1. Iron Dragonfly set

An iron gunman has put dark souls to the test 3

I was blown away when I saw this blob in the DLC of the annular city.

The Iron Rifleman set is in my opinion the coolest armor in the whole game.

Because of its mass it is absolutely perfect for strength constructions, although it works just as well for quality constructions with straight swords or big words.

It takes the best design elements from many existing armor and then increases them tenfold, giving it the dominant presence of pure metal and resembling an indestructible endoskeleton.

He wears a smiling helmet reminiscent of a hammerhead shark, with an explosion of blood-red feathers.

It’s really cool, and no other armor could beat it in my eyes.

Where’d you get that? Dropping dragonfly shells on the swamp of the periphery city.

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