Top 15 Best Manga With An Evil Villain MC (Ranked) –

The characters are just the protagonists of most stories.

After all, they are chivalrous, brave and easy to keep an eye on. However, not all main characters are good people. Some of them are naughty, disgusting, despicable.

No matter how unpleasant it may seem, MC Villain’s manga allows the reader to understand how the bad guy’s inner life works, for better or worse. And maybe readers can even sympathize (or agree) with such pathetic ideals.

Anyway, I made a huge list of the best manga with bad guys for MC.

15. Masamune-kun without vengeance (Revenge of Masamune-kun)

The series is about attending Masamune and his planned revenge on the girl who dumped him because she was obese.

It’s easy to get into the game, and even his plan is something my petty soul applauds.

It offers an interesting view on how a petty person might react to a rejection.

Although the starting point seems very frightening, the performance borders on hilarity. Nevertheless, Masamune has come a long way to take revenge and has earned his place (albeit the last) on that list.

14. Dead pipe

The cover of the Deadpool manga

Put YouTube and all the black web rumors together and you get Deadpool.

The main character, Machiya Tomohiro, seems to be the first victim. But he eventually became a full-fledged psychopath.

The way he supported May, both as an operator and as an accomplice, deserves more than mentioning evil.

He’s bad to the bone.

From robbery to murder to every illegal act, Deadpool’s got it. It goes without saying that there is a lot of nudity, pain and horror in it.

13. Peace Acceleration

Accel World Manga Cover

I bet the main characters of Accel World aren’t the bad guys.

However, their true purpose is revealed later in the text.

Kuroyukihime repulsed and killed a level 9 player, breaking the truce between the kings. Since then, she has recruited teammates to try to reach level 10 and finish the game everyone loves.

Accel World could have been higher on that list, but the manga is actually a little worse than the anime and the novel, so here it is.

12. Watcher (Ana Satsujin)

Manga-eye (Ana Satsujin)

Etsuru Kurosu is a different type of villain than the one mentioned above.

He doesn’t do bad things. But he doesn’t do anything to stop them either.

Kurosu was a hermit who had lost the will to live. When he’s about to commit suicide, the hook on him breaks and opens his eyes.

He used it to look at his neighbor… …but one night he saw her kill someone brutally.

He kept his mouth shut, but his neighbor finally found out. And then they started dating.

Looking Glass effectively shows what goes on in the head of a serial killer. The way she shows Rio that she kills people without emotion and then acts in a completely normal way shows how detached she is from the world.

11. Chamo

Coverage of the Shamo Manga

At one point something broke in Ryu Narushima’s head.

Since then he has become a rabid dog who bites anyone who gets too close to him.

Ryou has strived to improve and become stronger, no matter what it takes.

This included threatening and hitting others.

Shamo is a martial arts manga that deals with various martial arts and disciplines. But it also became his weakness.

It has a decent conspiracy, albeit a slow one. The problem, however, is that Ryou tends to fall back into nothingness after every curve of history.

It’s similar to Dragon Ball, but Goku becomes weak again after defeating the enemy.

10. Kangoku Yikken (Prisoner laboratory)

Kangoku Yikken (Prison Lab) manga

The goal of the prison lab is to bring out the worst in people.

So it’s not surprising that Aito Eyema is becoming a reckless and unreasonable man.

From the list so far, Eyema easily fits the description of an ordinary villain.

After being brutalized for three years, he finally gets his chance for revenge. He receives a letter inviting him to take part in a prison game as a prisoner.

He chose his bully, Aya Kirishima, as his prisoner. And I tortured her as best I could.

Originally, Eyama is a character you can easily sympathize with. In the end, it’s just the story of a victim taking the law into their own hands.

But in the end he turned out to be a despicable man who took revenge without any sense of morality or reason.

9. Fukushuu Kyoushitsu (revenge class)

Manga Fukushuu Kyoushitsu (Revenge class)

Just like Kangoku Jikken (prison laboratory), Ayana Fujisawa wants revenge on her tyrants.

But unlike Eyama, she wants revenge on the whole class. And she didn’t need divine intervention to get out.

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu settles for sweet revenge, although it’s not really bloody or violent. Ayana’s revenge, on the other hand, is more psychological, but she’s still doing her job.

Ayana’s anger leaves no one indifferent.

Anyway, she swore to make all her classmates suffer.

8. First contractor

Coverage of the Manga Overlord

The chronology of Overlord (in the manga) is very interesting.

It first came out as a light novel, then as a cartoon. The manga is actually the last media to come out.

However, it is also inferior to the other two in terms of content.

The world domination of Overlord began when Momonga was captured in Yggdrasil, an MMORPG. He has Isekai as his own character, the strongest wizard in the world.

The power of the supervisor lies in the formation of armies. Momonga does not have the practical ability to strengthen his powers directly, so he has to rely on a more realistic method.

The ground rangers loot, kidnap, experiment on people and conquer to expand Nazarick’s possessions.

7. Gas code: Hanyaku no Lelouch

Manga Hanyaku no Lelouch

With the enormous success of the anime, Code Geass has also become a manga.

However, the manga turned out to be a bit disappointing compared to the anime.

Although he followed the same Lelouch Attending, there have been some changes here.

One of the greatest nuances is the absence of nightmarish films, which make up a large part of the anime.

Yet Lelouch is still the same revolutionary who wants to destroy the empire, which earned him a well-deserved place on this list.

6. Eleven Lies

The manga elves lie

Probably one of the most controversial works in the world of manga, Elves Leed is proud of his bloody and brutal murders.

Lucy, a notorious tramp, leaves a trail of bloodshed in her wake every time she changes her identity.

These are not just pointless murders.

In the course of history much becomes clear: the reasons for the powers, the murders and the division of personality.

It is true that Elves Legal is not a manga for everyone. But it’s not a complete mess either.

5. Akumetsu

Coverage of the manga Akumetsu

Unlike most entries on this list, the Akumetsu holder must be vigilant to purify the world.

It just means he’s slaughtering people for his own sense of justice.

When the Japanese economy collapses, the number of scum increases. This also increases Akumetsu’s objectives.

Akumetsu breaks down complex ideologies about what is good and what is bad, and makes his readers think.

Of course there’s also a huge amount of hits for the bad guys, even though technically he’s also a bad guy.

What’s not to love?

4. Homonkul

Homonculus Manga

The manga Gomonkul has a series of interesting characters.

There is Susumu Nakochi, a so-called homeless man who lives in his car, and Manabu Ito, a medical student who paid Nakochi to be his guinea pig.

In the beginning, the good-natured protagonist Nakochi gets supernatural powers.

But eventually he gets drunk and goes crazy.

At the end of the manga, he became a deranged low-level killer.

3. Yoru ni Naru na Boku wa (I move at night)

Yoru ni Naru to Boku wa (I'm moving at night) manga

Yoru ni Naru tot Boku wa exudes a strong Death Note atmosphere, even though there are few similarities between the two.

Both series present a celestial psychological warfare between the criminal and the law, but the similarities stop there.

Contrary to the wish of the Light to carry out his own idea of justice, Wataru simply wants revenge on his sister. Not only does he rely on his ability to penetrate people’s dreams and kill them, but he also uses his head to do so in a way that makes his revenge much more satisfying.

Moreover, the mental and psychological struggle between Wataru and Misumi is something that deserves this manga to be at the top of the list.

2. Berserker

manga berserk cover

It’s not for nothing that Berserk is already an established name.

The work, although not as beautiful as the modern standard, is fully compensated by a large occupation of characters and an appropriate amount of mature content.

Although the characters are egocentric, they are not really perceived as bad.

Instead, they’re still in the gray area of morality. He does a good job representing human nature in extreme situations and pursuing his own ideals.

Of course it’s about hacking and hitting people with a homogenous sword.

1. Notification of death

The manga cover of the suicide note

I think number 3 on this list has already ruined my first choice, but Death Note is still in first place.

After all, the story of Light, L and Ryuk is already a well-known classic in the world of manga.

Although Light Yagami-san’s initial intentions were morally good, his method of slaughtering those he thought were bad and those who interfered with his plans easily made him the main villain of the story.

And the chaotic friendliness of light from the first bow spoiled the readers’ minds.

The plot and the plot twists are unequalled here. Add to that the psychological and mental warfare between L and Light, and it proves how great the Death Note masterpiece is.

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