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The popularity of Fate/Grand Order (FGO) has been on an unprecedented climb in recent months, with the game now boasting more than 10 million players. This year’s International FGO Fest saw a total of 40+ hours worth of content being streamed live throughout the entire event as well. With such huge success and high player numbers, what are some quick supports that will help you take your first step into this world? Here is a list that may be helpful to get started!

The “fgo buster support” is a quick support that will help you with your game. It can be used for both the mobile and PC versions of FGO.

For the larger portion of FGO’s existence, the Quick as a Card type got the short end of the stick.

While Buster had Merlin and Arts had Tamamo, the game’s Quick Servants had no one to stand out for them.

However, this did not deter gamers from attempting to make their favorite Quick Servants function!

While there is currently only one true-blue Quick support in NA’s FGO, we invite you to stay around and see if you can find other lesser-known Quick supports who ruled before the Quick queen accepted her throne.


Atalante Alter / Atalante (Archer) (Berserker)

Atalante (Archer) Fate/Grand Order sprite

We meant it when we stated Quick had received little to no love throughout the years.

Because her initial talent increases the impact of Quick cards for all friends, Atalante is exclusively considered a Quick support.

That concludes the discussion…

While Atalante shines as an AOE farmer, she falls short as a supporting actress.

Similarly, Atalante’s change form has the same ability, improving the efficiency of your friends’ Quick cards.

If Atalante is your only Quick support, our hearts break for you…


Artoria Pendragon Alter is a character in the game Artoria Pendragon Alter (Rider)

Artoria Pendragon Alter (Rider) Fate/Grand Order sprite

This isn’t quite a support list, but it just goes to show how much Delight Works despises that ugly green card!

Rider Alter’s initial skill has a Quick bonus, and an allied member’s crit star output may be increased while their skill cooldowns are reduced by one turn (with a demerit that the said target will be dealt 1000 damage without killing them).

Rider Alter was never intended to be a support, and when partnered with her own support squad, she shines as a single-target nuker.

Rider Alter’s supporting equipment, like Atalante’s, is devoid of flesh on the bones.


Wu Zetian is number three (Assassin)

Wu Zetian (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

Finally, a genuine servant of assistance!

Wu, on the other hand, falls short when it comes to making an impression on a Quick-focused team.

Wu’s initial ability is a straightforward defense down ability that may be used on any enemy.

Her third talent is the classic Quick buff we’ve seen previously, but her second skill restores her own HP and enhances her own defense so she can stay alive long enough to fire off many buffs in a protracted battle.

In terms of buffs, Wu hasn’t got anything to give.

All you get here is a defensive drop, no NP charge, and some mediocre bonuses.


2. Osakabehime ( (Assassin)

Osakabehime (Assassin) Fate/Grand Order sprite

When Osakabehime was originally debuted, she was hailed as the Quick meta’s salvation.

Regrettably, her complete range of helpful skills is locked behind her NP!

While she has a meager 20% NP battery and a single-target defense break, you’ll have to squander your time charging her NP first in order to gain the required Quick boosts to strengthen your squad.

Osakabehime was on the verge of becoming just what the Quick meta required.

Fortunately, we wouldn’t have to wait long for a true Quick support Servant, which would drastically transform the way FGO was played.


Scathach-Skadi is the first of the Scathach-Skadi series (Caster)

Scathach-Skadi (Caster) Fate/Grand Order sprite

No one should be surprised by this.

To this day, Skadi is without a doubt the best Quick support in all of FGO NA and JP (as of this writing).

Unlike Osakabehime and other Servants that rely on their NP for Quick assistance, Skadi’s beneficial abilities are entirely related to her active talents!

Skadi’s Quick card bonus, along with a defense down ability, may quickly turn high health waves to ashes with a few keystrokes.

Her third talent has a 50 percent NP battery that may be targeted!

She is such a game-changing Servant that she entirely rewrote the FGO meta for the two years prior to Castoria’s debut. Niche Servants like Edmond Dantes were propelled to the very top of most people’s tier rankings because to the Double Skadi System.

In terms of Buster and Arts support, there are a lot more alternatives today, making all three card types quite viable.

Skadi, on the other hand, is the indisputable queen of Quick. And she intends to keep her championship for the foreseeable future!

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The “fgo quick servants” is a list of the top 5 best supports in FGO. The list includes names and skills, so you can choose which one you want to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Fgo servant?

A: I would say the best Fgo servant is probably Leysritt because he has a high HP, good attack and defense stats.

Who has the highest HP in Fgo?

A: The FATE characters have the highest HP.

Who is the best 4 star servant in Fgo?

A: You can find the top 4 star servants in Fgo here.

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