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FGO is a game that has been receiving tons of hype recently due to its popularity. The FGO Mobile Game was announced for English release on May 10th, 2018 and had already reached 3 million downloads by the end of the first week. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some top tanks in this new mobile meta-game!
1) Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer/Nero) 2) Merlin (Caster/Cu Chulainn) 3) Rakshasa (Assassin/Rider). 4) Tamamo no Mae 5.) Jeanne D’Arc

The “fgo tier list jp 2022” is a ranking of the top 5 tanks/taunters in FGO. The rankings are based on popularity, win rate and performance.

Tanks and taunters are a somewhat uncommon breed.

The Fate/Grand Order meta emphasizes ending battles as rapidly as possible, whether it’s via looping a Servant’s NP or completing a combat in a single round.

However, having a powerful tank or taunter will be necessary for some boss encounters and challenge tasks!

So let’s take a look at some of the top Servants that meet this description. Let’s get started!


GUDAGUDA Poster Girl, No. 5 (Honorable Mention)

GUDAGUDA Poster Girl Fate/Grand Order CE

This may seem to be a bit of a cop-out. However, if you look attentively at the heading of this list, you’ll find that the term “Servant” is absent.

GUDAGUDA Poster Girl is a CE that increases the assault of the equipped Servant while drawing attention to them for three rounds.

The beautiful thing about GUDAGUDA Poster Girl is that everyone can be a tank with this CE!

For some battles, a three-turn taunt is just great.

And, when worn on a Servant with strong defensive powers or invincibility (but no taunt of their own), this CE becomes one of the most sought-after in the game!


4. Passionflower

Passionlip Fate/Grand Order sprite

Passionlip’s talents make her a superb tank and taunter, despite the fact that she is just a four-star Servant.

With her talents, she may lower her own damage received, boost her protection, and taunt all foes (alongside a myriad of other bonus effects).

Her NP also does a lot of damage, giving her an excellent defensive and offensive choice.


3. Mash

Mash Fate/Grand Order sprite

Mash does not deserve to be disregarded just because she is a free unit.

When it comes to defensive qualities, Mash is one of the most strong troops in the game.

It’s only logical that she would serve as a barrier between the Master and danger, since she is obligated to protect her senpai at all means.

Mash’s abilities revolve on keeping herself and the rest of the group alive. Mash ensures that her teammates are safe with a team-wide damage reduction, a targetable invincibility boost, and a taunt for herself.

Lord Camelot, Mash’s NP, boosts the party’s defense even further!

She certainly deserves to be dubbed “everyone’s favorite kohai.”

BB, I apologize…


Jeanne D’arc is number two on the list.

Jeanne D'arc Fate/Grand Order sprite

Jeanne already has a high resistance to most other Servant classes as a ruler class Servant.

While Jeanne’s talents are excellent in crippling the adversary, it is with her NP that she finds her ultimate potential as a tank.

This gives the whole party invincibility, boosts their defense, and eliminates all of their debuffs!


Shi Huang Di is number one.

Shi Huang Di Fate/Grand Order sprite

This moth guy is unquestionably one of the most powerful tanks AND taunters available.

To begin with, Shi Huang Di is a Ruler Servant, which means he absorbs less damage from practically all other Servant classes.

Shi Huang Di’s abilities are all meant to keep him alive and limit the amount of damage he takes.

  • His initial ability lowers the enemy’s NP charge.
  • His second ability causes all foes to be stunned.
  • And his third ability boosts his own NP by 50%. (while also cleansing all debuffs and restoring his own health).

If Shi Huang Di’s incredible talents weren’t enough, his NP grants him taunt, enabling him to absorb opponent damage with his tanky Ruler physique.

Shi Huang Di’s NP also provides him invincibility for one turn, which is the icing on top of the brick wall sundae that is Shi Huang Di!

This implies that moth guy may taunt all adversaries in his direction while taking no harm from their assaults.

Shi Huang Di isn’t only the strongest tank in FGO; he’s also the finest taunter in the game…

He’s the only one who can perform both of these things at the same time!

The “fgo tier list jp 2021” is a list of the top 5 best tanks/taunters in FGO. The list ranks tanks/taunters based on their stats, skills and rarity.

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