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The game is hard, but not unreasonably so. You can make it through the game without dying (with the exception of the final dungeon), but it will take hours of work and you will be feeling the pressure. This is the first version of a Final Fantasy XV series, which I’m calling “Top 5 Hardest Dungeons”.

Final Fantasy XV is a bit hard to get into, but once you are in the game you can’t stop. FFXV is full of fantastic group of characters that you get to experience with in the story of Noctis, the main character. Plus, the game is full of monsters that you can battle against and it’s a lot of fun doing it.

It’s been a long time since the release of Final Fantasy XV, and even longer since the release of the first main story DLC. We’ve had a lot of time to get used to these new gameplay mechanics, but how often have you been stuck in a dungeon, and didn’t know where to start? In this list I’ll help you find the five hardest dungeons in the game, so you can get your character on the right track!

Dungeons are unavoidable in a Final Fantasy game. Obviously, it does.

However, things are different in Final Fantasy XV.

To align with the new fighting system, the dungeons will be a little more intense.

In the realm of Eos, there are many of gloomy locations to visit, with a few of them being much frightening than the rest.


Mines of Balouve

Despite the fact that you get the quest for the Balouve Mines early in the game, it should not be taken lightly.

The mines are only for groups who are at least level fifty and know what they’re doing when it comes to exploring Eos’ depths.

The Mines themselves aren’t very difficult to traverse.

And the enemies that inhabit them are just challenging enough to be irritating.

The length of the dungeon, as well as the monster that awaits you at the finish, are what truly placed it on the map (so to speak).

An Aramusha — a demon samurai – waits patiently in one of the quarries at the bottom of the Mines.

You’ve probably already faced up against a few of them. This man, on the other hand, is tougher, ready to fight, and has a swarm of goblins on his side.

It’s not unusual to lose to him. That’s a big bummer since it means you’ll have to go through the mines all over again.


Crestholm Channels (n.d.)

Crestholm Channels FFXV Dungeon

The Crestholm Channels may not seem as intimidating as the other places on our list, but it’s a difficult nut to crack simply because the mission connected with it occurs early in the game and may easily beat inexperienced explorers.

This location consists of sprinting through tight corridors while remembering where ladders, switches, and drop-offs are located.

And don’t even think about the creatures!

The most of it is irritating flans and other such nonsense, but there’s also the Nagarani, a multi-headed beast that enjoys converting the party into frogs.

And you begin her battle by inflicting fall damage on her.

You’ll be awarded with unique spotlights for your Regalia if you persevere and clear the Channels (including killing the second boss, Jormundgan). As a result, the whole experience is worthwhile.


3. The Tower of Costlemark

Costlemark Tower in Final Fantasy XV

Despite the fact that it is a tower, you will spend the most of your time underground.

The deception in directions is the first indication that this location would cause you more than a few difficulties.

Costlemark Tower is a large dungeon that will take many hours to complete.

The Galvandes will be the first thing you notice. These bomb-type foes may be found all throughout the Regalia and are a tremendous headache to deal with.

They like casting large electric AOE spells that may wipe out the whole party. And if you don’t defeat them quickly enough, they’ll explode, inflicting massive damage as well as dividing into two new foes for you to deal with.

You’ll have to contend with the Galvandes (among other foes) as well as the tower’s many challenges. A handful of these (particularly the late-stage cube ones) are enough to convince most people to turn to YouTube for help.

You’ll battle a Jabberwock and his pals at the bottom of this dungeon, which is equally as difficult as the dungeon before it.

Costlemark Tower is not for the faint of heart – or for anybody, for that matter.


Ruins of Pitioss

Pitioss Ruins Dungeon in FF15

After clearing the game, you may load back into that save file to begin Final Fantasy XV’s long post-game.

The Pitioss Ruins are the first dungeon you’ll likely be attracted to (since the game directs you there).

Getting there may be a challenge in and of itself, as you’ll need to fly and land with extreme precision.

This dungeon is unlike any other in the game since it has no opponents and only Noctis has access to it.

The whole area is a platforming and puzzle-solving endurance test.

And since your light only reaches a certain distance in front of you, you’ll have to walk carefully to figure out where the next level is and how to get there.

Expect to walk at impossible angles and maybe even upside down since physics doesn’t function the same way here.

The whole dungeon is on finding out how to advance and navigate the dark, alien space’s labyrinthine open areas.

It’s also very long.

It may take up to three hours if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The Pitioss Ruins are a welcome respite from battle, but they put a strain on exploring.

But, at the end, you receive a wonderful reward. Yes, it’s all worthwhile.


1. The Menace of Costlemark Tower

Costlemark Tower - Menace FFXV Dungeon

Thank you for returning!

After you’ve completed the game, you may begin accessing the post-game dungeons, which are tougher versions of the places you’ve previously completed.

Costlemark Tower, our dear buddy, is no exception!

Further exploration of the Tower’s underside leads to a hellscape of riddles and monsters capable of defeating you in a matter of seconds.

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult dungeon in the game.

The real sting is that you can’t utilize any of the things.

Those recuperation tools you’ve been depending on for the duration of the game? Toss them out. You are not permitted to use them!

To get by, you’ll have to depend on your talents and abilities.

Do not enter this area unless you have the finest equipment and the highest levels.

There are a total of sixty floors to clear.

You’ll have a camp now and then to rest your bruised bones, but don’t rely on it. This is what real endurance looks like.

If you don’t perish, you may expect to remain in these dark depths for at least four hours. Best of luck!

Clearing the Menace version of Costlemark Tower demonstrates your mastery of the game and grants you access to the finest weapons and accessories available.

When Final Fantasy XV was first announced, I was ecstatic to hear that it would be the turn of the beloved franchise to get the Final Fantasy treatment. The game took on a new approach to the series as it opted to go with a realistic approach instead of exaggerating the fantasy elements typical of its predecessors. This new approach was something I liked immediately and sold me on the game, but how would it perform overall when the game was released?. Read more about final fantasy 15 review and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest dungeon in Final Fantasy 15?

The hardest dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 is the Tomb of Raithwall.

What is the hardest boss in ff15?

The hardest boss in Final Fantasy XV is the final boss, which is called The End of All Things.

How hard is Pitioss ruins?

Pitioss ruins is a difficult level because of the amount of obstacles in the level.

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