Trial of Strategy’s Initiation guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

The initiation exam you have to take for Athena in the Phoenix Immortal Rising is much harder than the first exam. You have to move many balls of stone and metal through the area and make them fly through the air and in the right places with your powerful hammer.

It can be a little frustrating, but in this guide we’ll show you exactly what to do to finish it. Keep in mind that the ability to hit with a hammer can be a little awkward, so make sure your character model is always right in front of what you want to hit.


The process begins with an important lesson. Interact with the gate to load the metal ball on the left and the normal ball on the right. A metal balloon is kept in the air by yellow energy, while a conventional balloon floats in the wind stream. Use the grappling ability to pull them both to the ground.

On the right side of the area there is a small depression in the ground where you can place the ball. Place a metal ball inside to activate wind currents, then send a normal ball through the wind to the platform on the other side by hitting it with a hammer.

Once the normal sphere is safely in the gap on the other side, it activates another pool of yellow energy. Then you can pull the metal ball out of the pit and let it fly towards the yellow energy that grabs it as it floats up.

Jump to the other side and onto the platform, then use the lever to pull the metal ball off the beam. Slide it to the little green square at the bottom and get ready to slide it to the other side. You must hit the blue minus symbol on the back wall, which attracts the metal ball and prevents it from falling.

Jump over the space bar and wait until the moving platform is under the ball, then use the grab skill to pull the ball off the wall. Bring it to the wall where the minus symbol is and place it in the depression at that location. At the beginning of the level, return to the normal ball and bring it up the slope so that it is at the top of the green field.

Use the hammer again to make the ball fly in the air currents and place it in the gap in the ground on the other side. This will activate the second crystal and open the door, allowing you to enter the next area.

Place 2

The next area starts with a metal ball and a normal ball. On the left side is the platform with the ventilation opening to the outside. They have to send a metal balloon here because the wind can’t carry it away. Make sure the ball is in the divot and the winches are activated on the right side.

Use these wind currents to send a normal balloon to the right platform, and make sure it lands in the depression. In that case, a new yellow bar will appear in the left corner.

Now go back to the left platform, pull the metal ball out of the culvert and send it over the ramp into the yellow column with the broken hammer.

Climb to the top of the new building, then grab the metal ball and place it in the top culvert. This will create the new ball, which you must hit in the next column of yellow energy that moves horizontally across the screen.

There are two ways to do it. You can squash the ball on the ramp and let it bounce upwards, or hold down the button to charge the attack, which will make the ball swing and fly further upwards.

It will land in the yellow energy and cross the screen, so jump into the wind currents and follow it, then catch it on the other side. Place the metal ball on the owl’s token, then repeat the charged swing to knock it into the next energy bar. You have to quickly jump up and to the right in the next section, and then catch the ball before it reaches the end. If you don’t, it will just fall to the ground and you’ll have to go back to the final steps. Catch the ball and place it in a clod of soil to make a new one.

This also activates the movable block on the opposite side with the negative pad. You have to fly a new ball into this field and then jump down the stairs to the right.

Pick up the ball when the tile is on the inner track, then slide it along the track behind the moving tile to the new divot. This will activate the new yellow path, but don’t worry for now. You want to jump directly to the platform you see in the image below.

Now we need to get back to the starting point, so follow the path, jumping over the holes, to the end. We return to the original regular sphere at the beginning of the area, because a new path has been opened that allows us to move the sphere to where we need it.

Jump to where the regular ball is, catch it and push it to the green square in the path behind it. Hit him with the hammer to make him fly through the wind tunnel, then jump after him. Put your hand up, grab the ball and pull it to the ground.

The new balloon will spawn in it, which you can send through the wind holes in front of you through the narrow door. Be careful not to hit a moving column that goes back and forth in the hole.

The next part is the most delicate of the entire section and is a matter of trial and error. Place the ball on the right side and bounce it against the wall on the other side while dodging the air vents that go up and down.

Jump behind it, then put it on the divot and hit the next ball that comes for you through all the wind currents. Wait until the third mobile air vent is aligned with the others.

Follow the ball to the next platform and hit it into the slot on the right, jump over it and catch the ball. From there, you roll it into a depression to fully activate the two plates in front of you. Jump over it and pick up the metal ball and roll it over the yellow plate. It’s pushed up and then caught by the blue plate. You don’t have to follow it and instead you can go back to where you left the normal ball.

Pull it out of the gap to deactivate the yellow and blue signs. The metal ball then falls into place and activates wind currents that you can use to send a normal ball through space. Make sure it ends in a cavity and the doors will open so you can reach the trunk and complete the challenge.

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