Twisted Metal Director Not Thrilled over Rumors of 2023 Sequel/Reboot

Some of you may have read somewhere recently that the next Twisted Metal game is actually going to be a reboot of the series, and that there are plans for a sequel to be released. If you’ve been following the game’s latest developments closely, you know that this has not been the case for the last few years. In fact, one of the most recent interviews with series creator David Jaffe dispelled these rumors, and stated that such a reboot was unlikely. He even even stated that the ideas for the game that he submitted to Sony for review were different enough from the reboot that he dropped his submission.

Rumors have been swirling around the internet that Sony may be looking to reboot the Twisted Metal franchise. Twisted Metal was one of the most popular PlayStation games in the early 2000’s, and it was especially popular in Japan. There was also a movie, which was a hit in the theaters and showed up on DVD. The franchise seemed like a sure bet for future success, but the story seems to have hit a creative roadblock.

When rumors of a 2023 sequel to Twisted Metal began to circulate in the last few months, Twisted Metal’s former director, David Jaffe, had a few things to say about it. He claims that he has no idea why his name appears on several “official sources” for a sequel, but he’s not happy that this information is being spread around.

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Tom Henderson, well known for his Battlefield 2042 leaks, posted a picture on Twitter yesterday that has led some PlayStation players to believe that Sony is working on a new Twisted Metal game for 2023.

While the news is great for long-time Twisted Metal fans who have been waiting for a new edition in the iconic vehicular-combat genre (the previous Twisted Metal game was published almost a decade ago in 2012), one of the series’ major contributors hasn’t taken it kindly.

In a pay-walled video released yesterday, David Jaffe, the renowned game designer who supervised and developed almost every Twisted Metal game from the series’ debut in 1995, responded adversely to the allegations, implying that they weren’t genuine. Or at least, that’s what Jaffe hopes, since the industry veteran said he’d be “very, very upset” if Sony worked on a new Twisted Metal game without his involvement.

Jaffe goes on to refute Henderson’s claims, claiming that Sony would have at the very least given him a heads-up, but the truth is that a new Twisted Metal game doesn’t seem all that far-fetched considering that Sony is already developing a television program based on the property.

Twisted Metal will be one of the first programs produced by PlayStation Productions, according to Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra. The new series is being marketed as an action comedy, which is surprising given the previous games’ somber themes. Twisted Metal: Black, released in 2001, reinforced this point by removing all comedy from the series in favor of a solemn story.

Tom Henderson (@ Tom Henderson_) is a Twitter user. 13th of August, 2021

“I don’t believe I’m Sony’s favorite guy right now, simply because of this stream and everything,” he added, “but] if it’s true, I’d be very, very upset that PlayStation didn’t ask for my opinion, or at the very least let me know it was going on.”

David Jaffe is the source (via VGC)

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It’s been a long time since “Twisted Metal” graced the PlayStation 2, and we’re still waiting on an answer on whether “Twisted Metal: Black” is actually happening. Director David Jaffe has always been favourable of a sequel, and the internet has started speculating that it could happen in 2023, to coincide with the upcoming “20 years later” Nintendo Switch. But, the director himself is definitely not thrilled about the rumours.. Read more about twisted metal tv show and let us know what you think.

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