Twitch Plays Overwatch is Live!

No one knows how and why it started, but Twitch Plays Pokemon has been streaming since Twitch was a new site, and has become the most popular ‘streaming’ game of all time. Over the years, thousands have tried to unravel the mystery behind Twitch Plays Pokemon, but one thing is certain: Twitch Plays Pokemon is now live. recently partnered with Blizzard Entertainment and started streaming Overwatch, the multiplayer shooter game on Twitch. As the first live streaming event of it, the stream has gathered a huge amount of attention from the gaming community. The stream kicked off at 7 pm PST last night, and within an hour it had reached the 10 000 viewer mark, most of whom were playing Overwatch on a PC. At its peak, almost 50 000 viewers were watching the stream at the same time.

If you haven’t heard of it, Twitch is a live streaming video site where users can watch the world’s top gamers play anything from their favorite games to everyday life activities. Twitch is also the main platform where the popular game Overwatch is streamed.

In action, TPOW!

Twitch Plays Overwatch is now online, and I’d love for some folks to give it a go and let me know what they think.

To Play

Every few seconds, each side sends a Soldier, as well as a hero that you vote for in between waves. By entering “B” or “R” followed by 1, 2, or 3 you may vote for a hero. You may vote for Blue or Red, Hero 1, 2, or 3 using this method. When the wave timer runs out, the hero with the most votes is sent.

If you wish to vote for Hero 2 for the Red team, for example: r2



You may also vote to improve the Bastion of your squad. You may enter “R” or “B” and an upgrade ID when the “Upgrade Ready” indicator displays (and the yellow light is lighted).

  • Increase Bastion’s maximum health with the “H” health upgrade.
  • Increase Bastion’s repair speed with the “R” Repair upgrade.
  • Bastion does greater damage with the “D” damage enhancement.
  • The “W” weapon upgrade adds a chain lightning attack at level 1, and a rocket barrage at level 2.

For example, if you want to vote for Damage for the Blue team Bastion, type bd into the search box.


Heroes of the Present

  • Soldier 76: This card summons two more Soldier 76 heroes to help you overrun the opponent.
  • Junkrat: Send out a pair of Junkrats that will charge an opponent and then explode, doing massive damage in a limited area.
  • Widowmaker is a sniper with a long range and tremendous damage.
  • Winston: Charges ahead, shocking everyone who stands in his way. Following a tank unit into enemy territory is a good idea.
  • Ana: Tosses poison grenades at opponents, inflicting damage over time. Splash radius is very large.
  • Reaper: Hide behind opponents and fire shotguns at them. Can cause opposing attackers to get disoriented.
  • Torb: A behemoth with great health but poor accuracy who can withstand a pounding but struggles to strike anything.
  • Vote for this card to increase your Bastion’s XP and help you get to the next upgrade faster.


How It Is Created

Overwatch Workshop and Unity were used to create this. When the TPOW UI detects votes in incoming Twitch messages, it adds them to the main vote counter or to the bastion upgrades. The TPOW UI mimics key strokes to instruct Overwatch what to do in order to deploy troops. If both teams opted for Soldier 76 cards, for example, TPOW UI would:

  1. To instruct Overwatch to start listening for incoming orders, press SPACEBAR. The Workshop code understands that after pressing SPACEBAR, there will be six additional instructions to process.
  2. To generate two Soldiers for the Blue team, press Shift three times.
  3. To generate two Soldiers for the Red team, press Shift three times.

If you’re interested, I intend to create a more detailed video of how it works in the future, so stay tuned.


Commands that may be used


  Blue Team Red Team
Card 1 receives the most votes. b1 r1
Card 2 receives the most votes. b2 r2
Card 3 receives the most votes. b3 r3
Vote for an upgrade to Bastion’s health. bh rh
Upgrading the Bastion is a popular choice. br rr
Bastion Damage Upgrade (Vote) bd rd
Vote for a weapon upgrade for the Bastion. bw rw



I hope you’ll give it a go and let me know how it goes. Heroic concepts? Upgrades? It makes me happy to hear that. If you want to speak with your team or contact me, there’s a discord link on the Twitch page.


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“Twitch Plays Overwatch is Live!” is a post for the game Overwatch.

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Twitch Plays Pokemon is a game where hundreds of thousands of people play the same game simultaneously. The concept was first created on Reddit, where users had the option to select the game they wanted to play from a list, or just use a randomizer. While the idea caught on with Redditors, it was later popularized by the BBC. The Twitch Plays Pokémon project was originally just a way to measure the popularity of Pokémon, but it eventually evolved into a whole community where users could interact with each other in other ways.. Read more about overwatch twitch prime and let us know what you think.

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