Twitch streamer beats Dark Souls 3 with a single button

A Twitch streamer managed to beat Dark Souls 3 in a single button while simultaneously watching the game’s cutscenes.

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Rudeism, a Twitch broadcaster and custom controller maker, conquered Dark Souls 3 on live earlier today using a single-buttoned gamepad that translated the game’s inputs to Morse code. According to a celebration post by Rudeism, the streamer began his run two months ago on August 20 and has conquered all 19 of the main game’s monsters.

The streamer’s Morse code inputs were viewable through a log in the upper-right-hand corner of the broadcast during Rudeism’s run. An on-screen counter also kept track of how many times Rudeism clicked the one button he was given; according to the streamer, 258,250 button pushes were recorded at the conclusion of the game. 

Morse code was used to conquer Dark Souls 3! 🔴

258,250 button pushes, 19 bosses (DLC to follow)

And just because a game like Dark Souls can be completed with a single button doesn’t mean it shouldn’t include accessibility and difficulty settings! 😁👌

October 24, 2021 — Rudeism (@rudeism)

Rudeism donated money for AbleGamers, a nonprofit group that promotes for accessibility in the video gaming industry, while taking on his self-imposed challenge. The producer of the material utilized his two-month playthrough of Dark Souls 3 to argue for accessibility features in video games, such as difficulty sliders. 

The Dark Souls series, and by extension most FromSoftware titles, are famously challenging games with a single unchangeable difficulty level. Naturally, these games come up often when addressing gaming difficulty and accessibility. More accessibility choices, such as various control schemes or difficulty settings, according to some, would allow more individuals to enjoy video games comfortably, including handicapped persons who may be physically unable of playing with a normal controller. Meanwhile, opponents of accessibility argue that such choices would undermine FromSoftware’s vision for its games, claiming that difficulty is what characterizes the studio’s portfolio.

Rudeism’s success – which, by all accounts, required more work than merely winning the game with a conventional controller – was only achievable because to the streamer’s manually-added accessibility settings, according to AbleGamers Chief Operating Officer Steve Spohn on Twitter.

“I don’t think [FromSoftware] intended for this to happen. Despite this, [Rudeism] managed to eliminate all of the bosses with only one button press. He was making a point. The game was not made more affordable because of its accessibility. It didn’t detract from his enjoyment. On Twitter, Spohn wrote, “He had a joy doing it and can now claim to have conquered the game with accessibility.”

Bandai Namco provided this image.

Elden Ring, a highly anticipated title by FromSoftware, will be released in February 2022. Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki said in an interview with Famitsu (translated by that the future FromSoftware title will be more forgiving than some of the studio’s earlier games, but no additional accessibility features have been announced.

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