UFC 4 Update 10.00 Patch Notes on April 8

EA has released update 10.00 for UFC 4 today. Today’s update, 8. April adds new fighters and new items. The UFC 10.00 update brings veteran bantamweight Rob Font, currently the #3 in the division, and rising star Ciryl Gane, who is now the #4 in the bantamweight division.

Another notable change is that Venum apparel has replaced the old Reebok apparel that you could buy in the past, as well as the ability to choose fighters when you select fighters. All this and more was implemented in UFC 4.

EA UFC 4 Update 10.00 is now available for download for all platforms. In total, depending on the platform, you should download about 5.5 GB. Read the full correction notes below.

UFC 4 Update 10.00 Patch

Major updates:

  • Addition of 2 new fighters, Rob Font and Cyril Gain.
  • Venum clothing replaces the old Reebok clothing.
  • Combat sets can now be selected when selecting a fighter.
  • Daniel Cormier has been promoted to Legend and has a total of 5 stars in the light heavyweight division.

Comments from the public:

  • Fixed an inconsistency in the base positions for Cruz and Dillashaw.
  • Significant increase in Cage Back Clinch Back Drive
    • That tackle was pretty quick considering he leads to the backseat, which is a dominant position. It was often used as a shortcut for the powerful rear voice control. These pirate nerves should make access to the accelerator much more difficult, especially since the posterior disc nerves also indirectly improve the entanglement of the pack. Unlike a high-speed tangle that includes throws, this tangle does not have an anti-looping mechanism between the backboard and the backpack. This means that an experienced defender can maintain a high block when the attacker tries to take the package, then switch to a low block and defend the package in time. It won’t completely dispel the defender, as there may still be a round to defend. However, these turns only involve lateral control and can usually be turned at least by reaction. It is also important to remember that the defender must release the left stick as soon as possible when the backhand begins, in order to escape the back clip of the cage. Otherwise, inserting the left stick is interpreted as an attempt to defend the turn and may result in a successful back pull. Finally, it should be noted that although back dragging/backpacking hurts a lot, regular body throws benefit from the anti-fur logic thanks to the tightness of the back cage. This means that if the defender is blocked on a high block as part of a back-drive/back-drive defensive strategy, the attacker can use a normal body blocking throw and potentially succeed because the defender was holding a high block. This should give these casts an interesting new niche, so to speak.
  • Increased recoil force for advanced sliding hooks
    • The sliding hook has been a major complaint of the community for some time. In the end, we were able to reduce it and increase the overall recovery. This means that they can no longer be implemented in rapid succession. Also, the counter special of blocking on the leading hook consistently works against him, now that he has no time to block or dodge.
  • Fixed an error condition when over-under put against a submissive pipe.
  • The mirror image problem in Over Under that broke down the knee has been fixed.
    • The position of the submissive fighter does not change after separation.
  • Jake Matthews image update

UFC 4 is available on PlayStation and Xbox. For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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