Ultimate 2021 MSI Power Rankings & Prediction

For the uninitiated, the annual League of Legends World Championship is the climax of the competitive season. In a sense, it’s the “World Cup” of the game. Though each team started the year with the same goal of achieving greatness, “World’s” is where the best of the best are separated from the rest. 10. SKT T1 (Korea) 9. Flash Wolves (Taiwan) 8. G2 Esports (Europe) 7. Afreeca Freecs (Korea) 6. Royal Never Give Up (China) 5. Suning Gaming (China) 4. KT Rolster (Korea) 3. Gen.G (Korea) 2.

In the ultimate 2021 MSI power ranking, there are a number of factors to consider. For instance, the tournament location and format is taken into account. This is because playing in the sauna that is Shanghai is tough when compared to some other cities. Other variables include how much the teams will get along on the trip. The format of the tournament will also take into account the length of a series. If it is a best of one, there is a lot more chance of upsets happening. Finally, the last variable that is considered is the raw skill of the teams. All of these factors are carefully considered when determining the ultimate 2021 MSI power rankings.

Hello Reddit! We are the Snowball team, a group of cyber sports analysts based in Seoul, Korea.

We recently launched the beta version of the LoL stats page (another game stats page, we know, we know) called

WA.GG, where you can view the usual OP.GG-style match statistics, PLUS machine learning-based cyber sports analytics, including MSI strength rankings and match predictions.

I should mention right off the bat that it’s currently only available in Korean, as it’s still in beta testing. (Google Translate works great!) Our current goal is to have English support by June. You can view our full MSI rankings and predictions here: https://wa.gg/msiTeam (for teams and players) and https://wa.gg/competitionInfo (for match-by-match predictions).

With MSI’s presentation only a few hours away, we’ve also created some infographics where the numbers speak for themselves. We explain below how we arrived at these figures.

Crew Rating



Player ranking






First Day Game Preview







MSIWinner Prediction


This is how our model works:

Our team ranking (performance) model first calculates the level of each division based on the national divisions and the 2020 World Cup, and then adjusts it based on the relative performance of each MSI team in its division in the spring of 2021. Finally, we put these numbers back into an LCK-centric framework (sorry, no sorry) to get evaluations of the relative strength of teams based on expected DK performance.

Our rankings (and ratings) were calculated based on summer 2020 and spring 2021 data (that’s our secret sauce, so we can’t go too far, sorry!), but then they were similarly translated into an LCK scale with adjustments based on the aforementioned league rankings.

Our match predictions are calculated based on a combination of team and player performance predictions, with adjustments made for the league. We can’t say much about this, but we know that we will feed each day’s results into the model for future predictions. So it will be interesting to see how these numbers change over time!

Our MSI profit forecast was determined by running 100,000 Monte Carlo simulations with the numbers from our performance model.

Here’s how to read the numbers:

The numbers in our team strength rankings do not have an exact unit of measure, as they are an internet-friendly conversion of numbers from our mathematical model. Therefore, it is best to look at the relative gap between the teams and draw conclusions about the performance in a given game from there.

Player rank was calculated based on internal data, as mentioned above, but converted to the LCK scale, where 5 is the average performance in the league. So a player rating of about 5.0 means that the player in that lane consistently performs average in the LCK.

All types of comments and feedback are welcome. We’ll be back soon with new predictions!

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