Unto The End Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: At the end of the
genre: Adventure, action, Platformer
system: Nintendo Switch (also Steam, PS4 and Xbox)
Developer|Publisher : 2 Tone Studios | Big Sugar Rankings
Age : EU 16+ | US Teenage
Price : UK £22.49 | EU €24.99 | US $24.99
Publication date : 17. December 2020

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Kinematic plate

Until the end there is a film platform. It’s usually a game where you get a minimum of advice and progress with a minimum of help from the game itself. You often have to observe your surroundings and react unexpectedly. A recent game to compare it to Inside. But as I got older, the memory of a game called Another World (which I own on Mega Drive) came back to me. These games usually have an interesting narrative and artistic style, but there is a lot of pot in the gameplay, which means that some people will like or hate it. Prepare to fail… much.

Something ominous is coming.

The story is simple. You play like a Viking who hunts big game, only to get lost in a network of caves. The common goal is to find the way back to his family. The whole game has no dialogue, and there are many evil goblin creatures and death traps between you and the house. You have to jump carefully between the platforms, avoid danger and of course show a lot of swordsmanship. The odds are against you, and death comes quickly.

It’s a game that suffers from my favorite gaming group guess what I think, where you often learn to pass a section by dying first. I probably wouldn’t mind this design, but when it comes to combat, things start to go wrong.

Spending time with the family

Combat preparation

Most of Unto the End is based on sword fighting. A brutal gravitational error. Periodically, you’ll meet two enemies at once, and you’ll have to draw your sword. You have various movements at your disposal such as blocking, dodging, paring, throwing a single leaf, pushing up and down and swinging. You can practice fighting your wife by the fireplace. You have to keep a close eye on the actions of your opponents to be able to react. If you are looking for clues, you can block the ups and downs before continuing your attack. The problem is that everything happens so fast that it is very difficult to keep track, especially in manual mode. Your character can only get a few blows, sometimes just one, before it dies. Fortunately, the checkpoints are generous. Even though it was really frustrating to have meetings over and over again.

The odds are often against you. Most enemies take a few shots to take them out, so you have little room for error. You may also lose your sword and your character may get tired of blocking and dodging. The tutorial is fun, but the game takes you to the heart of the matter when it comes to fighting instead of introducing you neatly. It is a struggle that determines the success or failure of the experiment. I had to quit the game a few times because the fight was unfair.

I don’t like my chances here.

Beauty in frustration

The graphics are nice. The motifs of the characters are quite simple, but Unto the End is impressive in its use of light reflections and weather effects. I really enjoyed taking screenshots for this title. The cave systems are dark and mysterious, with little light to illuminate your path. It’s snowing outside, so I feel a little chills as a player. When things go well in the game, which wasn’t often the case for me, I couldn’t help but appreciate the atmosphere and artistic design of the game here.

There are some nice graphic moments.

The road is short, but the challenge is long

It is interesting to note that in theory, Unto the End is not a long game. If by some miracle you get through it safely, you can finish the game in less than two hours. In order to achieve this, however, a lot of death, quick reflexes and, above all, a lot of patience are needed. This is something the promoter warned you about from the start. The game’s options have a combat aid function, but even with this function, I didn’t feel that the fight was easier to handle.

It is also possible to improve the armor, but this doesn’t seem to do much to make the fight easier. I wish the seriousness of the fight was less pronounced, but I understand that this would make the game super short. But it probably warms people up more.

Well, he has a warning.

Only for the brave

In the end, I tended to hate this side of Marmite’s argument with Unto The End, mainly because of the fighting system, with which I couldn’t really identify. I think I’m getting older and my reactions are slowing down. At the same time, I think the promoter deserves some credit. The artistic style of this game is simple but beautiful, and when it went well, I really enjoyed it.

Some players will love this game for its tough difficulty level and will have a feeling of great success at the end. For the most part, however, I would say that we should proceed with caution.

What Unto the End has is good, hence my ranking, but it won’t be for everyone.

Final verdict: I like her.


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