Valheim Coins Farming Guide –

As in most games there is usually currency and some sort of merchant where you can buy things, but in some survival games this is not common.

There is a dealer in Valheim, which you can find by studying the map. If you have found him, he will offer you certain items at a fixed price.

This is where the coins come in, as you’ll need them to buy some of the most important items in the game, such as Ymir meat, the Meginjord and the Doverger ring.

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How do you grow parts?

There are many ways to collect coins in Walheim. Some are easier but only pay small amounts, while others are difficult but rewarding.

Dungeon exploration

In Valheim, you can explore certain dungeons that often contain coins or are stored in chests.

You can enter these dungeons, but beware of the enemies, as they can sometimes ambush you when you are looking for gifts.

Sometimes you can get a large amount of coins by exploring a single dungeon, which can be a big help when you start in the early stages of Valheim.

There are cemeteries around the Black Forest and in some parts of the meadows, and troll caves nearby.

The sunken crypts can usually be found in the swamp biome, but to enter them you’ll need the swamp key you get from Valheim’s second boss, Senior.

Troll hunting

Trolls are great creatures to find in the Black Forest, but they can be difficult to kill on your own if you are ill-equipped.

Killing a troll can yield a large amount of coins, and you can take advantage of their slowness to farm them.

They easily circle the trolls and dodge their attacks, which makes hunting them down relatively easy, especially if you use different types of arrows to burn, poison or slow them down.

Hunting jumps

As you approach or enter the plains of Biom, you will notice the presence of small humanoid creatures called Fallings.

These creatures are known to be greedy and addicted to treasure and other valuables, so by killing them you can earn most of their possessions.

If you kill a lot of Fullings from time to time, you’ll get a lot of coins and black metal, which also comes in handy in the rest of the game.

Finding the Fuling settlements gives you a good place to collect coins, and after you take out all the enemies in the area, you should collect coins quickly.


Sometimes in some places you can see a strange pile of stones or gravestones in the shape of Viking graves, and these are usually Viking graves.

Stones can be destroyed and the area can be excavated, leading to the discovery of bones, coins and other valuable items buried with the Vikings.

Sometimes excavations around the grave reveal a hidden coffin, which may also contain coins.

Box drawers

There are many chests to be found in Valheim, and while most are in dungeons, there are some in old buildings.

In these chests you will find various loot pieces, usually with coins and other appropriate items.

Sale of valuables

Another way to get coins in Valheim is by selling valuable items that belong to a certain account that Haldor buys from players.

To find these moments, you must explore dungeons or loot items found in chests or in tombs you dig up.

You can sell items to Haldor once you have opened his shop and have value in your inventory, as this is their only use in the game.

For more information on valuables, see our Valheim valuables guide.

Used parts

Coins are mainly used to buy items from the merchant Haldor, who is usually located in a certain place, usually in the Black Forest biome.

You may have to do a bit of exploring to find Haldor’s location, and it would be a good idea to make a portal if you can, so you can get to him and back.

Right now there are only a few items you can buy from him, but new items may be added soon in future updates.

At this point the main items are the Meginjord, the Doerger’s circle and fishing supplies such as rods and lures.

Coins can be used to purchase the following items:

  • Christmas hat – 100x pieces
  • Dverger round – 620 Pieces
  • Meginjord – 900x
  • Ymir meat – 120x Pieces
  • Fishing rod – 350x pieces
  • Fishing Bait – 10x Pieces


As you explore Valheim further, you will come across many coins, as well as valuable items that you can sell to obtain them.

This is a good way to collect coins for later when you find Haldor or if you need to buy items from him later.

Coins can be stacked up to 999x per object slot and must be held when you reach the base to not lose them.

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