Valheim: How To Kill Sea Serpents

A hidden secret that many new players do not know is that snake stew is the best food in the world in Valheim. Those who know this secret have already built a mighty ship and begun hunting, killing and cooking sea snakes. For all the new players, here’s how to defeat sea snakes in Valheim. Know the tricks to kill and crush this creature.

What is the Walheim sea snake and where can I find it?

Sea Snakes are dangerous snake-like creatures that will attack your ship in the ocean biome. They spawn at night, move very fast and are very hostile to players. You can kill them for their precious loot. They constantly lose the guaranteed snake meat, as well as the snake scale and the rare snake trophy. Be careful not to kill them on the high seas, as their prey will sink to the bottom of the sea.

The sea snake can be found in the Biome Ocean, especially during stormy nights.

What are snake legs?

Snake scales are considered very valuable in the wild, as is snake meat. Turquoise scales are used for the “Snake Scales” shield. Although you cannot parry with this shield, it is one of the most powerful in the game. It blocks 90% of the damage enemies inflict and in return offers a movement speed of -10%. The Iron Tower Shield, on the other hand, only has a blocking strength of 75, but affects you at a speed of -20%.

The meat they drop can be made into cooked snake meat using a cooking station. When you eat it, your maximum health increases by 70 and your maximum endurance by 40, with a buffer of 2000 seconds. However, we recommend that you save this meat for stewing. To make a snake stew you need cooked meat, mushrooms and honey. Compared to meat, this stew gives you 80 maximum health and 80 maximum endurance for 2400 seconds. Nothing in the game compares to these statistics. Therefore, you need to build your own karva or longshanks (not rafts, as they are easily destroyed by snakes) and start hunting and breeding snakes for their meat and scales.

How do you kill sea snakes in Walheim?

The best way to kill a snake is not to hunt alone. Take at least one or two friends with you. Because in this method, one player harpoons the snake and drags it along, while one player controls the boat and the other attacks the snake.

Kill Serpent Valheim Build a karva or a dragon cart and don’t just set out to kill snakes and farm.

But to avoid killing the snake in the sea, you can drag it to shallow water or even on land to beat it and collect the prey drops. With all this in mind, let’s see how to hunt and kill the snake:

  • Build a carva or a drakkar and immerse yourself in the marine biome.
  • Find floating islands with tools and practice on them.
  • These islands are actually large sea creatures called octopuses.
  • The Krakovians are not aggressive. You must dismantle the abyssal barnacle behind the Kraken.
  • When you have dug their abyss, they sink into the sea and swim away.
  • Make sure you stay close to the boat so you don’t drown from losing fitness.
  • If you are in a marine biome, you can always return to the same place to see your equipment floating on the water.
  • The extraction of the shells of the abyss will give you chitin raw materials.
  • After obtaining chitin, go to your inner forge to make an abyssal razor and an abyssal harpoon.
  • This abyssal harpoon is the key to killing the snake and the farm.
  • Now, get your friends before the snakes do.
  • When you find a sea serpent, harpoon it and drag it to your sturdy boat.
  • Once you start shooting, you cannot perform any further actions. So your teammate must drive the boat.
  • Go to the nearest land and take out the snake on the ground.
  • He will be vulnerable here, and you can easily kill him.
  • All the loot will be where you can get it. No, avoid the sea.
  • Repeat this process for effective snake culture.

It’s about how to kill and raise snakes in Valheim. While you’re here, check out how easy it is to find more resources on our Valheim wiki.

Frequently asked questions

Who killed the sea serpent?

Thor pulls the snake out of the water and both sides come loose, Jormungandr spraying venom and blood. Hymir fades with fear. As Thor grabs his hammer to kill the snake, the giant cuts the line, causing the snake to sink into the waves and return to its original position, circling the land.

Can you tame a sea serpent?

Sea snakes are said to be able to lay an egg. If you put it in water, it will quickly grow into a tame baby sea snake. To raise it, you could give it snake meal (dragon meal, but with fish instead of meat). You will be able to mount it when it is big enough.

What does a sea serpent eat?

On summer nights, this snake leaves its burrow to eat calves, lambs and pigs, or it goes out to sea and feeds on nettles, crabs and other similar sea creatures. It has speckled hair hanging down from its neck, black scales and fire-red eyes.

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