Valheim – Server Crashes when Friend Joins – How to fix

Fix server failures at Valheim – Is your dedicated server at Valheim permanently down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

How to troubleshoot a Walheim Dedicated Server

Valheim is one of those independent games that prove you don’t have to have a big budget to be successful. Even in its Early Access, the game is doing very well so far. He has been working with steam tables since the day it was introduced.

It’s a very well made game, and I’m sure people new to survival games like Ark will like it too. But that doesn’t mean the game is perfect. Walheim has his share of questions.

Dedicated Server – Crash

Many Valheim players have started complaining lately about the constant outages of dedicated servers. Yes, Valheim gives you the opportunity to have your own dedicated server. But the operation is entirely your responsibility.

Users report that every time their friends try to connect to their dedicated servers, they immediately go down. It’s really strange because it happens without any load on the servers.

Here is the Steam user /Jkincaid2012 explaining the problem:

I have a dedicated server that crashes when a friend tries to log in. It started last night. His problem started with the world not loading when he joined, and now he’s crashing the server. Does anyone know of a solution other than the usual reinstall, file check, or other measures to solve problems during startup? We did everything I could think of, but nothing helped.

The question now is: Is there a solution?

Troubleshooting server errors

The good news is that there are possible solutions to this problem. The bad news is that it may not work for everyone. I personally experienced this problem on my own server, and was able to successfully resolve it with one of the fixes below.

Correction #1

The first solution worked for me. I have an Asus ROG Strix motherboard and I have all these Asus applications installed on my PC to help me from time to time. My system had an Asus utility called GameFirst VI. This application has many functions, one of which is network management. I just uninstalled the application, and since then the dedicated server has never had a failure.

Corrigendum No 2

The second patch is for Lenovo users. There is an application called Lenovo Vantage that comes pre-installed in Lenovo gaming laptops. In this application, there is a function to call Network Boost. Turn them off.

Corrigendum No 3

The third solution comes from a Reddit user. Look at this:

If your dedicated server crashes after an upgrade, this is what has worked for me since Valheim.

Corrigendum No 4

The last solution I have for you is actually pretty stupid. But since it has worked for many users, I’m including it here. All you need is a password for your server of more than 5 characters. Yeah, that’s all you have to do. Apparently the server blocks if your password is too short. Look at all the comments:

That’s all we have right now. I’ll be adding more soon. Click here to visit the Valheim Steam discussion page and see what others have to say about it.

That’s it, folks!

frequently asked questions

Why does my Minecraft server crash when someone joins?

If your server crashes every time a certain player joins, it’s probably in a corrupted fragment. 2) Go to FTP, then to the world folder, then to the playerdata folder and delete the file with the same name as this player.

Why does my Harry mod keep crashing when I join the server?

Problems related to game crashes can occur for several reasons. For example, due to faulty graphics driver, software conflicts, inappropriate game settings, lack of memory, etc., the game may not play properly.

How do I deal with a server failure?

How to deal with server failures – TVG Consulting


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