Valheim: Where to Get Barley & How to Farm

Barley is one of the most popular ingredients in Walheim because of the many recipes that can be made with barley flour.

In addition to food recipes, barley can also be an excellent refractory and a base for mead.

Since their diet requires a good supply of almost all ingredients, barley is worth growing and fortunately you can continue to grow this ingredient.

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Where can I find barley?

To find a place where barley can be grown, it is best to go to the plains, because barley is usually found there and can be grown.

When you come across Fuling settlements, you will discover that there are places where barley or flax is grown.

You can harvest barley from the ground and get two coins for each harvest, but watch out for enemies in the area.

You can either run ahead of the Fulings and grab the barley in the area, or kill all enemies and safely harvest all crops and search for loot in the area.

How is barley grown?

Barley is grown in the same way as any other crop. Use the cultivator, plant the barley on cultivated land (which can be created with the cultivator) and grow another barley crop.

Once the barley is fully developed (this takes up to two days), you can harvest and get 2 barley per harvest.

Each time you have a harvest, you must plant more barley to double it and so on until you have as much as you need.

A good way to grow barley is always to leave a large amount, rather than planting less and starting over.

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Barley used

Barley is used to make barley flour with various foods, and it can also be used in the manufacture of barley wine base, which is needed to make barley wine refractory.


  • Barley flour (used for black pudding, bread, fish rolls and salmon meat pie).


  • Barley wine base: Fire resistance

Barley can be quite scarce, especially if there aren’t many Fuling colonies, and even if there are, it can be frustrating to deal with.

It’s a good idea to plant and grow as much barley as possible until you have a large supply later.

Barley flour is made by putting the barley in a windmill. The cultivation time for barley is about three Ingram days.


It is a good idea to save as much barley as you can and plant it to multiply several times until you have enough for your food needs.

Since barley is used for many foods, you can also grow other ingredients and process them later in the windmill.

The distance between the barleys is not that important because they will all grow eventually, but if you want to make the most of your time, it would be good to leave a space between them (as big as the barley crop).

If you notice that your barley is gone, it could be because you accidentally touched the crop or an enemy touched it.

You have time to do other things while you wait for the barley to grow, but you can also sleep in after dark to speed everything up.

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