Valorant 2.0 update patch notes

Riot Games has released an update for Valorant 2.0 that includes a new agent, as well as balance changes for existing agents and weapon updates. The first competitive episode is coming soon, and Riot’s services will be reduced for the next episode by a few of us. Details of the latest update can be found in the patch notes below.


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Yoru joins the Valiant List.


This patch contains a small update that should clarify and differentiate the strengths of our controllers. Omen and Brimstone have been competing with each other since beta and generally only one of them is considered viable. By giving each of them more obvious tools, we hope to make both agents strong in different situations. Viper is also on our radar, we think he is underperforming and we are looking for ways to help him in the future.


Happy New Year to the players of Brimstone! We know you were hoping to have fans for the holidays, and we got them just in time. Sulphur is the achievement of the big moment. With that in mind, we extended the time he can smoke and gave him more flexibility in terms of where he can throw the smoke exactly where he wants it. Although we found that the Stim Beacon didn’t fit perfectly into the implementation schedule, or in a situation where you might want to use it. Too often Brimstone shot the Stimstone’s light to see his allies disappear around the corner, or he saw the approaching fight correctly, fired the spur to extinguish it, and exploded before he could retrieve his weapon. We think it’s a smoother, more explosive version of Brimstone that we hope you enjoy.

Emergency beacon.

  • Will lose quickly now (no time to rest).


  • The price is reduced: $300 >>> $200

Smokers in the air

  • Extensive casting program : 4200 >>> 5000
  • Increase of the duration of smoking: 14,25 >> 19,25


  • Brimstone no longer makes the noises that enemies hear when they confirm their smoking position.


Omen’s job as controller is to apply constant pressure. We had to make some compromises to compensate for the constant pressure of his cigarette filling. Reducing the speed of the projectile should give Omen more pressure and responsiveness when smoking near targets, and should also let him smoke a bit longer in the far parts of the map he’s not actively covering. Paranoia has been pretty strong for some time now, and instead of reducing its effectiveness and taking away some of the most exciting moves Omen can make, we decided to increase its value. Overall, this brings the total cost of utility Omen to a level more comparable to other agents, and also makes it more important to take advantage of paranoia if you let it go, so as not to waste a big chunk of $400.


  • Costs have increased: $200 >>> $400
  • Dark coverage

The velocity of the projectile has decreased: 4000 >>> 2800


No update yet, but we’ll take this opportunity to say that we’re monitoring the situation. We still think it’s generally late, and we expect a change for it in the new year.


Classic (Alt. Fire)

  • The jump error has increased: .4 >>> 1.0
  • Enlarge the queue by right-clicking: 0.065 >>> .225
  • When firing, there is now a constant error starting at 1.9 for the first burst, 2.5 for the second, and then the third/fourth burst is at 6.0.
  • Right-clicking creates a recovery curve that starts with .1s.

Classic has proven to be no master of shooting except for jumps and right-click spam. Propagation changes are meant to reduce the effective range of jumps, and shooting/repairing bugs are meant to add more finesse to the effectiveness of spamming. The arrival queue makes it easier to get the shots in between bursts.


  • New competitive regional frameworks (12 January)
  • The grading system has been updated, including the grade progression bar, numerical progression and other distribution changes to facilitate exiting lower grades.
  • The Immortal and Radiant series currently have a preliminary size of two
  • New rewards for episode 1 (received a pair of Gun Buddies based on your highest acting score during episode 1).
  • There will be many more changes to come! See our article on the evolution of rankings for a full breakdown.


  • The Add Friend button has been removed from the list of players in the game.


  • Fixed an issue where Omen could sometimes teleport beyond the limits of the purchase phase.
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost was able to put a nail in when he was elevated on Sage’s wall.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to see your opponent’s players at least long after they left the field of view.
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop resolution was not restored after exiting the game in full screen mode with a lower resolution than the original resolution. Thanks to the fl0m player for bringing this to our attention!
  • Patch 1.14 fixed a bug that miscalculated the client ping by including the client frame in the calculation.


  • The gun level videos do not have sound at this time.
    • Rest assured that the skins in the game always sound great, we’re just having some issues with the sound for the video reviews in the store and collections.

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