Valorant’s SUPER HIGH LEVEL TACTICS Community Event Happening Today

Riot Games SEA, in partnership with RUMBLE ROYALE, is hosting a themed event today called SUPER HIGH LEVEL TACTICS on the RUMBLE ROYALE fan page.

At SUPER HIGH LEVEL TACTICS on the 13th. In March, six RUMBLE ROYALE influencers and selected members of their community will compete against each other in a one-day showdown.

Community events are the heart and backbone of RUMBLE ROYALE. With the support of Riot Games, this is sure to be an exciting event for the gaming community!

RUMBLE ROYALE Marketing Director Paul Phillip Sebastian.

There will be changes to the game modes during the event. The event itself will also feature the game’s new agent, Astra.

from L-R : Mawsius, Suzzisaur, and Van Holiday.

The six influencers involved in SUPER TACTICS HIGH LEVEL are:

  • Ling2x
    • Caster, FPS streamer and former league player. Ling2x has been active in the Valorant community since the game’s launch. It is timeless and has won over fans with its fantastic gameplay and content. In her MS PAINT CHALLENGE, she challenged her community to create an epic piece of art of Valorant’s new agent, Astra.
  • Mutya
    • A sweet, bubbly and engaging personality in the brave traveler community, known for her exceptional moments with her love team. But don’t be fooled, she’s a diamond player in the game. To assemble her team, Mutya asks the community for their best Valiant picks.
  • Razzie Binks.
    • Razzie is known in the local Valorant scene not only for his skills, but also for his antics in front of the camera. He’s a timeless player who provides non-stop entertainment with his quick wit and impeccable aim when he’s in the air. He encouraged his congregation to participate in the OPEN AWARENING.
  • Suzzysaur
    • Suzzisaur, known for her dinosaur adventures, is one of the first successful streamers in the Philippines. Not only did she pave the way for national recognition for female streamers, but she was even able to fund her education through live streaming. Those who wanted to join Suzzisaur’s epic team had to show ASTRA’s TIER BRONZE COSPLAY, Valorant’s last agent.
  • From Holliday.
    • Known for his entertaining role-playing escapades, Van Holiday is also the creator of the PBB Weekly Task Challenge, one of the most popular videos in the local Valorant community. It is safe to bring 10000IQ games and strategies to the event. To select this team, Wang launched the PBB KUYA TASK CHALLENGE.
  • Mawsius
    • Mavysoky’s antics and ridiculous content are sure to bring the audience to tears of laughter. He is a veteran of several FPS games and an immortally appreciated player in Valorant. He makes sure everything is seasoned to SUPER HIGH TACTIC. To spice up the upcoming event, Mavsii has created the FUNNY POSE CHALLENGE, where you can choose your team.

from L-R : Razzie Binx, Mutya, and Ling2x

SUPER HIGH LEVEL TACTICS will take place on March 13, 2021 at 12:00 pm on the respective influencer pages and the RUMBLE ROYALE Facebook page. Viewers can also join the stream for a chance to win exclusive prizes from Riot Games on the day of the event.

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