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Founded in the late 1800s, the Genestealer Cult was originally part of a deeply unpopular religious group that later mutated into a cult. Eventually it grew to become one of the most powerful organizations in Ultramar with an estimated 100 billion xenos souls by 1116 and has since spread across space.

The “genestealer cult codex” is a book that contains information about the Genestealer Cult. It was released in 2018.


This is the definitive guide to the Genestealer Cult in Warhammer 40k! A Genestealer Cult is a cross-cultural community of Genestealers, Genestealer hybrids, totally human convert-hosts, infected victims, and genetic relatives known as Brood Brothers.

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  • 1 General Overview
  • 2 Organization and Hierarchy
  • Tyranids and Genestealer Cults
  • In the Imperium, there are four Genestealer Cults.
  • 4.1 Infestations that have been identified
  • 4.2 Cults of Imperial Genestealer
  • 4.2.1 Cults with Official Documentation
  • Various Cults (4.2.2)
  • In xenos societies, there are five genestealer cults.
  • 6 Historical Background


BattleAboSargsyan’s battle

Genestealer Cults form when a Genestealer infects individuals of another species with its genetics, and they have unquestionable allegiance. As a consequence, the host’s DNA alters, leading to a deep loyalty to the Genestealers as well as a severe shift in their reproductive system; their firstborn offspring will be Hybrids, a monstrous mix of the host’s race and Genestealers. As more people are infected by these hybrids, the disease spreads rapidly. Fourth-generation hybrids spawn Purestrain Genestealers, and the cycle starts all over again.

This brood of Purestrains, hybrids, and Brood Brothers is brought together by intense mental and genetic ties around the original Genestealer, who becomes the Patriarch. Because it typically hides under the guise of a religion or political organization, the Imperium refers to this group as a Genestealer Cult.

As the Genestealer cult’s numbers grow, more specialized forms of Genestealer Hybrid are created to serve the Patriarch, who is now revered as a god. This category includes Maguses, Primuses, Locuses, and other creatures. The Cult will commonly develop and plot under the surface of their host planet, using this base of operations to gradually infiltrate the above civilization.

Later generations are less hideous than their predecessors, allowing them to peacefully roam Imperial society without attracting notice. A Genestealer Cult would commonly recruit from the destitute and underbelly of society, proclaiming themselves as liberators from Imperial rule’s horrible burden. A highly evolved Cult may have billions of members and spread over numerous planets.

The Cult’s first concern is breeding, but as time goes on, their focus switches to preparing their host planet for the arrival of a Tyranid Hive Fleet. Cultists often see today as an anointed holy day of salvation, and they will work tirelessly to ensure that a victim population is ready to be consumed. At the allotted hour, the Genestealer Cult wakes, launching diabolic pincer strikes capable of devastating whole Systems while the adversaries take shelter.

warhammer 40k genestealer cultGenestealer Cult Magus in Warhammer 40K Published by KingOvRats on June 27, 2021.

Organization and Hierarchy

The Patriarch is the leader of a Genestealer Cult; as the cult’s creator, he directs all of the cult’s activities; he is worshiped and revered as a father figure or, in the case of the Brood Brothers, as a deity and real cult symbol. The Broodmind is used by the Magus and Primus, who are higher in the hierarchy than him, to retain control of their forces. These hybrids are fourth-generation hybrids who work as public personalities.

The inner circle, which includes Patriarch, Magus, and Primus, as well as other hybrids and Genestealers, is in charge of the cult’s leadership. Clamavus, Biophagus, Nexos, Sanctus, Reductus, Kelermorph, and Locus are just a handful of the unique Hybrids identified thus far. Underneath them are the ordinary Genestealer Hybrids, Genestealer Aberrants, Abominants, and Genestealer Familiars.

Despite living outside of the cult, Brood Brothers are still regarded members of the clan and part of the genestealer cult’s army. Uninfected allies of the cult may be found outside, mainly members of persecuted minorities, social fringe groups, and mutants. Because they are unable to contribute to the cult’s political power, these groups are poor hosts. They are brutally exploited as non-essential components of the cult that are only valuable when the cult actively resists.

The Patriarch and Magus are the cult’s highest-ranking members with actual psychic abilities. At first, the death of one, or worse, both of these identities, causes considerable confusion among the cult members. On the other side, the order structure is flexible and robust, and even the deaths of both personalities will not disrupt or destroy the cult. If the Patriarch passes away, the Magus becomes the cult’s sole leader until the oldest Purestrain Genestealer replaces him as Patriarch.

Space Wolves vs Genestealers CultPetrovi4’s Space Wolves against Genestealers Cult

Each population region may propagate numerous complete brood cycles, and an infestation is defined as all of the cultists in a specific planet. A gene-sect is a cultist group in a specific population center. Some populations are just big enough to support a single gene-sect, although several may survive on highly populated planets.

Despite the fact that each gene-sect has its own unique patterns and colors, they are all derived from the same Patriarch and generally coexist peacefully. Every gene-sect has its own leader and specialists. These are usually fourth-generation creatures that may be mistaken for humans. They and their peers from other gene-sects may create a contract to fight in the same spot at the same time since they are so similar in mind and behavior.

Claws are subdivided from these gene-sects, which often number in the hundreds. Claws are generally made up of fifty to a hundred fighters that are recruited for certain roles and collected and distributed in accordance with the cult’s demands and coordinated attack. Claws will be headed by at least one person who will help them achieve their purpose, and each Magus and Primus will have a variety of claws at their disposal, ranging from humanoid Neophyte groups to unmistakably alien monster Aberrant broods.

When the cult has expanded to the point where it feels comfortable enough to dispatch a Genestealer cult – or even a whole brood – in search of new victims, it dispatches a Genestealer cult – or even an entire brood. The Purestrain Genestealers of a brood cycle’s fifth generation will either originate from the First Curse, the first brood to make planetfall, or the First Curse, the first brood to make planetfall. If they reach a planet that can host a branch of the parent cult, these infection vectors will produce a new gene-sect, or an entirely new infestation, if they find another appropriate population center on the same globe.

Tyranids and Genestealer Cults

Chaos Genestealer CultEliphusz’s Chaos Genestealer Cult

Genestealers are the heralds of Tyranid invasions because the Patriarch’s mental prowess flashes like a beacon in the Warp and is noticed by the Tyranid Hive Fleets. As the cult’s grip over the planet grows, the beacon becomes brighter, signaling to the Tyranids the location of a biologically rich world. By the time the Hive Fleets come, the globe may already be in the clutches of the genestealer cult, or split apart by civil war between the cult and the remaining free civilization, or at the very least handicapped and full of traitors.

The cult’s destiny is sealed after the planet is found by the Hive Fleet, and all remaining members are consumed along with the rest of the globe. After the opposing unit is killed, the Genestealer cult’s Patriarch and his Brood of Purestrain Genestealers will massacre their own. The Tyranid Hive Fleet gathers and consumes the biomass of the Cults.

The Genestealer Cult worships the Tyranid as a deity.

Tyranids were dubbed “Star Children” on many occasions.

The advent of the Hive Fleet is seen by the Cult as a long-awaited prophesy, marking their everlasting ascent into the light. All Genestealer Cults will fight fiercely for the Tyranids after the Tyranids have seized control of their planet, working in cooperation with the Hive Mind.


Cults of Genestealer in the Imperium

Warhammer 40K - Genestealer Cult Acolyte IconwardKingOvRats’ Warhammer 40K – Genestealer Cult Acolyte Iconward

The takeover of human planets by Genestealers constituted a severe danger even before it was established that they were Tyranids. On a planet, a single Genestealer cultist or infected human may quickly corrupt the whole human population. Once a cult gets numerical superiority, the world is doomed. At some point in the future, the only sensible option would be to sterilize the planet by genocide. The Imperium first encountered a Genestealer Cult on Quintus Ghosar in 680.M41.

The Genestealers cults and their reproductive methods were misunderstood in Warhammer 40k at first, and the danger they presented was severely underestimated as the cult’s numbers grew. This changed as a consequence of study into the reproductive cycle and the resulting rapid growth. Minor indicators might hint to the presence of Genestealer cultists among human societies as the Imperium and the Inquisition developed a deeper grasp of Genestealer cults. Infiltrated planets may be detected by Space Marine troops or even Exterminatus, who would rid them of Genestealers cults and affected people.

Because their operations in obtaining power are first subversive and non-violent, cults are commonly mistaken as a danger to the world. A cult will wait for years, quietly gaining authority behind the scenes and growing its members on an unforeseen trip. However, if the danger is recognized for what it is, the cult will have to turn to overt military action to survive. Threats from the outside, such as a Warp breach, Ork Waaagh!, or Hrud migration, will be addressed with violence by a Genestealer Cult.

Genestealer Cults flourish among Imperial society’s poor and disadvantaged, sometimes masquerading as a regular planetary rebel force.

The Cultists are looking forward to the day when they will be free of the Imperium, which they believe will happen when the Star Children come, according to the Cult leadership. This philosophy is promoted by the Cult itself, which has sparked decades of discontent and instability in preparation for their imminent uprising.

Full Army 2019 Cult Genestealer by GranamirGranamir’s Cult Genestealer is a Full Army 2019 Cult Genestealer.

Infestations that have been identified

  • Arcadium
  • Darvon VI is a fictional character.
  • Quintus Ghosar
  • Graia
  • Gravalax
  • Ichar IV
  • Lamarno
  • Radnar
  • Sabulorb
  • Serenade
  • Stalinvast
  • Thranx
  • Torhaven
  • Triton
  • Vigilus

In Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, there are a number of known Imperial Genestealer Cults.

Though only six Genestealer cults have been formally documented by the Ordo Xenos, it appears that there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of cults in Ultima Segmentum alone, based on information provided by Quintus Ghosar .

Cults that have been officially documented

  • The Bladed Cog Cult
  • Cult of the Hive Cult of the Hive Cult of the Hive Cult of the Hi
  • Innerwyrm Innerwyrm Innerwyrm Innerwyrm Innerwyrm Innerw
  • The Pauper Princes’ Cult
  • The Rusted Claw Cult
  • The Twisted Helix Cult is a cult that worships the twisted helix.

Various Cults

  • Undercult of the Behemoid
  • Raised in Blessing
  • Enraptured Joy Bringers
  • The Brotherhood is a group of people that work together to
  • Distant Stars Brotherhood
  • Wyrm of the Burning
  • The Thirsty Wyrm’s Claw
  • Hydraic Cult
  • Awakened Eyes Cult
  • Wormling Wormling Wormling Wormling Wormling Wormling Wormling Wormling Wormling
  • The Cataclysm Cult
  • The Children’s Cult
  • The Chosen Sons Cult
  • The Earth-Devouring Cult
  • The Elevated Siblings’ Cult
  • The Emperor’s Writhing Shadow Cult
  • The Emperor’s Four-Armed Cult
  • The Giving Claw Cult
  • The Purified Gene Cult
  • The Second Son’s Cult
  • The Shadow Spectres’ Cult
  • The Slithering Star Cult
  • The Star Kindred Cult
  • The Star Saviours’ Cult
  • The Starchosen Cult
  • The Toothed Coil Cult
  • The Twisted Claw Cult is a cult dedicated to the twisted claw.
  • The Voidbrood Cult
  • Tendricul Cult
  • Tenebrous Cult
  • Veridian Cult
  • Cartel Cytos
  • The Bleeding Star’s Disciples
  • Creed of Glatchia
  • The Ash Guild is a group of people that work together to
  • The Wyrm’s Order
  • The Frugal Saints’ petitioners
  • Resurrected
  • Jormungandr’s sons
  • The Ur-Wyrms Tendril’s


In xenos cultures, genestealer cults exist.

Genestealers don’t only infect humans; they can infect almost any race or species, even Orks. Due to the Orkoid species’ unusual life cycle and very intolerant social structure, broods within a culture like Orks are seldom big or long-lasting. Orks may also identify a fault in afflicted individuals, which annoys them.

Orks seem to be undesirable hosts who are mostly utilized as a stopgap until more worthwhile victims become available. Infections that steal genes can only survive in vast, open societies such as humanity’s. Genestealer Cults may do catastrophic destruction when they spread throughout Ork communities, as they did during the Xenos War. Genestealer activity has also been seen on the Tau Empire’s Sept of Ksi’m’yen, however infection by Genestealers is difficult owing to the Tau’s Ethereal Caste connection.

The Kroot have been known to get infected, but because to their capacity to sense pheromones and the Shapers’ competence in guiding their development, they are usually able to avoid diseased people.

Genestealers have been known to colonize Eldar, notably as on the sunken Craftworld Zaisuthra, although the Eldar’s exceptionally lengthy gestation periods make them unsuitable hosts. Greet and Tarellian colonies have also been discovered, however these species have not thrived as well as humans as hosts.

Information on the Background

The first appearance of Genestealers was in Warhammer 40,000: First Edition. Though Genestealers may infect and proliferate with any creature at the moment, purestrain Genestealers can only arise from a Csith’s infestation. There was no Genestealer cult since a host perished at the “birth” of the hybrid-genestealer.

Following the release of the board game Space Hulk and extensive articles in White Dwarf issues 114, 115, and 116, the Genestealers and their offspring were reimagined as cult-like communities of Genestealers, hybrids, and fully human Brood Brothers, with a strict hierarchy and a complicated and unique generation cycle. They were a sinister threat to the Imperium, infecting it from within and spreading like a virus. These Genestealer Clans may become “Genestealer Cults” if they worship Chaos. Chaos cults in the army included beastmen, mutants, and daemons.

In the board game Advanced Space Crusade, the Genestealer cults were linked to the Tyranids, and their infiltration now served as a precursor to a Hive Fleet invasion. This variation is still in use today, and it has led in the Genestealer cult symbol troops’ position in Warhammer 40,000 being reduced. The Genestealer cult army first appeared in the Citadel Journal (40 and 41) in the Third Edition as a semi-official Chapter Approved army list written by Tim Huckelbery, but they were still a distinct army and an extra force list in Codex: Tyranids (2nd Edition) in the Second Edition.

In February 2016, Games Workshop re-released Genestealer Cult as part of the board game Deathwatch: Overkill. They were formally integrated into Warhammer 40,000 with the release of the new Genestealer cults codex.

The “genestealer cult paint schemes” are a set of colors that were used by the Genestealer Cult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a genestealer cult start?

A: A genestealer cult is a group that believes in the power of pure human genes. They believe they are superior to all other races and will use their belief as justification for actions like kidnapping, killing or converting others into acolytes.

Are genestealers Tyranids?

Are there genestealers on Terra?

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