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The Radio Studio in Fallout Shelter is a multipurpose room that may be used for a variety of purposes in your vault. It may increase a vault’s happiness in addition to enticing residents.

However, there are a few drawbacks.

When not properly manned, it may draw adversaries, and the residents it attracts will only have 1-2 points in each SPECIAL stat.

The Radio Studio may not be as helpful as pregnancies. And, in the grand scheme of things, the Radio Studio isn’t a really useful feature for most people.

However, if you want to design your own inhabitants from the ground up, this may be a perfect alternative for you.


The Radio Studio Is Being Upgraded

It will only assist to guarantee that everything we discuss in this post is optimized if you update your Radio Studio (or minimized, if you choose not to upgrade).

However, it is strongly advised that your Radio Studio be completely updated.

The total cost of the rooms including the upgrading is as follows:

Upgrade Cost of a Single Room Cost of a Double Room Cost of a Triple Room
Station de radio 1500 2250 3000
Center for Broadcasting 4500 6750 9000


Dweller Attraction


The timer also shows the Radio Studio is set to broadcast to the wasteland / Fallout Shelter


When the Radio Studio is set to broadcast into the wasteland, it has the ability to draw in residents.

A timer appears when you click on the room. This clock indicates when a dweller is expected to arrive at your vault entrance.

However, this may not always be the case. The degree of your Radio Studio determines your chances of recruiting a resident. As a result, having a studio that has been thoroughly renovated is always preferable.

In addition, the timer’s lowest setting is 2 hours. It may take longer, but it is entirely dependent on the number of people in the Radio Studio.

This benefit is only available while there are residents allocated to the Radio Studio.

If you decide you don’t want to attract any more dwellers, you can switch the Radio Studio to only broadcast inside the vault. This will help increase happiness even though it won’t be Dweller Attraction.


Using A Radio Studio To Increase Happiness

When the Radio Studio is turned on, it raises the general happiness of the people who live in your vault. For this to operate, the Radio Studio must be set to either wasteland or vault.

Setting it to wasteland will aid in attracting residents and increasing contentment. If it’s set to wasteland, though, it may attract foes.

Setting it to vault will only add to your delight. This option will also prevent the Radio Studio from attracting residents and foes, making it a little safer, but at the cost of no new occupants.

And just like when you’re Dweller Attraction from the Radio Studio, you need to have dwellers assigned to the Radio Studio to increase happiness across the vault (even if it’s set to vault only).


Attracting Opponents

When the Radio Studio is turned on and set to wasteland, there is one drawback:

When the timer runs out, instead of luring a dwelling, you may be able to attract foes.

Raiders and deathclaws are the most common opponents.

However, having your Radio Studio completely updated will assist to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Having high Charisma inhabitants in your Studio also helps to reduce the odds of enemies entering.

If you decide to turn the Radio Studio into a wasteland, make sure your inhabitants are armed.


Dwellers with a Low Stature


Radio Studio recruit with low SPECIAL stats / Fallout Shelter


The SPECIAL stats of the dwellers that do arrive at your vault entrance will be low.

This means you’ll have to train them in one of the Room for Trainings in order for them to be helpful.

This may be advantageous to certain players since it means you have a clean slate on which to learn the metrics you need.

Others may consider it useless since you won’t be able to put the residents in favorable rooms without first teaching them. Here’s a chart to help you figure out which rooms train which stats:

Which Stat Do You Want To Improve? Room for Training
Strength Weight Lifting
Perception Armory
Endurance Fitness Center
Charisma Lounge
Intelligence Classroom
Agility Room for Athletics
Luck Game Room


Pregnancies vs. Radio Studio


A pregnant dweller / Fallout Shelter


You only get one ready-to-work dweller every 6 hours with pregnancy.

This is due to the fact that the dweller is born after 3 hours, and it takes another 3 hours for the dweller to mature from birth to maturity.

In just 6 hours, you may obtain 3 ready-to-work dwellers using the Radio Studio.

Every two hours, a new resident appears.

You will, however, need to train the residents you get through Radio Studio. They won’t be useful in whichever room you place them in if you don’t.

As a result, utilizing the Radio Room to raise residents may lengthen the time it takes to get a useful dweller. For example, it may take as little as 14 hours or as much as 16 hours to teach a dweller from Level 2 to a decent level 6 in a stat.

How long it takes fully depends on how upgraded your Room for Training is.

The time spent in the basic rooms will be longer, but complete improvements will cut that time in half.


Is It Worth Building A Radio Studio?

The Radio Studio has numerous advantages, but the disadvantages sometimes outweigh them, particularly when compared to pregnancy (specifically for increasing dwellers.)

The Radio Studio is an excellent alternative if you want to construct your dwellings from the ground up.

The Radio Studio might also be useful if you need a fast fix to staff a few rooms or recruit a few additional residents for a key room.

The Radio Studio, on the other hand, is definitely not worth it if you want to save time and have inhabitants start with high SPECIAL stats straight immediately.

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