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Anogg, a popular gaming site has gone dark for over 7 months. Konogg, another gaming website is also offline and no one seems to know where they went. This leaves many wondering what happened?

The “what happened to konogg” is a question that has been floating around for a while. The answer, which is not yet known, is that the game was removed from the app store after it was released in early 2016.

Anogg and Konogg are sibling dwarves & vital NPCs in FFXIV’s YoRHa:Dark Apocalypse raid storyline.

They play a significant role in the Nier crossover, and we’ll go over their sad background in more detail below.

Significant Shadowbringers’ Dark Apocalypse Alliance Raid spoilers follow!



We first see these strange twin dwarfs outside the Machine Graveyard, which serves as the entryway to the Copied Factory assault.

When we first encounter them, they immediately blow up the entryway and transport the player further into the game’s secrets.

The quest continues when we meet 2P, an android in the spirit of Nier Automata’s beloved 2B. Anogg is a little more rash than her brother, and she dives headfirst into danger to pique her interest.


Anogg and Konogg standing with 2P in FFXIV / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


Recap of the Dark Apocalypse

I don’t want to waste too much of our time going through the events of the Dark Apocalypse tale, since not everything has anything to do with Anogg and Konogg.

They are, nonetheless, important characters in the plot, and they provide some much-needed human (dwarven?) feeling to a tale that is largely focused on androids.

But, in a nutshell, it goes like this:

There are a slew of ethically dubious robots, wonderful music, betrayals, and the occasional emotional gut punch that Nier is known for.

There are a few cameos from 2B, who saves the day on occasion. Komra is assaulted by the machines, and some of the residents suffer terrible losses.

Under the weight of her remorse, Anogg eventually flees, leaving Komra and her brother.

When we next see Konogg, he’s being hounded by the townspeople once again, and his attempts to make apologies with them have all failed.

Konogg flees as well, heading towards the ship found inside the Puppets’ Bunker.

Fans of the somewhat obscure Drakengard games may recognize Konogg communing with a strange white ball.

If you can believe it, Drakengard is the series from whence Nier sprang.

It’s difficult to tell them apart when they’re side by side.

One is a gloomy European dream, whereas Nier is a far-off future that is unrecognizable.

But, believe it or not, these series are related – and Final Fantasy XIV is, too, owing to that giant white orb.


So, what happened to Anogg at the end of the story?

The white ball we discover Konogg clutching is regarded as a Seed of Resurrection/Destruction in Drakengard.

They’re legendary objects that are claimed to arrive when the planet is on the verge of destruction.

These seeds of hope, it turns out, are the polar opposite of hope. They transform everything that enters into a beast bent on annihilating humanity.


Konogg with the large white orb / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


That doesn’t quite transfer to what our protagonist sees next.

We discover that Anogg died a time ago while protecting Konogg from a cave-in thanks to an Echo flashback.

He’d then proceed to locate a replica of Anogg beside the orb, as if nothing had occurred.

Is the white orb about which Konogg talks a Seed of Destruction?

That, like a much of the broader Nier mythos, is up to interpretation.

Nier is wonderful, yet perplexing; at moments, it seems more like avant-garde art than a game. That’s understandable that a tale based on it might be a touch wacky in FFXIV.


What Is The Best Way To Begin The YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Raid?

These raids contain Shadowbringers’ endgame content, therefore you must have finished the main plot and attained level 80 to participate.

You must first go to Tomra in Kholusia to begin this alliance raid series.

A quest named “Word About Komra” may be found here.

If you stick with this quest chain long enough, you’ll be able to accept the “A Scandal In Komra” follow-up quest.


Konogg Screenshot as Lalafell / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


This will lead you straight to the Copied Factory, the first Alliance Raid… well, there might be a few quests along the way. But they’re straightforward, so you should be hanging out with Anogg & Konogg in no time at all.

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Anogg and Konogg were two of the most popular gaming communities on YouTube. They both had millions of subscribers, but they suddenly disappeared without a trace. The question is what happened to them? Reference: weapon fragment data 3.

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Where is Anogg Ffxiv?

A: FFXIV is a game that was released in 2010 and is still on the market today. It has been suggested to upgrade your PC or invest in an Xbox One or PS4 if you are looking for something newer.

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A: It is up to you, but most people choose Konogg.

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