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In Final Fantasy XIV, the Tank Buster is an attack that many enemy bosses have in their arsenal, usually targeting the group’s tank to deal heavy damage. If you are not prepared, these attacks can disrupt even the smoothest of meetings.

Tanks must stop the threat of the enemy, also known as hostility, hatred or aggression. All these different terms mean the same thing: The tanks have the resources in their arsenal to repel the larger threat, and thus theoretically secure the rest of the group.

If the tank draws the threat well, all the enemies in the room will be focused on him.

The monsters follow the tank as it moves, and the priority is to kill it, not the weaker members of the team.

In Final Fantasy XIV, this is where an army of different bosses practically gather. And while many of these battles can be won by following a few common sense rules, understanding tank burning and damage control will help you a lot.

Tank Busters are designed to disrupt combat operations.

In general, the tank keeps the boss away and away from the group. For example, many targeted attacks will only be directed at the player who can best catch them.

If the tank doesn’t do its job properly, the boss will attack characters with less generous health reserves, which can cause the healer to waste mana and have to mash for a long time to not get a mash.

Tankbuster attacks do a lot of damage. And if not addressed effectively, they can lead to failure.

If the tank falls, the boss can’t focus on just one member of the group, and the healers have to share their attention.

How to treat like a tank

Ideally, your process should consist of two steps.

The first is preparation.

This may include reading about the mechanics of the game, watching a video tutorial and talking to other tankers. So you know what to look for in any fight – they’re usually clearly marked on the boss’s spellcaster bar.

Once you know what to look for, the next step is to limit the damage.

Each tank has a handful of abilities that allow it to mitigate incoming damage to varying degrees.

Paladins have an intervention that reduces incoming damage by 30%.

Men-at-Arms have a fog and a risky superbolter that makes them invulnerable for a short time and reduces them to 1 HP.

image source from y/climb

All of these abilities have a recharge time after use, so for maximum effectiveness you really shouldn’t use them until the situation calls for it.

Damage reduction makes it easier for the healer to get you back to full strength, and reduces the likelihood of having to use his awesome cooldown skills to save things. Unless you’re a shooter who keeps accidentally hitting Superbolide instead of Nebula (I owe some healers an apology).

The good news is that tank bolholds outside of extreme level content are unlikely to hit you with one hit.

You only really get in trouble if you’re already severely damaged or if the healer is out of order.

But the effective weakening of the tank strongholds makes life much easier for the party.

Healers don’t have to push panic buttons and they have more resources to keep the group fighting. A happy healer is a happy group!

How to deal with bandits as a fence

Your process will be very similar – healers will just have more options if things go wrong.

Get to know the fight ahead of time, watch what the boss throws, and keep your big healers handy in case the tank misses.

You can expect many inexperienced tanks to be unfamiliar with damage control, so you’ll have to jump more often to recover from Tank Buster.

And, as mentioned above, these moves are unlikely to result in a single tank shot in normal encounters unless they are already significantly damaged.

Image source by @BoogieAnimal

An experienced tank knows how to repel these attacks. And you should be able to see the relevant fans in their status bar. This is actually a good way to know when these attacks are going to happen, and you know it in advance so you don’t have to panic.

Just keep an eye on the health of the aquarium and you’ll be fine.

If the tank fails, it must be brought back to life as soon as possible. They can resume their feud immediately, which makes your life easier than healing multiple DPS players.

How do you treat tank busters as DPS?

Stay out of the way.

But seriously: It doesn’t hurt to be aware of tank bulwarks, even if they don’t usually come at you.

They’d probably crush you if they did. But by then it had already gone wrong.

When the tank gives out, concentrate.

The boss will attack the player with the most hostility while dealing damage and recovering HP.

Keep dodging AOE attacks and do your best to keep the boss away from the healer until he can recover the tank.

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