What is Orange Incense Pokemon Go? How to Use Orange Incense?

What is an Orange Incense Pokémon and how do I use it? You saw the green incense turn orange. This only happens if there is a special event in the game. And if you don’t know what Pokemon Go Orange Incense is and how to use it profitably, we have a complete guide here, so take a look.

The orange incense stick first appeared in Pokemon Go in May 2020, and players didn’t know what it really was. Previously, Niantic hadn’t even brought orange incense into play and hadn’t published a single article on its social media or blog. Usually they introduce incense in the right colour. But for the first time they introduced an unusual colour: orange.

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Did you know that all available stock of incense in the container turns orange at a special event, this is not something Niantic did the first time, and let’s say orange incense is something incredible, it’s just a mixture, or you can say a slightly modified incense that is present in the normal items in the inventory.

So now we need to move on to our main topic – What is Pokemon Go Orange Incense.

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The orange incense in Pokemon Go appears on certain occasions or special events, and what it does is not good, but what it does is what other incenses usually do. Orange incense attacks a specific high-level Pokémon in a local area.

You can see why, because at the Lake of Legends event, containers of orange incense piled up to a Pokémon reproduction rate that could include Pokémon such as Psyduk, Abra, Magikarp and Goldin. This can be a great opportunity for you if you’re trying to catch a shiny Pokémon at an event.

Many Pokémon appeared at the Lake Legend event, including Psyduk, Abra, Cadabra, Goldin, Magikrap, Likitung, Surskit, Ralts, Biduf, Starley, and Shellos.

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Now let’s see how we can use Pokémon with Orange Incense.

How do I use Pokemon Go Orange Incense?

If you have used incense at an event or even without an event on normal days, you won’t have a problem with orange incense either. The use of orange incense is similar to that of other traditional incense types, such as Pokemon Go green incense. Just click on the orange incense that should be in the stock items and it will be activated.

At special events like the Legend of the Lake, orange incense can easily produce another Pokémon. But that’s not possible now. Let’s hope Niantic gets it back at another event. The orange incense lasts 1 hour and is on sale at the Pokemon Go Shop for 40 Pokecoins. You can also get pokecoins by using 8 incense, the orange incense turns green at the end of the event.

The question was how to use Pokemon Go’s orange incense.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to What is Pokemon Go Orange Incense and how to use it.


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