What Ships Are In Development?

The gaming industry is booming. In the last three years, market share has quadrupled and gamers have more options than ever when it comes to games on PC/console, mobile and virtual reality platforms. Now that gaming is no longer a niche hobby with limited appeal, developers are looking for new ways to draw in players. Ship Battles will provide a strategic foundation for potential game development with an immersive environment where players can interact with their friends or enter into head-to-head matches against other opponents from all over the world based on particular ships of choice given by each player at signup

The “star citizen ship list” is a website that tracks the development of ships in the game, “Star Citizen.” The site allows you to view all ships currently being developed.

It’s time for some more Star Citizen… I’m going to give you a brief rundown of SC news and highlights from this week, but then I’m going to delve further into the SCLIVE on ships that they did, as they discussed additional ships in active construction, improvements to the 600i, polaris, corsair, and starfarer, and a lot more!


Although IAE 2951 has finished, CI has informed us that our holiday celebration, Luminalia, will begin next week! So join your friends and family to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season with us in our most generous season ever.

As a result, you may probably anticipate some Christmas festivities, activities, and deals.

Alpha 3.16 should be in testing soon, and I anticipate CI to aim for a live build between the 17th and the 24th of the month, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

We know the 3.16 patch is low on content, but it does include the new JumpTown 2.0 event, new POI and prizes for exploring them, and a Grav-Lev Vehicle Rework.

This week’s Sneak Peek came from Pyro, as the file name PyroSneakPeek suggests. But I’m not sure whether it’s attempting to specialize in anything other than generic prop work.


I’d also want to pay your attention to RaftTron, a stupid little clip that appears in the ISC and is simply Jared’s brain leaking, but it’s still great. The wallpaper may be downloaded from the RSI Twitter account.


They essentially construct the ships following the idea phase, but they do not deal with issues.

They give priority to ships that offer value to the PU, as well as ships that fit into their timetables. Some ships need extra work or features to be operational, and this work may be divided into stages. They’d rather see ships released with their intended gameplay, or at least a significant portion of it.

The Data Storage / Running mechanics for the Mercury Starrunner and Herald are currently unavailable. And although the recently launched Argo RAFT does not currently have the capacity to pick up and dump containers, it is expected to do so shortly. Having said that, the ships are operational and ready to sail, barring the completion of the mechanics. So there’s a bit of a balance, and they make judgments on each ship’s release individually.

Also, although the RAFT theoretically had capacity for more cargo boxes, they determined that three was the magic number in this case.

They’re presently reworking the inside of the 600i to remedy some of its issues and bring it up to gold standard. 

It looks that a medical bay, improved crew quarters, cargo bay improvements, and extra capacity for a larger vehicle or vehicles will be added to the explorer.

Escape pods, docking collars, and external elevators are among the ship’s modular features. 

Detachable mining bags for ships are also being developed; they will enable you to eject a mining container from your spacecraft and have another collect it and transport it to be stored or processed.

The Starfarer is getting some love; it’s getting the ability to pick up and store fuel canisters, which it can then refine and use to replenish other ships.

They want to update the ship’s interior as well as make it capable of fueling additional spacecraft.

Wherever feasible, ships are being brought up to gold standard, which includes bringing them up to speed with current technology, ensuring sure they have capacity for physical components, storage rooms, and double-checking metrics, airlocks, and docking collars, among other things.

However, this may also include minor model and exterior/interior work.

The way your spacecraft flies will be affected by its weight / mass and cargo, particularly in a high gravity environment.

As part of their continuous balancing, they want to boost ballistic ammunition capacity.

In the future, numerous modules for the Carrack will be available, although there are presently a number of other features and technical challenges.

They’ve been developing and testing physicalized harm in an effort to move away from artificial health pools.

Computer components must be finished before AI Blades, the semi-autonomous function systems for your ships, may be written. On some of my bigger ships, I’m looking forward to being able to have certain turrets operated by AI.

They addressed the hex code ship customisation they discussed in 2016.

They still want to allow you to personalize your ships with a wide selection of colors, and it’s possible that you’ll be able to modify it through hex code, but that’s in the long future. Concerns have been raised regarding how this would effect or devalue existing available skins. 

They’ll be working on some Racing-related projects in the future.

Operator Modes will be given more attention and will be developed to include a variety of roles and features.

Ship-to-ship spawning is still possible, and we’ll eventually be able to accomplish it via the ASOP interface.

The Polaris interior concept work is finished, and all of its hangar measurements have been revised and made a bit bigger, allowing it to accommodate a much wider variety of spacecraft. It’s not huge or anything, but it seems like they’ve designed it such that heavier combatants will be able to fit within.

They’ve changed the loadout; it now contains a Capital Shield Generator, Cooler, and PowerPlant, all of which have larger component sizes. They’ve been working to bring it up to date. They’ll give us an update on everything soonish, it seems. When they have the necessary labor and timing, it is ready to begin active development.

The Corsair is in Active Development; they’re whiteboxing it and conducting pre-production work on it, and they’ll have some teams working on it in the coming weeks.

It’s still early in the game.

The Kraken, Perseus, Apollo, Ranger, Endeavor, Genesis, and Perseus are not currently under active development, according to CI. The Endeavour, according to John Crewe, is difficult and causes headaches when they confront it and its molarity.

Please see out my video on that, as well as the Banu Merchantman entering into active development on my channel, for additional ship-related information from CI earlier this week.

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The “star citizen ships available to buy” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is simple: there are currently no ships in development. There are, however, the “Star Citizen Ships Available To Buy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What ships are currently in Star Citizen?

A: As of now, the three ship manufacturers are Anvil Aerospace, Drake Interplanetary, and Origin Jumpworks. There is also the Xian Khartu-al Scout in Arena Commander.

How many ships are currently flyable in Star Citizen?

A: As of now, there are 8 ships that can be flown in Star Citizen.
F5U-1 Cutlass Black, P81 Orca, F7C Hornet Wildfire, MISC Razor EXO Fighter, Xian Khartu-al Scout Ship w/ 2x CFTs (3rd gen), Shubin Interstellar Mining Corp Mining Orion Mining Odyseey, Anvil Aerospace AS Drake Buccaneer and the Aegis Dynamics Avenger Warlock Exotic Gunship.

How much are Star Citizen ships?

A: The total cost of buying a ship in the Star Citizen universe ranges from $500 to over $10,000 with some ships costing much more than that.

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