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Power Gems are a type of currency that can be found in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.8 called Dream Drop Distance, as well as 3DS remakes of the games. They are used to unlock things like character slots, limit breaks, and more advanced skillsets for your party members’ abilities. You may also use them to purchase items from NPCs or other players at select locations during certain events

The Pirate, Pirates of the Air, Battleship, and White Mushroom Heartless all drop Power Gems. In Halloween Town, you may also receive some by utilizing Bambi’s summon effect.

However, the greatest area to harvest these gems is almost everywhere in Neverland, particularly on the Deck.

Countless pirate heartless, as well as Battleship Heartless, spawn here. Going from room to room and pulling them out can quickly provide a large number of jewels.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Battleship Heartless has the highest chance of dropping Power Gems on the deck (6 percent in original KH1, 4 percent in KH1.5).

Power Gems may be used to make a variety of useful goods, including healing items, weaponry, accessories, and even Sora’s Ultima Weapon!


Pirate Heartless on Ship Deck (Neverland) / KH1.5 Remix


What is the best place to get Power Gems?

The following Heartless (plus Bambi’s summon) may be used to earn Power Gems:



These are the first of three Heartless in the game with a pirate motif.

The appropriately titled “Pirates” are your typical sword-wielding buccaneers who may be found everywhere about Captain Hook’s Ship.

Power jewels are discovered in Neverland and Monstro, and the Pirates have a 6% chance of dropping them (4 percent in KH1.5/Final Mix).


Sora battling a Pirate Heartless close-up / KH1.5 Remix


Pirates of the Air

These are the second type of pirate Heartless, with Pirates of the Airs taking flight using their mighty wings.

These men drop at the same rate as ordinary Pirates, and they may be found in the same Neverland and Monstro realms.


Pirates of the Air Heartless in Neverland / KH1.5 Remix



Here’s the third and last installment of the pirate trio Heartless.

But this time, instead of battling the pirate, you’re going up against the whole ship!

These men also have a somewhat different fighting system:

When you do damage to a Battleship, you may be able to destroy some of the ship’s components. If you can demolish the stern, cannons, or mast, this Heartless will drop a Power Gem with a 20% chance of dropping (8 percent in Final Mix).

Then, if you beat it completely, it has a 10% chance of dropping another gem (4 percent in KH1.5/Final Mix).

These guys are definitely your best chance for rapid farming if you just need a few power gems.


Battleship Heartless in Neverland / KH1.5 Remix


Mushrooms, White

These rare Mushrooms, White can be found in fixed locations in basically every single world in the game.

You should be utilizing Stop magic on these enemies for Power Gems.

That White Mushroom has a 60% chance of dropping a power gem if you successfully perform Stop magic three times in a row (this is lowered to 10% in KH1.5/Final Mix).

Or in the original PS2 version, if you cast two other spells & then cast Stop magic as your third spell, it’ll have a 20% drop chance – but this only works in the original game, so KH1.5 players would need to hit Stop 3 times in a row for these gems.

This is partially why Mushrooms, White aren’t really a great choice for farming these specific gems.


Bambi is a fictional character created by Bambi (Halloween Town)

You may easily fill up a “Charge” bar by summoning Bambi and defeating foes in any environment.

Depending on how many times you can fill it up and whatever universe you’re playing in, this gauge will drop certain goods.

If you beat enough foes in Halloween Town to fill Bambi’s gauge x3 times, he will drop a gem 30 percent of the time (20 percent in KH1.5/Final Mix).


Sora attacking Pirates in Neverland Ship Area / KH1.5 Remix


What Is the Purpose of Power Gems?

These materials may be used in the following synthesis recipes:


Increase the Strength of any party member by one point.

Use List IV and x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, x1 Power Crystal, x1 Mystery Goo, and x2 Orichalum to recreate this in the original KH1.

List V and x5 Spirit Shards, x3 Spirit Gems, x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Dark Matter are required if you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5.


The Energy Bangle is a cute little item that gives you +3 HP and +1 Defense.

In the original KH1, you may build it using List I and x2 Power Shards and x1 Frost Shards.

It’s worth noting that KH1.5/Final Mix doesn’t need the use of any Power Gems.


With the Golem Chain, you get +3 strength and +1 defense.

In the original KH1, you may make it using List II and x3 Power Shards, X1 Power Gem, and x1 Lucid Gem.

There is a recipe in KH1.5/Final Mix that does not need power gems.


Gaia Bangle: Gives any party member an additional +9 HP and +3 Defense.

List III, x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Bright Crystal were used to construct this in the original PS2 version of KH1.

No power gems are required for the KH1.5/Final Mix formula.


Titan Chain: Gain +4 Strength and +2 Defense when wearing this item.

It may be made using List III and x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Power Stone in Kingdom Hearts 1.5. There is an alternative formula in the original KH1 that does not need power gems.


Three stars: Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder damage will be reduced by 20%, and Defense will be increased by +3.

With Synthesis List IV, x5 Might Gems, x3 Mystery Goo, and x1 Shiny Crystal, you may harness its power in KH1.5.


Who doesn’t desire Sora’s ultimate weapon, the Keyblade?

In the original Kingdom Hearts, you’ll need List V and x5 Lucid Gems, x5 Power Gems, x5 Thunder Gems, x3 Mystery Goo, and x3 Gale to make this keyblade.

A different formula is used in KH1.5/Final Mix, which does not need any power gems.


Sora getting a Power Gem in Neverland / KH1.5 Remix


Is it Worth Farming Power Gems?

These gems are 100% worth farming, given how numerous the pirate heartless are in Neverland and their pretty high drop rates.

Plus, think of how many useful products you can make with these things via synthesis.

Even if you spend half an hour continually wiping out every pirate on Hook’s ship, you should be able to make a respectable profit. Just make sure you’re Lucky Strike equipped to get the most out of your loot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What drops power gems kh1?

A: The drops power gems kh1 can be found in treasure chests and item boxes.

How do you get power gems?

A: You can purchase power gems from the store in order to extend your play time.株式会社

Where do I get a lightning stone in Kingdom Hearts?

A: Youll need to go and find one in a cave. Theyre mostly found somewhere in the Destiny Islands area of the game, but you can also search for them on various treasure chests throughout different worlds.

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