Where to find all Lost Actions in the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV

Lost actions are special abilities that players can only use in Forbidden Land, Eureka, and the southern front of Bozhan. By collecting these lost actions, you can create a special set of skills that allow you to perform otherwise impossible feats. Reflect spells on your enemies, heal yourself and others while not healing, or even kill an enemy outright.

Farming and evaluation of neglected fragments

Before you can use these abilities, you need to find certain object fragments on the southern front of Bozjan. You get these fragments by defeating certain enemies on the map. Bringing fragments back to the main camp’s resistance evaluator gives you rewards for lost actions.

The map of the southern front of Botsan is divided into three parts. The lower, middle and upper areas contain different enemies, each of which can drop the aforementioned fragments.

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Lower area

  • The lost fragment of bail: Stealth, Mana Wall, Incense, Protection, Shell, Healing, Healing III.
  • Kill the enemy: Cornflower, Inkclaw, Tidal Angel.
  • The lost object: The drink, Phoenix Down.
  • Kill the enemy: Thunderbird, Waterbird, Bozjan Wraith, Bozjan Geschunpest
  • A lost piece of craftsmanship: Essence of the veteran, essence of the Martialian, essence of the Redeemer, essence of the Platonist, essence of the Beloved.
  • Kill the enemy: Bozian Matamata, Corrigan, Bozian Mudpuppy, Bozian Orodon, Bozian Nepenthes

Intermediate zone

  • A forgotten concern fragment: Potion Kit, Ethereal Kit, Restorer.
  • Kill the enemy: Earth Sprite, Wind Sprite, Botjan White, Botjan Dullahan…
  • The forgotten awakening fragment: Essence of the Incorrect, Essence of the Profane, Essence of the Fencer, Essence of the Reverend, Essence of the Guardian, Essence of the Breather.
  • Kill the enemy: Bandersnatch, Antlion, Bozian Biast, Taipan.
  • A forgotten piece of genius: Ban, Lame, Steel, Fast, Foundry
  • Kill the enemy: Vij, Rook, Psoglav…

Upper area

  • A forgotten support: Think, courage, Stonehaven.
  • Kill the enemy: Wind Sprite, Earth Sprite, Water Sprite, Thunder Sprite
  • A forgotten fragment of violence: Focus, Death, Slash
  • Kill the enemy: Clare, Patty, Barathrum Bird, Botsan Rider, Botsan Gravedigger.
  • A forgotten fragment of compassion: Medkit, Stand Up, Heal II, Heal IV.
  • Kill the enemy: Phobozuhus, Ranunkul, Bozian Ochu, Bozian Anzu, Bozian Monitor, Bozian Kukla, Bozian Snake, Bozian Wajet, Bozian Gobbue, Bozian Elashmot, Bozian Krikun, Bozian Elbst

You will find fragments not only on the map, but also in Critical Battles and Encounters in Castrum Lacus Litore. These fragments contain the most powerful lost actions on Bozan’s southern front.

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Essential functions

  • The forgotten fragment of the solution: The banner of valor, the banner of keen judgment, the banner of solemn clarity, the banner of resolute resolution, the banner of noble purpose, the banner of honorable sacrifice
  • Critical orders: Where the beast caressed, trampled, the chaos of the metal fox….

Castrum Lacus Litor

  • Forgotten fragment from Caprice: Fair Trade, Mimic, Dynamis Cube
  • The forgotten distraction fragment: Skill font, Magic font, Power font.
  • A fragment of forgotten superstition: Essence of the Beast, Essence of the Templar, Essence of the Bloodsucker.
  • The forgotten fragment of transcendence: The deep essence of the Templar, the deep essence of the leech, the deep essence of the monster.
  • A forgotten fragment of becoming: Guardian of the deep essence, Venerable of the deep essence, Wrong deep essence, Breather of the deep essence, Profane of the deep essence, Venerable of the deep essence, Observer of the deep essence.
  • The forgotten fragment of mastery: Deep being of the Redeemer, deep being of the Platonist, deep being of the Beloved, deep being of the Veteran, deep being of the Martialist….

frequently asked questions

How do you deal with the southern front in Bozjan?

The Southern Bosian Front is released in the Gangos when you complete the last Relic Search string. If you want to go to the southern front of Bozjan, you need to complete two quests, both of which are connected to the Final Relic quest chain. The first is the Godspeed incident, a legendary part of the Save the Queen quest.

Where can I find Bozzan’s armor?

To obtain this armor, you must first reach rank 10 on the Southern Bozian Front and unlock the Liturgy of Castrum Lacus. Once you unlock Castrum, you can start earning exclusive Bozjan pieces, which you’ll need to get the armor.

How do you get clusters from Bozjan?

You can get bunches of Bozjan by simply killing all Imperial vehicles and enemies you find on the southern front. So for now, they look like currency you collect naturally, and you can decide what to do with them later, once you’ve acquired them.

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