Where to find the missing kikwis in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Skyward Sword HD is missing a few of the unique creatures that the original game added to the series, like the amiibo, the egg and the dog. One of these creatures, the Kikwi, has been hard to track down since the release of Skyward Sword. You might think it’s only located in the Lost Woods, but it’s actually in a spot that is not only hard to find, but also quite a bit more dangerous than you could imagine.

Link is a hero in the original The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword, but he’s not a member of the Kikwi tribe that lives on Skyloft. Though it’s clear the kikwis recognized him as one of their own, he’s never spoken of it himself. Did he leave the tribe, or was he too shy to return?

Your first foray into the Faron Forest of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is an entertaining game, but at first you’re greeted by a somewhat boring mission. You need to find the three Kikwi’s so old Bucha can remember where Zelda is. We should thank him for saving her, but it’s still a boring ordeal just for the information. Fortunately, we have all of Kiki’s locations for you.

This is thetrap.


The first Kiki is pretty simple. When you’re done talking to Elder Bucha, turn the camera behind you to see a spot you can crawl under.


Climb on the foam and walk along the rope. Make sure the link is balanced by lightly tapping the left lever. You’ll see bombs along the way. Lower yourself by pressing the left analog stick and press again to push yourself off the rope. If you are ready and encounter a boboklin determined to nod, it will summon a wave with its horn. To destroy all five, use a slingshot attack. Once you’ve saved it, use the Dash attack on the tree by sprinting around it and pressing the left analog stick to roll into it. To get out of the hole you’re in, climb a vine and swing over it.

Consider opening up

The case on the right of the elder Butch. Go up the hill and once you are on the dock under the tree, immediately turn left. Remove the bokoblin and start probing. You can change the target by holding down the trigger button and changing the direction of the image of the headboard (not Zelda). Use the rumble and the aligned purple circle to determine where you go next. After you defeat the bokoblin, head northeast under another overpass and left up a small hill. You’re on an airlift now. On your left is a piece of heart. Go there if you’re in the area.


If not, continue to the right. You should see a larger tree with three fruits hanging from its branches. Run and crush it by pressing the left stick to get 5 rupees. Then you’ll see a hole in the ground to the left of the tree. Falling. Be careful, the landing zone is small. Now turn left immediately. You should see a kink at the end of the passage. Break the tree in front of him again to get another five rupees.



To find the third pickwicky, follow the same path under the viaduct as you did for the second, but this time go further. Eventually you will see grass blocking your path. You may need to remove the octagon to the left of it. All you have to do is hit the rocks he sends you to distract them. Back to the grass.


Swing your sword to get rid of this patch of grass and you’ll see a hole for Link to pass through. Go through the hole so Link can crawl under it. When it’s over, you have to fight three bokoblins. Eliminate them quickly.

When you’re done with them, walk past the big tree and notice a bulge in the ground in front of it. Walk past it and climb on the moss on the wall. As soon as you reach the moss, you’ll see a second kikwi camouflaged in the grass. Mow the lawn and you can talk to him!

And that’s it

After you have found the three Kikwi’s, go back to the older Bucha. For your efforts, you get a catapult and the location of Zelda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Kikwis in Skyward Sword?

The Kikwis are a race of bird-like creatures that live in Skyloft.

Where can I find fairies in Skyward Sword?

Fairies are found in the Forest Haven, which is located in the Skyview Temple.

How do you find Kukiel in Skyward Sword?

Kukiel is a character in Skyward Sword.

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