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Leeks are a new type of crop in Stardew Valley. They’re grown with the help of sprinklers on your farm, and can be eaten raw or used to cook various dishes. Where do you get leeks? Here’s everything you need to know about raising them yourself!

Leeks are a type of vegetable that can be grown in Stardew Valley. They are used to make many different recipes, and even give you the ability to play as a leek.

Leeks may be found outside your farm in the woodland regions throughout the spring. You may even grow them from spring seeds if you choose.

There’s no way of knowing where you’ll find them if you go foraging in the spring — you’ll simply have to look about and see what you can discover.

Although leeks look to be quite common, they are one of the most important foraging foods available in the spring.

Leeks may be presented as a gift, used in salads, or sold for up to 120 grams.


Where Can I Get Leeks?


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Leeks are easy to grow.

Let’s imagine you’ve gotten your hands on one leek and want to obtain more without having to go looking for them.

You may make spring seeds by combining the leek you currently have with a daffodil, a dandelion, and a wild horseradish.

Planting spring seeds helps you to increase the number of forageable objects that appear in the spring.

This is an excellent method to earn some free seeds while also increasing your farm’s revenue.


Leeks for Foraging

Take lots of time to explore all of the locations surrounding your farm as the spring season progresses.

Forageable goods may be found in places like Cindersap Forest, the bus stop, and the region outside Linus’ house.

Basically, they are goods that appear out of nowhere.

You are free to take them and use them whatever you like.

Just keep in mind that they only appear in the spring, and that you should check every day since new goods might spawn at any time.


Leeks and Their Uses



Leeks are not only useful for making spring seeds, but they may also be used in salads.

All you have to do is mix your leeks with dandelions and vinegar, and you’ll have an endless supply of excellent dishes!

You may either keep your salads for yourself or give them to other Stardew characters. There are many of those who would welcome a fresh salad!




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Leeks are a great way to make friends with George, who isn’t always the friendliest of people.

Linus, Harvey, Penny, and Leah may all benefit from leeks.

They all like leeks and will gladly take them off your hands.

Beyond that, the other Stardew characters will either respond neutrally or negatively to receiving a leek as a gift.



One of the first foraging things you should collect is leeks.

They’ll appear throughout the first few days of a new game and can be added to the community center’s spring foraging bundle very quickly.

To finish the package, you just need one of them.


Is it Worth Getting Leeks?

Leeks are really the second most valued of all the things you may forage in the spring.

That may come as a surprise, given that leeks don’t seem to be very noteworthy… However, you should never judge a book by its cover!

You may sell an iridium-quality leek (marked by a purple star) for 120g if you locate one.

The morel mushroom is the only spring forageable item worth more.

Although morels are more valuable, leeks are simpler to obtain and cultivate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find leeks?

A: You can find leeks in the produce section of your local grocery store.

Can you grow leeks Stardew Valley?

A: Yes, its possible to grow the leek in Stardew Valley. You can also buy them from Pierres General Store or co-op with other players for a lower price.

Where is the best forage in Stardew Valley?

A: You can find a lot of forage on the mountain. Its more difficult to get, but its worth the effort!

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