The speedrun is a type of competitive video game where players complete levels or stages as fast as possible. Speedruns are usually recorded and shared online for others to watch, but some games have been designed specifically with the goal of being completed in under an hour.

When you first start speedrunning, it is important to find a game that you enjoy and can play for hours. The best free games to speedrun are the perfect games for beginners to start with.

So you want to start speedrunning, but you’re not sure where to begin. Almost everyone that speedruns has had to ask themselves this one question at some point: “Which game should I speedrun first?” Consider this a useful and informative guide for determining which game is best for you to begin your speedrunning adventure.

1. Pick a game that you like.

“Just speedrun the game you like playing the most!” is the most frequent response, although this isn’t always the greatest choice. I believe that the most essential thing to consider when selecting your first speedrun game is finding one that you like and can play over and over again. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has always been my favorite game (DX to be specific). However, I soon realized that speedrunning this game is not my style… despite the fact that I could watch speedruns of it all day!

The most popular response is not necessarily the best one.

Despite the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a fantastic casual game, its speedrun does not suit my speedrun mentality. And this brings us to the second most essential consideration in deciding which video game to speedrun initially.

2. Develop a speedrunning personality.

I like many different types of games, but there is one in particular that I enjoy the most. I’ve always felt quite comfortable jumping into and playing side-scrolling platformers. When it comes to turn-based RPGs, I frequently feel like I’m doing an unpaid data entry job, browsing menus and choosing the same choices again and over. That, along with the full tile motions seen in many RPGs, doesn’t sit well with me. Every frame of my inputs counts to me, and I like that feeling. When I play turn-based RPGs, my aim is always to complete the game and be done with it forever. Bit I like first-person shooters, they usually take me a while to get used to. Aside from “start” and “select,” I grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which had just two buttons. I occasionally lose track of my fingers or stumble over my inputs when a controller has too many bumpers. Despite the fact that point-and-click games require very accurate movement, I don’t have the same itch when it comes to movement optimization. Keep an eye out for that itch. Which games offer you a sense of accomplishment when you increase your pace or accomplish something new the second time you play a section?

Everyone’s experience will be unique!

These are certainly personal views and experiences, but I constantly feel the desire to repeat parts of side-scroll platformers a bit quicker or cleaner. My inner speedrunner is reawakened in this game environment. That is just what you need. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never played the game before, or if it fits into your favorite categories of video games and character control – if you can pick up a controller and go, that’s the kind of game you should certainly try for speedrunning. For me, the crucial phrases there are “take up a controller”…

3. Seek out games that are physically easy for you to play.

Perhaps you, like me, find that playing a game using a controller seems natural, but this isn’t true for everyone. While playing games using a keyboard and mouse, I’m sure some of you feel more comfortable and connected. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing keyboard and mouse games since the early 1990s, but it’s never felt right for me… and I’m certainly no good at it. Trying to move with arrow keys and/or mouse looks slightly less impressive than me trying to run a 10 mile marathon on an olive oil-coated floor while wearing rubber shoes and being sprayed by a nearby firehouse. Consider how difficult it would be for me to utilize W, A, S, and D with my non-dominant hand. Even while I like leisurely playing games with these (or any) controls, there’s no way I’d enjoy speedrunning it. You may be able to adapt, and if you want to attempt speedrunning a game that is well outside of your comfort zone, go ahead — but be aware that your first speedrun experience may be difficult.

4. Select a game to which you have easy access.

So, which game should you start with for your first speedrun? When you ask this question online, you’ll receive a slew of game speedrun recommendations. The majority of the answers will be for games that people responding are presently speedrunning, since it is, of course, the greatest game to speedrun at the time. But I understand. I’d love to see someone speedrun Batman: The Animated Series, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX 100% [No Restrictions], or The Adventures of MicroMan: Crazy Computers 100 percent [No Restrictions].

Some recommend starting with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time since it contains so many distinct categories, each catering to a particular set of tastes. It also has a sizable and supportive community. When it comes to speedrunning, having a supporting group may make things a lot simpler. However, there are just too many variables involved in gaming, particularly speedrunning, to recommend a single video game as the ideal place to begin for all speedrunners and/or gamers.

Let’s take Ocarina of Time as one of many examples and see what happens.

Perhaps you don’t have an N64 or a functioning The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cartridge. Or maybe you do, but you don’t have a CRT TV, therefore you’ll have too much input latency to master the more difficult techniques (which Ocarina of Time is full of). You may believe that you may play on an emulator, which is correct, however emulator usage in speedrunning is restricted on the official Ocarina of Time leaderboards.

Rules unique to the emulator:

  • Emulator is prohibited for any timings that are within 10% of the current record.
  • Project64 1.6 or 1.7 is required. All other emulators and versions (including Mupen64/Bizhawk/Project64 2.0+) are prohibited.
  • For emulation, you must utilize the default settings. (Changing the graphics plugin to perform GIM, for example, is not permitted.)
  • To save time, only 1.0/1.1 tricks and glitches may be utilized on the emulator.
  • Injects for the 1.0/1.1 Virtual Console or GameCube are prohibited.

(These are the rules from the leaderboard for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)

For your first run, you may want to simply select a game that you have on hand and get started as quickly as possible. Because Nintendo 64 games are notoriously difficult to mimic, N64 speedruns often feature severe emulator limitations. However, certain systems and games, such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Atari 2600, and many older games and consoles you may remember, are far less stringent. Most PC games, of course, offer simple access to speedruns. You’re set to go if you have the hardware for any game (including recording or streaming) that interests you.

5. Complete your first game in record time!

Okay, you’ve got a game that you love playing and can play through many times without causing you bodily pain or strain. You’re all set! Begin your first game’s speedrun!

The TL;DR version is as follows:

The TL;DR version is as follows: When choosing up a first game to speedrun, there are five key things to consider, in my opinion:

1. First, think about the games you like spending time with and have probably played through at least once. If you skip a casual or blind playing and go straight into speedrunning a game, I honestly think you will lose out on the game’s heart and soul. You may not fall in love with a game’s speedrun as much if you haven’t already fallen in love with the game. That is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt – but you should certainly speedrun a game you love playing.

2. Next, figure out what your ideal gaming style is – what comes naturally to you. What motivates you to play more quickly, better, or optimally? Perhaps you like platformers, or perhaps you prefer 3D, 2D, or 4D. Perhaps you feel more at ease moving in a side-scrolling game than in a top-down shooter. Perhaps you’re a natural at drifting around curves and racing games simply make sense to you. If first-person shooters work well enough for you to pick up a controller (or a keyboard — but don’t pick it up, that’s strange), then they may be the greatest match for your speedrun personality. It might even be card games, or a game like Mario’s Game Gallery, or an old-school point-and-click adventure. Remember that choosing a speedrun that you like as well as one that feels natural for you to manage will make things easier.

3. Next, choose the kind of gaming setting in which you feel most at ease. I couldn’t do it if I had to play a keyboard and mouse game for hundreds or thousands of hours. Remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time with your first speedrun game, so don’t choose anything that puts a lot of pressure on your hands, eyes, or other body parts (World Class Track Meet on the NES Power Pad?). I recommend speedrunning a game that you are physically capable of playing for extended periods of time.

4. Finally, make sure you choose a speed game that you can easily access. Starting with a game you already possess or can easily mimic (emulation is also excellent for practice!) is a good place to start.

5. Now it’s time to begin your first speedrun! I have a complete tutorial for you if you want to know which timer to use when speedrunning.

Another thing to think about is choosing a game with a good community to assist you get started. This may be very beneficial. Most speedruns include Discord channels, which are staffed by experienced individuals who are eager to assist you in any way they can.

However, don’t take it too seriously despite all of this. Choose a game that you’d like to try and give it a go. Continue if you like it so you can improve your speedrun time on the leaderboards, or at the very least receive that warm, fuzzy sense of achievement as you set a new personal best. And, if you discover that you do not like speedrunning the game you choose, figure out what it is about speedrunning this particular game that concerns you, and pick another game that better fits your interests.

Whatever game you pick, remember to have fun with it. You can accomplish amazing things with a little practice and dedication. Godspeed and best wishes!

The games to speedrun on pc is a question that I am often asked. There are a lot of games you could choose from, but it can be difficult to decide which game you should start with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common game to speedrun?

The most common game to speedrun is Super Mario 64.

How do you speedrun for beginners?

If youre looking to get into speedrunning, then I recommend that you start with a game like Super Mario Odyssey. The game is short and its easy to pick up on the basics of the game, such as how to use your jumps and air-dodges.

What game is easy to speedrun?

I cannot answer this question.

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