Which NPCs Know About Our Spoilers?

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I thought about the story and wondered: Of all the people we know as Tenno, who knows our true nature? So I decided to try and get a breakdown.

Spoilers down for the second dream, be warned.

I know exactly

  • Onkko, Little Duck and Loid: These characters are only accessible in operator mode, so of course they know it. Loyd’s knowledge also means Otak is technically competent.
  • Ballast and feelings: Again, of course. It was Ballas who started this mess by telling the Sentients who we are.
  • Red sail: They were founded by Tenno and know the transfer and how it works.
  • Green Queens and Teshin: Domestic warfare is about how these guys deal with the operator.
  • Stalker: He tried to kill Operator personally, he got scared because I forgot that he is also a man who uses Transfer.
  • Father: In the introduction to Operation Venom Orfix, Vader refers directly to our empty powers and their effect on the senses. It makes sense for him to know as much as possible about the children who replaced his children.

Probably known:

  • Eudico and Biz: We talk to Little Duck in the same room where they hang out. Even though there’s a compression of space in video games and we have to pretend they can’t see us, it’s hard to imagine that LD wouldn’t tell his colleagues something so important about his most powerful allies.
  • Mama: The Mother has existed since the creation of the technology of the Void, so it is unlikely that she does not know the origin of Tenno, but this has not been confirmed. Oddly enough, when you talk to Loid as the operator in the basement, he insists Mom doesn’t know.
  • Alad V: Alad’s multiple appearances and events confuse him a bit. He starts with Ignorance in the Second Dream, but his final appearance in the timeline sees us fighting Ropalist. But he may not know exactly who the operator is yet.
  • Nora Night: Sure, she seems to like us and we seem to be her target audience. Nora talks about her audience as children and dreamers, though it’s not clear if she’s talking about us specifically or if these are just general paraphrases for her broader audience.
  • Hexis arbiter: These guys are all at Tenno, so it would be weird if they didn’t know. The magisterial shop sells the operator’s cosmetics, but I’m not prepared to accept that as evidence.
  • Baro: At the end of Sands of Inaros, Baro makes the oblique comment that he now knows why Inaros didn’t answer his prayers when he was a kid, and concludes that he knows how warts work and why they’re long gone. The fact that he helped you build and assemble parts of Inaros means he knows they are not independent living beings.
  • Ships and Simaris: Since the Cephalons have been around long before the fall of the Empire and are both obsessed with gaining knowledge, it is not unreasonable for them to know.

May know:

  • Other Entrati : A girl may understand what we’re made of at first glance, but that doesn’t mean she knows the operator. Grandma is a big gossipmonger, so she probably figured it out eventually. The son doesn’t seem interested in anything other than Drift.
  • The new Loca: Silver Grove’s quest involves transfer, but they didn’t seem interested in this part because of the plants.
  • Thief: During the practice run, the Thief doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea that we’re a man in a suit he never takes off. He would probably be a lot less enthusiastic if he knew what the frame was made of. The Corrupt Thief has an infinitely terrifying connection to The Void, and you could interpret his speech as his knowledge of The Operator, but he could also just be insane.
  • Nuck: On one hand, the Revenant’s quest is to get a Nakak mask and wear it as an operator, then she calls you to congratulate you on building the mask. On the other hand, she focuses on Returning during the search as if he were dead and not a piece of equipment destroyed, and the fact that she sells masks doesn’t mean she knows who is wearing them.

I don’t think I know.

  • Drusus Leverian: Druus collects and tells stories about Tenno, with relics. In his story about Nege, he wonders why a powerful fighter feels like a skeleton bound to a gang of child soldiers. But he could also know the truth and just keep it out of his stories.
  • The other inhabitants of Fetus and Fortune: All those who live in the colonies are very busy, and we have no time to wonder if we are not something other than fleeting and useful mercenaries who seem to us to be useful. Some of the characters call us kids or something, but they probably assume we’re younger than them because they’re old.
  • Perrin sequence and steel meridian: These factions are preoccupied with their own problems and don’t seem interested in deepening our nature as long as we continue to help them.
  • Parvos Granum: Parvos is a wily old man and has a habit of digging in places he’s not welcome and trying to find out what others keep secret, but he also treats Protea lovingly like a human being, not a remote-controlled golem.

Don’t know, sure:

  • Nef Año: Nef sees us as villains who Vox Solaris hires to piss him off because they’re mad at him for no reason. Stopping to think about who we are and how we work is like thinking about someone else for five minutes.
  • Darvo and Clem: As long as we keep buying things and helping restore relics, I don’t think they really care about how we operate.
  • Other Griner commanders: Wei Hek must stop shouting at her ghosts to find us. Sargas Rook, Lech Creel, and even Tyle Regor speculate about what we look like under our armor, which is why they don’t even know we’re not there.

What does it look like? Did I miss anyone?

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Which NPCs know about our spoilers?

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