Who Is The Final Boss In Elden Ring, Location, Name, Weakness, How To Beat

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated and successful gaming title by developer Snowcastle Game Studios. The game was released in November 2018, and it features an intense battle with the final boss at its climax. However, players have not been able to find out who this mysterious figure is or how to beat him yet.

The “final boss elden ring weakness” is the final boss of Elden Ring. The location, name, and weakness are all unknown.

You may use this article to learn more about the Elden Ring’s last boss by reading it. You may read everything about The Final Boss in this page, including its location, name, weaknesses, and strategies for defeating it.

Who Is Elden Ring’s Final Boss?

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Who Is Elden Ring’s Final Boss??

The knowledge that the Elden Ring quest involves battling several bosses that attempt to thwart the players excites the gamers who are traversing the globe. The Elden Ring game has a final boss that serves as the protagonists’ ultimate test in terms of bringing about peace. The Elden Ring game’s precise “Final Boss” is something the players are curious about.

There isn’t a specific Final Boss in the Elden Ring game when it comes to the end of the game. In Elden Ring’s last battle, the player faces two final bosses divided into two distinct stages. Radagon of the Golden Order and The Elden Beast are the titles of two distinct bosses.

The player will engage in combat with Radagon of the Golden Order during the opening stages of the final battle. Along with the second spouse of Queen Maricka, there is a destroyed human form. It is a difficult battle that resembles other Elden Ring game ending boss battles too much. He is an orange-haired man with one arm, which he uses only to wield the hammer.

Elden Beast is a magnificent extraterrestrial being and a close ally of the Greater Will. The beast easily towers above the player due to its size. It features a transparent black body with some gold embellishments. It has a loch ness monster or sea serpent appearance. It may quickly surge through the battlefield and submerge itself. Its attacks are sluggish and strong, and it has a lot of strength from the Elden Ring.

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Locations of Elden Ring Bosses

After explaining Who Is Elden Ring’s Final Boss?, we would like to explain its locations:

  • Godrick’s Soldier (Tutorial Boss)
  • Cemetery Watchdog (Stormfoot Catacombs)
  • Demigod Chiefs (Coastal Cave)
  • Fury of Farum Azula Beastman (Groveside Cave)
  • Troll Stonedigger (Limgrave Tunnels)
  • Pumpkin Head Maddie (Waypoint Ruins)
  • Deathbird (East of Warmaster’s Shack)
  • Duelist Grave Warden (Murkwater Catacombs)
  • Patches (Murkwater Cave)
  • Plant Sentinel (Church Of Elleh Road)
  • The tarnished-eater Anastasia (Smoldering Church)
  • Assasin with a black knife (Deathtouched Catacombs)
  • The Fell Omen, Margit (Stormveil Castle)
  • Nerijus Bloody Finger (Agheel River)
  • defender Golem (Highroad Cave)
  • Battle Knight (Stormveil Castle)
  • Henricus the Refusant (Colosseum Road)
  • Deathbird (Castle Morne Outskirts)
  • Runebear (Earthbore Cave)
  • Dragon Flying Agheel (Agheel Lake)
  • Evening’s Cavalry (Highway Bridge)
  • Mariner Tibia (Summonwater Village)
  • Istvan the Old Knight (Volcano Manor Contract)
  • Splinter Scion (Stormveil Castle)
  • The Blighted Bloom of Miranda (Tombsward Cave)
  • (Impaler’s Catacombs) Burial Tree Watchdog
  • Cemetery Color (Tombsward Catacombs)
  • Ancient Zamorian hero (Weeping Evergaol)

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The “elden ring final boss cheese” is the final boss of Elden Ring. This is a location, name, weakness, and how to beat it.

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