Why did Six betray Mono in Little Nightmares II?

One of the most controversial points of Little Nightmares II is its climax. After rescuing Six from the kingdom in which she is trapped, Mono, the protagonist of Little Nightmares, and the Little Nightmares chase her while a giant purple monster – known in the Little Nightmares community as the Twisting Abyss – chases them out.

After six jumps through a huge safety gap, follow Mono’s lead. When the bridge collapses around you, you jump to Six, who catches you. Six, on the other hand, refuses to come up the Mono. After a few seconds, she inexplicably lets go of his arm, apparently causing him to fall. He has none, but since the screen is black, we don’t know if he will survive or not. Six leaves the screen and returns to the real world.

The debate over why Six betrays Mono in Little Nightmares II has been raging online since the game’s launch. After all, the two have been inseparable since they met and have helped each other in the face of countless enemies. So why does Six cheat on his new girlfriend at the end of the game?

The Six must have made a terrible decision.

Fans of Little Nightmares know that Six suffers from a ruthless hunger that gets worse every time a dark and flawed version of her appears. In the first game of the franchise, for example, she ate a live rat and a dome and killed Lady, the Little Nightmares antagonist, by biting her neck and absorbing her seemingly magical powers.

As shown in the secret ending of Little Nightmares II, Six still suffers from this hunger when she returns to the real world. If she had saved Mono instead of letting him go, they could have escaped, only to be devoured by Six as well. Somehow, she had to make a terrible choice: save her friend for a while and end up eating him because of his condition, or drop him to “save” his life.

Six was obsessed with his shadowy alter ego…. ….

Why did Six betray Mono in Little Nightmares II?

We know that Six has a dark version of herself. As mentioned earlier, Shadow Six appears when she gets hungry in a game. Oddly enough, Sixx never has a hunger attack while playing Little Nightmares II, and maybe it’s Shadow Six she really possesses.

That would explain many of his actions during the match. She wants to use the gun to kill the hunter. She warms her hands at the incinerator while the Doctor burns alive. At the hospital, she was seen dismembering a patient’s doll while waiting for Mono to return with a fuse to start the elevator. And she sacrifices Mono to escape on her own.

If Sixx is out of control and Shadow Sixx is out of control, that could explain why his evil self abandoned Mono instead of saving him from the abyss. In the secret ending of the game, we even see Shadow Sixx appear before Sixx, only to starve to death a few moments later, which only fuels this particular theory.

Mono must have fallen to continue the time loop in The Thin Man.


As we see in the final moments of the game, Mono has survived his fall. Surrounded by a twisting abyss, Mono climbs onto a wooden chair and uses his telekinetic powers to seemingly temporarily ward it off. Mono sits on the chair under a violet light that connects to the alarm box, and fans watch in shock as it turns out that Mono is the Thin Man – the antagonist of Little Nightmare II who kidnaps the Six from Chapter 4 and beats Mono to gain access to the alarm box.

If Six had resisted the temptation to eat Mono, if she had saved him from falling, then the time loop in which Mono seemed stuck would have ended. That way he would not become the Thin Man, kidnap Six, turn her into a monster, and then defeat her younger self before the cycle repeated itself. Mono would have to be sacrificed to keep the timeline going, so if Six saved him, reality would break.

The monstrous stature of the Six showed him how to defeat the twisting abyss.

Why did Six betray Mono in Little Nightmares II?

Some fan theories claim that Six must sacrifice Mono to defeat the Ripping Abyss. It seems that Monster Goop is connected to all the evil of the Tarsier Studio horror series, and Six’s monster form may be the key to eliminating it.

How? Six’s time as a twisted giant monster in chapter five may have given him some insight into the workings of the Twisting Abyss. If she had had any idea of its nature and possible weaknesses, its monstrous form, saving Mono would have taken everything away from her. Because Mono’s rescue would disrupt the Thin Man’s timeline, and she would never become a monster.

We hope that Tarsier Studios will develop a third part of the franchise that will answer our biggest questions.

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