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It’s a common misconception that Limsa Lominsa is the city we see in Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, it’s a beach resort city that’s located in the realm of Eorzea. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XIV, then you know that it’s quite a popular place. The city plays an important role in the stories of Final Fantasy XIV, since it was the home of the forces of the Eorzean Alliance and the birthplace of the Velns, the race of men that is known throughout the realm.

In the latest expansion for Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV, players can experience the world of Limsa Lominsa. Previously, players were only able to explore the city from the sky. However, in Stormblood, players can travel to the city, and find out why it has such a strong connection to Final Fantasy XIV.

Limsa Lominsa is one of the 12 main cities in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s one of the main areas in the game, and has a lot of the main quests and main storyline running through it. It was one of the main areas that I would go back to, for every class content, at least once every three to four months. One of the big reasons I would do this is because of the main storyline that is going on in Limsa Lominsa.

Limsa Lominsa, FFXIV’s most popular beach location, is often overrun with gamers. They’re discussing everything and everything, and they’re flaunting their beautiful, AFK King on the bridges. They’re dancing and, more often than not, crowded in character model-clipping quantities around Market Boards.

It’s the same on almost all servers.

Despite the fact that we now have a wide range of attractive capital cities to visit, everyone appears to be in Limsa. I’ve put in a few hundred hours on my main character, who pledged loyalty to Limsa Lominsa’s Grand Company from the beginning of his epic journey.

Only once have I seen an empty Limsa, and it was around 2 a.m.

Why is Limsa so well-liked?

Is it the stunning vistas, the golden sunshine thrown by distant buildings in the evenings, or the feeling of seaside comforts at every corner?

That may be a contributing factor. However, the same may be stated of the other cities.

Gridania is a pleasant forest, and Ul’dah is rich and imperious. Kugane is a visual wonder with perfect Eastern theming, Gridania is a nice woodland, and Ul’dah is wealthy and arrogant.

Could it be the guilds for crafting and collecting that it houses? Limsa is home to all of the more “relaxing” crafts and collecting professions. Cooking and fishing are also available in the seaside city, further cementing its reputation as XIV’s favorite hangout.

Again, that’s a big part of it, but it’s not everything.

Are there any gameplay reasons why Limsa Lominsa appeals to such a big percentage of the player base?

We could spend hours discussing the many causes behind Limsa’s constant overcrowding, but the real solution is very simple: Market Boards.


Market Boards Are Easily Accessible

This is, without a doubt, the last solution. Limsa Lominsa, out of all the cities in the game, has the fastest access to a Market Board, which allows players to purchase and sell goods to other players.

The crafting community in Final Fantasy XIV is enormous, and it all feeds into each other.

Because not everyone has the time to level every Disciple of the Land/Hand, they must rely on one another for resources.

But it’s not just about crafts.

Because a variety of goods, including as mounts, minions, and emotes, may be sold on the Market Board.

Even non-crafting players will utilize the auction system to either complete their collections or earn some fast gil.

Market Boards are also popular among gamers who want to get the ideal glamour image.

Certain high-demand glamour goods are created and made available for purchase. Clothing dye is also available there; it’s generally the quickest method to locate what you’re searching for.

It all boils down to the loading screens.


All Rights Reserved. Image source: Derfas13 / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


The Market Board can be found directly adjacent to the Aetheryte Plaza in Limsa.

You’ll have to travel through the loading screen to go to another city, as well as another one when you move to the zone with the board.

Kugane, the capital city from the Stormblood expansion, is the only city that comes close to Limsa Lominsa in terms of convenience.

However, you won’t be able to play Stormblood unless you’ve completed A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, as well as their long post-game updates.

As a consequence, many players who devote their time to crafting or collecting have limited access to Limsa. By the time they get to Kugane, teleporting to Limsa has become second nature.

This is perhaps the most practical reason for Limsa’s constant bustle, but it’s just the starting point.

Many people play XIV for the social element, and if they simply want to relax and talk for a while, they’ll naturally go to the more crowded places.

XIV’s social center is now Limsa Lominsa.

Even gamers who have no interest in the Market Board know it’s the place to go to meet other players since it’s been so crowded for so long.

Although there is another practical reason why players may gravitate to Limsa – it isn’t as long-lasting as the Market Board scenario, but it does play a significant role in your Realm Reborn experience.


Going Back To The Waking Sands

“Pray, and come back to The Waking Sands.”

You’ve undoubtedly heard that sentence a hundred times if you’ve seen any of the cutscenes in A Realm Reborn.

It’s something that’s been extensively meme’d throughout the community. Every task seems like you’re being summoned back to The Waking Sands (the Scions’ not-so-secret headquarters).

It doesn’t help that getting there is a pain. It’s in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan, and the closest Aetheryte in that zone is Horizon, which is just a short distance away.

It’s unpleasant to run all the way to Vesper Bay every time Minfilia wants you for anything before you’ve unlocked flight.

Although the inclusion of Vesper Bay travel tickets (rewarded in limited amounts for specific missions) has helped slightly, you won’t have enough for every trip.

Despite its proximity, Vesper Bay is a little simpler to get from Limsa Lominsa.

On the docks, there is a ferry that will take you directly there.

If you wish to return to The Waking Sands through Limsa, just follow these instructions:

Limsa may be reached via teleporting. To contact the Arcanist’s Guild, use the Aetheryte network. It’s located adjacent to the boat, which will take you straight to The Waking Sand’s front door.

There will be no more trekking between Horizon and Vesper Bay!

In the initial section of MSQ material, players must utilize this path for a significant portion of their time.

It’s a kind of halfway point where they may check in on the Market Boards, have their gear fixed, and stock up before continuing on with the narrative.

Limsa thrives since it provides easy access to essential elements as well as a necessary travel path for an otherwise tedious trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Limsa Lominsa?

The term Limsa is a reference to a town in Brittany which is only visited during the summer months. During one of the towns brief stays in the shadows, it is given a new name. The name Lominsa does not have an equivalent meaning, but has been adopted over time for the name of the town during the summer.

How do you get out of Limsa Lominsa?

You can’t. The sphere cannot be exited, although maps may show areas supposedly outside of it. Will there be more zones coming after Limsa Lominsa? Nope. The maps on the website are maps of entire worlds. How often will new Ul’dahn bounties be rolled out? We have no current plans to make regular bounties outside of New Gridania and Limsa Lominsa. How often will new Zi’tah bounties be rolled out? Nope. The only new Zi’tah (so far) is Akh Afah Amphitheatre. Why can I only view New Gridania and Limsa Lominsan maps? New Gridania and Limsa Lominsa are the only accessible areas that added in Patch 3.1. If you were looking at other regions’s maps, it would be a placeholder until they were added. What can a player do while waiting for new bounties to become available? Bounties have various activities and monster forums to help keep your progression going. How big are the maps? Each area that can be explored in a zone has about 5-6 maps; individual zones like the Gryphonsong Prairie have over 20 maps. How big is the map limit? It seems to be about 25-30, but it’s best not to try to memorize the entire map. Each map has a number in the “Region” field, and the size is given in square

What classes start in Limsa Lominsa?

A type of class is all seven primary classes: 1. Swordfighting 2. Halberd 3. Gestalt 4. Crystal flute 5. Aqua 6. Magitek 7. Mercantilism 8. Shield 9. Summoner 10. Thaumaturgy 11. White Mage 12. Black Mage 13. Red Mage 14. Scholar 15. Archer 16. Machinist 17. Krile 18. Zorro 19. Beastmaster 20. Beastmaster 21. Machinist 22. Black Mage 23. Dark Knight 24. Dragoon 25. Time Mage 26. Summoner 27. Scholar 28. Summoner 29. Time Mage 30. Thaumaturgy 31. Summoner 32. Scholar 33. Geomancer 34. White Mage 35. Summoner 36. Scholar 37. Geomancer

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