Wizkids Lead Humanity Into a Bold New Future with Free Radicals Board Game

WizKids is a company that creates games, trading cards and miniatures for the gaming community. They have also just released their newest game called Free Radicals which follows in the footsteps of Marvel Dice Masters. Fans loved this game with its twists on classic dice rolling mechanics and free-to-play setup, but at what cost? Industry watchers will be watching to see how WizKids handles it’s new release product.

The “goat board game” is a strategy board game that Wizkids has released. It’s about the first humans to colonize space, and it’s a cooperative game.

7th of January, 2022 – With the board game Free Radicals, Wizkids takes humanity into a brave new future. A futuristic game of knowledge and influence is about to be released, according to the publisher. The game is currently available for pre-order with a $59.99 MSRP.

Each player controls one of 10 totally asymmetrical factions that make up the linked city of Sphere City, a flourishing metropolis established under The Sphere, in Free Radicals. Each faction has its own mechanics, objectives, themes, and difficulties, yet they all share the same fundamental data cards, favor system, and Sphere research pathways. Players will be able to aid other sides with their research during the game, gaining them favor and extra prizes, but hopefully not assisting too much!

Each player acquires Resources, Data, and Credits over the course of 12 rounds, increasing their knowledge, winning favor, and Awakening the Free Radicals! The turn sequence for each player will change depending on the group they choose, but they will all be striving toward the same goal: to bring mankind into the next stage.

Free Radicals Cards

Concerning Free Radicals

Only a few years after the enigmatic, sophisticated, and powerful Free Radicals first surfaced throughout the Earth, one of them—The Sphere—is about to divulge its secrets. Will your faction be the first to access its knowledge?

Players manage one of 10 totally asymmetrical factions that make up the linked society of Sphere City, a vibrant metropolis created under The Sphere, in Free Radicals.

The Sphere has sparked and fueled an evolutionary leap in human technology, and as their study nears completion, the factions vie for power and knowledge, each aiming to lead civilization into the next stage. Although each faction has its unique mechanics, aims, and ideology, they all share the same fundamental data cards, favor system, and Sphere research paths.

Each side has its own set of tasks and themes. They are as follows:

  • Landowners – Plant crops in your vertical farm using domino-style tiles to feed the city as effectively as possible!
  • Couriers – Use your drones to transport supplies to different areas across the city. Deliveries should be timed carefully, since prices are always fluctuating!
  • Artists – Enhance the aesthetics of technology! You’ll utilize the Data Cards provided by the Sphere to construct sophisticated Hardlight Constructs!

In addition to your own objectives, you’ll be able to assist other players with their Sphere research, gaining favor and other benefits in the process, while ideally not over-assisting them!

Through goals, favor, knowledge, resources, and other means, the faction with the most victory points wins the game, guiding Sphere City and mankind as a whole into a daring new future.

Free Radicals 3d Game Box


  • For ten separate factions, there are almost 300 faction-specific components!
  • Main Board No. 1
  • 1 Token of Prestige
  • 60 bits of information:
    • 20 hydrogen atoms
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Titanium 20
  • 30 tokens of credit
  • Data Cards (50)
  • 5 faction cards (double-sided)
  • 5 Aids to the Player
  • Favor Cubes (200)

Are you thrilled to see Wizkids’ Free Radicals board game take mankind into a brave new future? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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