World of Warships Written How To: Moskva

Hi, I’m back with another level 10 ship, the former Russian cruiser Moscow, which was taken out of the silver ships with the 0.9.5 update and has been in the yard ever since, and can be obtained for about 250k in cash.

I would like to add that I will experiment with creating a standard template for my instructions.

The Moskva is the mother of all BALAN cruisers in the game, and its release marked the beginning of an era in which Russian cruisers dominated clan battles.

Not much trouble, but you get the idea.


A few words about the ship: Moscow is a generalist, with a flexible set of instruments to work with. She is not as specialized in one area as the Aleksandr Nevski or the Petropavlovsk and thus offers the captain much more flexibility. I find it particularly amusing because it can be a complex barrel and can punish anyone who uses it incorrectly. I hope this guide will help you make the best of it and climb the best list. It’s my second favorite cruiser in the game.

The Moskva is the mother of all BALAN cruisers in the game, and its release marked the beginning of an era in which Russian cruisers dominated clan battles.

I think it’s a strong ship and a good tool. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Parameter analysis

Let’s see what kind of ship it is.

  1. The Moscow has an impressive 65,400 hp, making it the cruiser with the highest number of hp of all technological cruisers. (Don’t blow it up :P).
  2. They have an impressive 28% torpedo defense, about the same as some battleships.

All in all, so far, so good.

  1. The Moscow has 9 cannons of 220 mm divided into 3 triple domes, 2 at the front and 1 at the back, the famous Russian cannons for heavy cruisers.
  2. They are an amazing 19.4 kilometers long on the ridge.
  3. Moscow has quite a recharging time of 10.3 seconds.
  4. Moskva HE-pipes have a fairly good 17% chance of fire, which makes them a good HE-spammer, but you will want to switch from one type of ammunition to another for maximum efficiency. Because of the calibre of the barrel you have a HE penetration of 37 mm, unfortunately you don’t have enough 1 mm to destroy top American battleships.
  5. The Moskva’s AP is one of the best in the long term, with a combination of good 5800 alpha damage (citadel damage) and one of the best AP penetration among the level 10 cruisers.
  6. The incredible projection speed of 985 meters per second means you have no trouble hitting targets up to 19 km away.

Only Stalingrad and Petropavlovsk.

I use a legendary mod, so my range is 21.0k.

  1. Moscow has a fairly mediocre average of 214 permanent damage cases. They’re not gonna make a resume.
  2. A fairly good salvo of 6 explosions each with 1820 damage and an impact rate of 90%, with a greater range than most ships.
  3. They have a Russian AA range of 6.6 kilometres.

  1. They had an impressive speed of 34.5 knots, tied to Zao, and won victories for Henry IV, Alexander Nevsky and Venice (no surprise there).
  2. They have a 1,050 meter long turntable that rotates like a truck.
  3. They have a speed of 10.9 seconds that’s pretty decent.

You have an ATROCIOUS surface detectability of 14.1 km, you are overlooked by some level 10 battleships, you have the worst stealth of all level 10 high-margin technology tree cruisers (can be rated BB).


  1. Damage limitation side: Standard DCP cruiser, nothing special, if you are on fire, ideally you want to use it if you have multiple fires and/or to shelter from new fires when the effect has expired.
  2. Hydro-acoustic search / AA defensive fire (2nd point) : Hydro standard, 3.5k torpedo detection and 5k ship detection. Defensive AA is also standard, plus 50% continuous damage and 300% blast damage. NOTE I recommend using the hydro, but in the end it’s up to you to decide what bothers you the most, DD or CV.
  3. Surveillance radar: Russian radar of 12 km with a duration of 30 seconds. However, due to the poor coverage of the ship, I recommend to use it as a defense zone against destroyers instead of as a hunting tool, because they will pass you 2 km before you are within range to use it and they will probably run away.
  4. Repair of parts : By default, it is ideal to use it after damage to DOD (fire/flood) and EH because it can repair 100%, and the rams are also 100% repairable.

Shielded installation

That’s where the suffering really begins.

As there is more to say about the Moscow armor than usual, I will divide it into more categories than in the previous guide.

Onion shield (25mm performance. 50mm icebreaker)

The Moscow has a 25 mm bow hull, typical for all Russian high-positioned cruisers, but the lower half of the Moscow’s bow has a 50 mm hull, which is an extension of the Citadel armor designed to protect the ship from overloading the bow and the Citadel, making the Moscow extremely heavy at the bow. 715f647ec

Shielding of the middle of the bridge (50 mm)

The Moscow has a very good 50mm deck armor in the middle part, making it immune to most HE cruiser shells in the game.

Citadel (155 mm)

Well, it’s time to mourn like Josephus Jostar at Caesar’s death.

Moscow distinguishes itself by its extremely high citadel, which is often compared to Everest because of its height. It lies well above the waterline for more than 50 percent of the total width of the ship. That’s why a lot of people make mistakes and you have to learn how to get around his cover to avoid getting shot at the Citadel, otherwise you’ll take the fastest express port ever. A 155 mm thick citadel armour, which is roughly the same as that of the Des Moines citadel.

Higher than Everest is visible from the moon.

Rear shield (25 mm)

The stern is much more vulnerable than the bow. If you have to run and sit in the back, try to avoid the incoming missiles. The 25 mm stern is thickened at the screws and rudder, this shield is an extension of the citadel shield. b40bf047fb124d

Pay attention: I won’t mention the guns because they’re nothing special.


  • Change of Weapon at Home 1 (Location 1) : Standard, there’s no better alternative. Tower tanks are always good on a cruiser.
  • Adaptation of surveillance radar 1(Lock 2): The extra radar time means more use, so you can support your battleships more effectively and help your crew as a whole.
  • Change of Observation Systems 1(Lock 3) : Moscow – A ship with a strong AP and better dispersion can punish inattentive cruisers.
  • **Amendment 2 (Location 4):** For most cruisers I prefer propulsion, but as this ship is designed to withstand damage and compete in the area up to the middle of the race, I prefer less fire.
  • Modification of collection systems (Site 5) : Moscow has a terrible cover to start with, so you want to try to reduce it as much as possible, the idea behind this is that you don’t want permanent and stuck spots, because of the high citadel this ship has a hard time to stop fighting.
  • Extending the effective range of the main battery (groove 6) : This is a unique improvement to the Moskvich which you can currently obtain from the Research and Development Office. The alternative to the use of a basic battery is modification 3. I prefer this solution because it gives the Moskvich an extra range and spread, which allows him to be more effective with his PA when it comes to punishing a wide range of people.

Master’s authority

For this category I recommend 2 skill sets, depending on what you want to focus on with this ship: TANK BOW :

  • Main target: It is also a good ability to detect when you are torpedoed (if the indicator drops to 1 while you’re chasing a DD, it means he is torpedoing his torpedo tubes, torpedoing you), so you can take evasive action in time.
  • **Adrenaline rush: **Charge faster if you’re damaged.
  • **Superintendent: **Extra Healing, Hydro and Radar. It’s always good.
  • **Expert in camouflage: **Hide and seek is always good, especially on this boat.
  • **Fire protection : **If you want to play aggressively and the tank is the skill you need.
  • **Increases the effect of fire protection.
  • **If you want to harass them, they might try to tear you to pieces, but a faster restart of the hydro and the radar will help you deal with it.


  • Priority objective
  • An adrenaline rush
  • Director
  • An expert in hiding
  • Demolition expert: Chances are the fire will ruin the armadillo’s day!
  • Expert Marksman: I’ve noticed that you often change your poster when flying a kite, so I recommend this skill for flying a kite.
  • Expert Loader : By changing ammunition faster, you can catch security cruisers who think they’re safe just because you’re far away.
  • The basis of survival

Basic tips

This is the category I will present in all my guides from now on. I’m going to point out a few fundamental points that I must observe when playing this ship, the rules of thumb, so to speak.

  • The Moscow is a long-range cruiser, with a high tank damage capacity, when it is tilted, you want to sit at the beginning of the game on the range and the kite, if you are lucky to push with a support teammate, the Moscow can shine, the main role that the Moscow can play when it pushes is DD deterrence, you want your radar threat to deter any DD try to remove your battleships, if they are not smart enough, you will catch them and kill them.
  • It is very important to change ammunition type when you get a beachhead, the Moskva has a pretty bad DPM and good chances to fire, but if you only rely on that, your results will not be as good as they could be, the HE Moskva takes a long time to build up damage, ships that focus on it rely on incredible HE parameters to pump out damage, the Moskva is not lagging behind in that area.If you want to switch to AP if you have battleships or cruisers, it is essential because this ship has very good accuracy and shell clustering means that you often citadelle a cruiser at an absurd distance and get reliable pieces of battleship damage. Pay attention: Aim for the upper belt of the armadillo and the Superbuild, otherwise your AP grenades will crash.
  • Try to get a little closer to the cap at the beginning of the game to follow a basic rule: If the awning you are going to has an island blocking your view, come as close as you can to get a full view; do not do this if the awning is in open water.
  • When the procedure starts, you want to lean and be ready to run, it is important that you lean to the side of the card, never in the middle.
  • First try to save your HP, because even though the Moscow is a grumpy ship, it will shoot at you with absurd concentration, people would rather shoot at you than on a broad-shouldered battleship 10k closer.
  • It’s important: When pushing, never go in exactly with the nose, but keep an angle of 20 degrees to the enemy, Moscow can always be overloaded by the top nose and pushed back by the punches of the AP.
  • If you go to the corner and call three times. By using the towers, you can get a citadel.
  • If you want to challenge the area and decide to use the Tanker Moskvas in a static position, always find an island to cover your wide side, and make sure you have room to turn around and go dark if the situation forces you to do so (we’ll talk about this later).
  • Avoid being spotted by sniffing at the beginning of the battle, Moscow can not turn around in time and stop, once spotted you will be forced to turn around by sniffing at the enemy, and as I said before you will be very concentrated and eventually killed, you want to play it safe at the beginning.

Game mode

In this chapter I will analyze how you can play and use Moscow, where it is ideal to switch from one to the other depending on the situation.


Due to the vulnerability of the ship and the targeted fire it receives, I advise you to bring it within range at the beginning of the game, which will make you less attractive as a target and give you a chance to eliminate yourself. I would like to point out that the standard moscow has a big problem when it comes to turning yourself off, because you will have trouble getting into the dark because of the huge coverage.

I advise you to play safe and fly your kite at the beginning of the game, your goal should be to clear enemy ships with EO, punish beachheads with AP, and shoot down all DD’s that are spotted…. To give you a basic rule about how far you should go to the beginning of the game: If there is an island in the middle of the canopy, make sure that your radar covers the entire canopy when you’re on your way to an enemy, this way you can be useful and also flexible enough to disable it (I mentioned it above, but that’s the category it belongs to as well).

NOTE: As I said in my Burgundian guide, depending on how the game unfolds, you can decide to turn around and push, assuming there’s a chance, or you can keep pushing to slow down your opponent’s advance. NOTE 2 : Keating can be used as a defensive style of play, but it is not as effective as being curious near a key point (and use the island as a cover).

The other thing I want to emphasize is that you want to be close enough to support your SD, but also far enough away to prevent major damage, which requires a little practice. Another thing I want to emphasize is that if I stick my nose into the above picture, I will have to rely on my teammates to chase away the enemy, because I can’t eliminate them, but in this scenario I don’t depend on them and I can walk and log out whenever I want : You have more flexibility.

  • Nose does not tan Push/protect

Protection (static)

This is the style of play you want to use if you want to use the Moscow tanky to help your team take the advantage, but I recommend you use it against the middle and end of the game, because if you do it in the beginning you will usually be killed, because even though the Moscow is a tanky, it is not a battleship and your tank power is limited compared to battleships, I think you should use your tanky with care and intelligence, it is a valuable resource that you don’t want to waste.

As mentioned before, a 50 mm icebreaker is mounted on the lower half of the arch of the Moskva to protect the Citadel against blows on the arch. Ironically, Moscow is becoming the greatest power. It is your main tool for influencing ceiling management, but you should use it wisely. I insist on the way we position ourselves if we want to be aggressive and if we want to be defensive.

It’s a more complex style of play, and in addition to the images, I also point out some conditions that you should be aware of when using this tactic.

  1. That’s no surprise. You never want to use static positioning when it comes to CVs, especially in Japanese or German, you’re an easy target and if you don’t know that the CV can make a crossfire on you right away, this is what it comes down to: Angle against the CV’s and stand on the enemy BB AP, angle against enemy ships and let the CV’s do damage. This is the most important requirement, you can always try this tactic at your own risk, but it is not recommended.
  2. Coverage of the islands : As you can see on the picture above, you want to find an island to sit next to and block your wide side. This is important for three reasons: Firstly, it prevents you from getting crossfire and citadels, secondly, it allows you to limit the enemies you want to attack, and thirdly, if you are under heavy fire, you can turn around and heal yourself (NOTE: not all islands are suitable for turning around, you want to find big round islands).
  3. **If you know that song from the end of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, you might have an idea what it’s about. You want the support of your teammates to deter the enemy and prevent him from being overwhelmed. When you see that your team is starting to collapse, you want to start breaking down your static position and clearing the momentum (kiting). If you have no support on your flank, you want to be ready to run from the start and stop the enemy.

Attack (push)

Moscow is one of the heaviest armored cruisers in the game, and this time you use its robustness to the advantage of your team. If you have a chance (numerical superiority, bad positioning of enemy ships, etc.) that you want to support to push your team, Moscow’s main contribution is a 12 km anti-DD (radar) shield and a 50 mm icebreaker that allows you to relieve your battleships.

Ideally, keep your ship slightly bent inwards (slightly tilted 20 degrees), because you want enemy AP bullets to hit your side of the armor and bounce off, while you let the Moscow penetrate through the upper bow. f09ccbe7afd846e1

Another important thing to remember when you push is that you are never the target of the push. You want to sit a little further than your battleships and if one of them gets a beating, replace it. I also want to point out another important fact, the thrust is designed to eliminate an already weakened enemy flank, the goal is to kill the enemy ships before they run away, if they succeed and they start quoting you, you have to get away from the thrust, because being quoted puts you at a considerable disadvantage, preferably you want to move somewhere in the middle and help take or defend the center cap.

TLDR: Kiting=Flexible, Nose In Defending=Utility (High Risk), Pushing with BB’s to support them against DD’s.


I don’t think there is much to say about this category, especially since almost all cruisers have a very powerful OH and, unlike the AP, they are not positional.

  • Flanks: This is the position I recommend to most cruiser players because cruisers have citadels that are easy to hit, which means crossfire is devastating for you, so you want to avoid it in the middle at the beginning of the game.For this particular ship, I also recommend leaning towards the flank instead of the middle (actually, your bow points to the edge of the map closest to you, look at the picture in the Kiting subcategory) If your team wins the flank you’re in, you’ll want to go to the middle and help your team get the middle cap and get a head start on your team.If you have a map with big round islands, you can try to take a static position and challenge them, ideally you want to be able to detect them using the radar to help your DD. Both of the above styles of play work, it depends on the support of the team you have, if you have a BB and a friendly cruiser, take a static defensive position, otherwise get ready to fly kites and play safely.
  • This is a very dangerous position for a cruiser, especially because it can explode very easily if it has a wide flank. This position is ideal if your team has secured one of the flanks and you want to help your team secure or protect the coverage if you already have it under control.

The two play styles above work for each position, it depends on the support of the team you have, if you have friendly BB’s and cruisers, take a static defensive position, if not, get ready for the kite and play safe.

My advice is to play on the flank and be ready to kite at the beginning of the game (Moscow is very concentrated), then you can decide to push when you can (battleships play aggressively) or continue kite flying when your team collapses.

Adaptability is the key


That’s it for this guide, if I forgot something, mention it below and I will add it to the guide, I was a little tired when I started writing.

As I said, this is not a step-by-step guide, it’s just basic knowledge, you have to learn to adapt to every situation.

I hope I made you love this ship more than you did before. Good luck on the high seas!

I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors.

P.S:I have created a Discord server, if someone wants to ask me questions about the game etc, feel free to sign up, we can also div(NA and EU) Everyone, new and old are welcome.

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