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Wrist watches are a fairly popular accessory. Your watch probably already looks like a watch, but if not, you can fix that very easily with some accessories that you can add. Wrist watches aren’t meant to be a fashion statement, they are meant to be a device that you can use to tell time. They are also very popular because they’re a great gift idea for guys and girls.

While some may think that the watch is a piece of jewelry, some may think that this is a great gift that one can give to their loved ones. The watch is a great way of keeping time, and it can also be a great accessory. It can be used at any time and also makes one look stylish.

As a huge fan of watches and related accessories, I have a lot of watches that I have worn for various occasions. I started off with a Timex watch which I wore for years, but I later bought a couple of other watches which I love. Here is a list of my current watches and why I love them.

Tick tock on the clock! Get out your Rolex and Apple watches, because today we’re showing you the flashiest custom watches you can add to The Sims 4. Whether you want to save time or just look cool. Either way, this watch will help your Sims do both. We don’t have much time, so let’s get going.

Eternia watch

Check out this AC. Our first Pralinesims clock is a big round clock, big enough to stand out among all your sims friends. The size and reflective nature of this CC make it highly visible, not to mention the 15 different color options you can choose from. If you want something big and bold, the Eternia watch is for you.

Wooden period clock

word-image-4267 Check out this AC. This is the first of many CCs that the creator of the S-Club has put on this list. It has a unique wooden watch design, specially designed for women. It has a nice thin wood finish and a clean look that goes with many dark clothes. Here are 3 examples. Not much, but a simple technique with a unique concept. For example, how many of you know a wooden clock? That’s right.

National clock

word-image-4268 Check out this AC. Do you want to present your country in style? Check out this CC watch. The watch has a sparkling finish and a band that matches the color of the country you have chosen, making this watch truly attractive. And the center is filled with a background image of any country (from the available range). Seven country options are available, including Canada, USA, England and France, Switzerland, China and Japan.

Emerald watch

word-image-4269 Check out this AC. Three in a row here from S-Club, bringing us this beautiful emerald green CC watch. Not only is the central portion of the watch made entirely of emeralds, but the surrounding bracelet is decorated with pieces of emerald, giving the style a unique character. It distinguishes itself as a luxury item by taking the best elements of a necklace and applying them to a watch. I’d say it’s both creative and luxurious.

Square Design Watch

word-image-4270 Check out this AC. Sometimes you just need a modern classic. And this watch proves it. You will notice that the band acts as a clasp, and this part of the watch is shaped like a small square. Ideal for daily use. It’s certainly not too light or too big to be a main attraction. But it’s still beautiful and matches many outfits in the game.

Petal clock

word-image-4271 Check out this AC. The next CC watch shines. The strap has a floral design in rose gold and the watch itself is in polished dark rose gold. This is true top class luxury, not to mention the unique design of the petals that run along the line of the bracelet. When your Sim wears it to the fanciest party, it’s sure to turn heads.

Children’s rabbit clock

word-image-4272 Check out this AC. Now the kids have something they can wear on their wrists: Clock in the shape of a CC rabbit, made by the maker of feyona. The watch has a fairly simple design: The dial has a rabbit’s snout and small ears on the sides to complete the image of a rabbit. Here you get 4 unique designs, including Candy Pink and Pure Gold. Creator Feyona also offers a toddler version, for Sims who want to watch their little ones.


word-image-4273 Check out this AC. The S-Club’s last appearance on this list is a good one. With this CC, you get a beautiful watch with a black leather strap decorated with a triangle in the middle. The triangle finish is by far the most unique watch finish on this list, and it would also be a great buy in the real world. If you want your Sim to look like a top-class businessman, this watch will definitely help you achieve that image.

Apple Nike sports watch

word-image-4274 Check out this AC. Everyone loves realism in the world of The Sims. And now we can connect our Sims smartphones to this smart watch. The watch, available in gray, white and black, is modeled after the real Apple Watch. And it looks incredible. Make calls, keep track of your fitness, and look cool with this gaming-ready Apple Watch. How can a sim get past that?

Linda Diamond Watch

word-image-4275 Check out this AC. Talk about intelligence. CC Creator feyona distinguishes itself by creating this timepiece with an incredible design. It is completely encased in diamonds, which makes it very attractive and masterfully beautiful. And probably a watch that’s really made for girls (it’s a CC for women, after all). But it could be a great gift for your man-sim for his birthday. And if you’re feeling spoiled, you can even ask your wife to pick one out for you. This watch is the true definition of a home on your wrist. There are 3 models, but the original golden model is by far the most beautiful.Wrist watches are one of those accessories that you either love or hate. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with the concept, as long as you’re okay with the fact that they’re a thing that most guys wear to play games. In any case, there are wrist watch options for both women and men, and the selection is fairly vast. If you’re looking for a watch that’s cute, stylish, and screams “gamer,” then check out the models listed below.. Read more about luxury watches for men and let us know what you think.

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