Yakuza Like a Dragon – Sotenbori Battle Arena Rewards List

This guide will give you a list of all the rewards of the battle of the Sotenbori Arena in Yakuza as a dragon.

Sotenbori Yakuza Fighting Arena Award: Like the dragon

A list of rewards you can win on each floor of the Sotenbori Arena. Enemy types are also included, for those who want to carry out hunting tasks in addition to searches.

1 Pipe cube Golden moth.
  • 2x pier reviewer
  • Black leaf
  • Otaku-at-Arms
2 Boiling hot A golden butterfly
  • Katpurs
  • Yakuza Nagging
  • Comp-and-Charger
  • Inwulnera bulletin board
3 Broken microphone. Golden rhino
  • Battery
  • 5x Yakuza
  • Yakuza Nagging
  • Fake security
4 Omnipouch Golden Praying Mantis
  • Scarface.
  • Droogler
  • 2x Bombardier
5 Chinese Liu Sword Vikinghelmet
  • Smart Yakuza
  • Yakuza Swordsman
  • The arm of the Yakuza Stong
6 Professional overalls The golden spider
  • Leading player
  • Spearhead
  • Droogler
  • Molenkreuzer
7 Windshoes Golden Scorpio
  • Trickmaster
  • King Joe
  • Pipet
8 Office pumps Golden Dragonfly
  • Battery
  • Heavenly Host
9 Commander’s hat Golden kite
  • Kolesnik
  • The safe Crackpot
  • Mule
  • Tribal spawn
10 Dragon Knuckles The Damascus frying pan
  • A determined man
  • 2x Otaku-at-Arms
11 Harithi Amulet high-density metal
  • Black sweeper
  • The infamous V.I.P.
  • The captain and the command
  • Large refund
12 Silver Bracelet Silver bars  
13 Sengoku armor Gold bars
  • 2x Bedeviller
  • Flash Nut
  • 2x Counterfeit security
  • Mr. Six, Voyercin.
  • The founder of Fishy
14 Military interludes Pearl
  • The ultimate champion
  • Qigong master
  • Ice fighter
  • The Dragon King
15 Gidstas. Prestige  
16 Funny masquerade Raw platinum ore
  • Iroquois emperor
  • Biker Boss
  • Heavenly Host
  • Johnny Gale
  • imperial radio
17 Unattached poetry Crude ruby ore
  • Juggling-O
  • Dr. Black.
  • Quite a paper pusher.
18 A substitute for the curse. Raw sapphire ore
  • A twisted mind
  • Man-Piller
  • The head of the Chinese mafia
  • Tribes handkerchief
  • Merchant of Death
  • Boss Gangsman
19 Kiwami Mouthpiece Rough diamond ore
  • The man with the metal head
  • Bohemian
  • Twister
20 The Holy Dream Club A powerful guitar  
21 Protective clothing Cough box
  • Slaughterhouse mascot
  • Cooking in an iron cage
  • The mysterious butcher
  • The noble obesity
  • Eccentric
22 Technical hat An ankle bracelet  
23 Safety helmet Cough box
  • Scarface.
  • Mule
  • Paralysis
24 Minister Robie Microphone Renaissance
  • Jack the Ripper
  • The Yakuza with the scar
  • Merchant of Death
25 The five personal wisdoms Cough box  
26 sacred helmet Electric guard
  • Faroah Pornography
  • 2x The Shadow Diver
  • 2x Grumpy Geezer
27 different jacket Cough box
  • abandoned samurai
  • Worldtraiser
  • Captain Cruncher
28 Mystical Shoes Dragon boots
  • The Messiah Munanaget
  • 4x Hollow Follower
  • 2x shadow minister
  • The founder of Fishy
29 Weird helmet. Kinagashi dragon
  • The great necromancer
  • A deadly backbone
  • Participant
  • The armament
30 Soul of the dragon bat Dragon helmet
  • The King of the Cup
  • the king of engineers
  • The inventor king

That’s it! These are all the rewards you can win in the arena of the Battle of Sotenboree.

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