Z-Man Announces Frozen Planet Worker Placement Board Game Cryo

February 4, 2021 – In wonderful news, Z-Man announces the placement of a Frozen Planet Worker in the board game Cryo. A new game with a dynamic engine from Tom Jolly and Luke Laurie, the creative minds behind Manhattan Project: Energy Empire. In Cryo, two to four players are the leaders of several opposing factions fighting to survive and gain control of the underground caverns of a distant frozen planet. Among the many details, they’ve also released a promotional video, which you can watch below:

The calendar, in its current form, will be released in the spring. Cryo costs $59.99 and can be ordered online today from Z-Man or at a local video game store. A digital version is also in the works, with more details to be announced soon.

Read full description of ad Z-Man :

You can see the vastness of space in front of you as you look out the window of the colony ship. Suddenly, a piercing sound disturbs the peace. The ship shakes and jolts as if in an explosion. The blue planet below you grows larger as the ship rushes to the surface and plunges into the unknown.

The mission has failed. Tensions have risen aboard your colony ship in recent days. An anonymous act of sabotage sent the ship to the surface of an unknown frozen planet. The scattered, irretrievable remains would barely protect you from the brutal cold.

Presentation: Cryo, the new dynamic engine game from Tom Jolly and Luke Laurie, the creative minds behind Manhattan Project: Empire of Energy. In Cryo, two to four players are the leaders of several hostile factions now fighting for survival and control of underground caves on a remote icy planet.

The visual tone of the game is heavily inspired by the style of French science-fiction comics of the 1970s, developed by visionaries such as Jean “Meubius” Giraud and Jean-Claude Mézières. We will go into the details of the artistic process in a later article.

Cryo will be available this spring for $59.99. Order your copy of Cryo today online or at your local video game store. We’re also working on a digital version so you can test the gameplay soon. Watch for links on our social media channels!


Given the challenge of this new hostile environment, you will need to gather resources aboard ship to survive. Players oversee the survival of their faction primarily through their technology platform. From this platform, you send your drones to the broken parts of the ship to collect resources and rescue members of your faction who are still in a cryostatic state.

Your drones can collect four different materials from the debris and surface of the planet: crystals, organic material, technology and nanites. By collecting drone debris, you can activate the actions associated with the drone docking station on the platform. By strategically adding different ground items to the open slots on your platform, you can upgrade and customize them, tailoring the new actions to your unique survival strategy.


To win, you have to be smart and use the available technology. With the technology cards, you have several options to choose from: Upgrades, missions or vehicles.

Improvements displayed at the top of the map give you special abilities for the rest of the game. This special ability can give you an advantage over your opponents.

The missions that appear on the left side of the map are hidden objectives that, once completed, earn bonus points for your faction.

Vehicles are added to the bottom of your engineering platform. These makeshift vehicles can take charge of your rescue team and keep them safe as you send them out to explore, colonize and control the habitable caves below.

While the surface of the planet is cold and dangerous, underground caves provide a safer environment for survival. As you explore the depths below the surface, you will discover new caves that have different requirements depending on the biome. Transporting crew ships to the caves and claiming your territory is the top priority for your faction to win.

Zman Cryo Components

Though unforeseen, a new chapter has begun for humanity. Search, build, explore and lead your faction to victory in this frozen world until the sun sets!

With the news that Z-Man is announcing the placement of workers on a frozen planet in the Cryo board game, are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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