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Zeebo (Platform) is a platformer for mobile devices, that is one of the most original games I’ve ever played and I strongly recommend to everyone who wants to try something new with his or her mobile devices. Try it (it’s free) and I’m sure you won’t regret. 🙂

It’s been a little over a year since Zeebo (Platform) – a new cross-platform indie platform specifically designed for the mobile gaming market in the Philippines debuted. Zeebo (Platform) – is an entirely free indie games platform which is now available on iOS and Android. You can play any of the 100+ developed indie games on your mobile device. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device.

Zeebo (Platform) – is a platform in the process of being built by Zooko Wilcox. Wilcox is an expert in cryptography and he’s creating a platform to help individuals build and launch their own applications on the web.


In May 2011, Zeebo Inc. announced the discontinuation of the Zeebo console, a digital console designed exclusively for emerging markets such as South America and Mexico, due to a strategic realignment of the company this year. The company’s efforts to support the platform and develop new games through Zeebo Interactive Studios will also be discontinued. The 3G service, known as ZeeboNet, will be available by the 30th. September 2011, after which the online store will close and the content will no longer be available.

Zeebo Brasil and Zeebo Interactive Studios operations in the country will be discontinued as a result of the strategic realignment of Zeebo Inc.

Zeebo is grateful to Brazilian consumers for the tremendous support for the system, content and services offered since the product launch. The call center and warranty and maintenance services are maintained in accordance with Brazilian law. The online store will be open until the 30th. September 2011. Between now and then, special pricing will be offered so Zeebo owners can purchase new games for their system at discounted prices. Content purchased by Zeebo users remains active and available for use on the System at all times.

Announcement from Zeebo Inc., May 2011.

In addition to learning applications and web links, Zeebo offered about 60 games from publishers such as Activision, Capcom, Digital Chocolate, Disney Interactive Studios, Electronic Arts, Gamevil, Glu, id Software, Namco, Popcap and many others. These releases were often adapted from other mobile (Android and iOS) or handheld releases, but some were exclusive to Zeebo. Since the console was digital only and the games were distributed exclusively through the ZeeboNet service, all Zeebo content is considered lost. Only content made before 30 years ago. September 2011 downloaded to Zeebo’s internal memory of 1GB or transferred to an SD card are still available.

Below is a description of the Zeebo Inc platform, its features, and a Wikipedia list of all games on the platform. We’ve also created a playlist with several videos about Zeebo’s games, interface and applications, including social media, chat and web browsing features. Individual pages of Zeebo titles will not be added to the site at this time.


  • Zeebo Controllers


Zeebo Games


Name Brazilian number Mexico Number
Action Hero 3D : Wild dog. 25. May 2009. 4. November 2009.
Alien Breaker Deluxe 20. May 2010. 20. May 2010.
Alice in Wonderland: The adventure behind the mirror (Alice no País das Maravilhas) 9. November 2010. 9. November 2010.
Mountain runner 25. May 2009. 4. November 2009.
Armageddon Squadron 28. September 2009 28. September 2009
Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja 27. July 2010. 27. July 2010.
Twist suit 29. September 2009 4. November 2009.
A challenge for the brain (Cerebral Trainee) 25. May 2009. N/A
Caveman Ninja (Joe and Mac) 16. April 2010. 31. March 2010.
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D 25. May 2009. 4. November 2009.
The Black Seal (Gate of Destiny) 4. May 2010. 4. May 2010.
Disney All-Star Cards 21. September 2010 21. September 2010
Double Dragon 25. May 2009. 4. November 2009.
FIFA 09 25. May 2009. N/A
A galaxy on fire 8. October 2009. 4. November 2009.
A difficult race. 27. July 2010. 27. July 2010.
Heavy weapons 16. December 2009. 23. December 2009
Iron circumference. 28. September 2009 28. September 2009
Karnow’s Revenge (combat story) 16. April 2010. April 13, 2010
Magic Drop III 22. April 2010. 22. April 2010.
Need for Speed Carbon: You own the city? 25. May 2009. N/A
Pac-Mania 16. June 2009. 4. November 2010.
Peggle 9. March 2010. 9. March 2010.
Motorboat races October 12, 2010 October 12, 2010
The predatory evil 25. May 2009. N/A
Earthquake 25. May 2009. N/A
Quake II 25. May 2009. N/A
Raging Thunder II 7. December 2010 7. December 2010
Rally Master Pro 21. December 2009. 23. December 2009
A daring race. 3. November 2010. N/A
Resident Evil 4: Zeebo Publishing 11. August 2009. N/A
top runner 11. August 2009. 4. November 2009.
Spinmaster 16. April 2010. 31. March 2010
streetslam 16. April 2010. 31. March 2010
It’s time for the superburger. 16. April 2010. April 13, 2010
Tekken 2 8. October 2009. 4. November 2009.
Tork and Kral 16. November 2010. 16. November 2010.
Toy attacks. 9. March 2010. 8. March 2010.
Turma da Mônica em Vamos Brincar nr.1 21. December 2010 N/A
Ultimate Chess 3D 9. December 2009. 9. December 2009.
Un Juego de Huevos (To Jogo de Ovos) April 12, 2010 24. August 2010.
The Wizard’s Fire (Black Seal II) 16. April 2010. April 15, 2010
Zeebo Extreme: Bach October 31, 2009 4. November 2009.
Zeebo Extreme: Boya Cross (Aqua Ride) 21. December 2009. 23. December 2009
Zeebo Extreme: Corrida Aérea (air race) 29. September 2009 7. December 2009.
Zeebo Extreme: Jetboard 21. December 2009. 21. July 2010.
Zeebo Extreme: Rolimã (sovereign) 15. August 2009. 8. December 2009.
Zeebo family pack 29. September 2009 4. November 2009.
Zeebo F.C. Football Camp 2. June 2010 2. June 2010
Zibo F.C. Super League 22. December 2010 22. December 2010
Zeebo Sports Peteca (Zeebo Sports Badminton) 11. May 2010. 1. November 2010
Zeebo Sports Queimada (Zeebo Sports Quemado) 5. February 2010 1. November 2010
Zeebo Sports Tênis (Tennis) October 15, 2009 1. November 2010
Zeebo Sports Vôlei (Volleyball) 14. December 2009. 1. November 2010
Zeeboids 2. June 2010 2. June 2010
Zenonia October 31, 2009 4. November 2009.
Zuma’s revenge 14. July 2010. 14. July 2010.


About Platform

From zeeboinc.com: Zeebo is the world’s first 3G-enabled interactive entertainment and education system designed specifically for families in emerging global markets. Thanks to wireless broadband networks and increasingly powerful mobile device technology, Zeebo is opening up a new world of learning, entertainment and communication. Families can download and launch educational applications, surf the web and visit websites, buy and play games and other content, send emails and join social networks, all from the comfort of their homes with unprecedented ease and convenience.

  • Immediate installation and operation
  • Wide range of educational and entertaining content
  • Automatic connection to ZeeboNet 3G network
  • Buy and download content wirelessly
  • Ability to connect to the internet to surf the web, use social networks, etc.
  • Keyboard and controller included
  • Automatic update through the air

The Zeebo system guarantees maximum simplicity and ease of use. Everything works. Plug it in, connect it to the TV and start watching. Zeebo will automatically connect to the ZeeboNet wireless network and no subscription or contract is required. The user interface speaks for itself. Adults and children of all ages can start right away.

Zeebo uses 3G wireless networks, which are spreading rapidly around the world, even in areas where wired broadband is scarce or unavailable. Users who were previously offline can now take full advantage of the connection. They can download content and applications, visit websites, send emails and access social media whenever they want.

In a world increasingly concerned with the environment, Zeebo helps save energy. When active, it consumes about 1.5 watts, much less than computers and other electronic systems.


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